Chapter 1020: Chapter 1019 – Bad Memory

Guifeng’s attitude, however, visibly shocked the two brothers!

After all, their children were soon to be married- they were relatives soon! Even though they weren’t actually in-laws yet, Guifeng didn’t have to be this cold, did he? It was like he didn’t know the two brothers at all!

“Brother Kang, what do you mean? House Kang and House Xiao will soon be bound by marriage- is there anything wrong with us visiting?” Xiao Ben said, pretending.

“Marriage? Since when did that happen?” Guifeng paused, “I don’t think so? Xiao Ben, have you remembered wrong?”

“I…” Xiao Ben didn’t know how to respond to this- Guifeng was just flat out denying everthing! He didn’t look so friendly anymore, either, “Brother Kang, aren’t your son, Zhaolong, and my niece, Xinyan, already engaged?”

“Engaged? Ah, my horrible memory… Is it true?” Guifeng looked confused as he slapped his forehead, “I really can’t remember, can you remind me which day the engagement was made, and in which hotel? Where people there at the engagement party?”

“What?” Xiao Ben and Xiao Ji froze.

The engagement was just an agreement, it wasn’t written on paper, and there was no engagement party! They didn’t do any of that at all, there was no hotel or people!

They understood at this point- Guifeng was intentionally pushing away the engagement!

House Xiao had fallen, and Guifeng most likely didn’t want to be related to them anymore, so he brought out this ridiculous act!

“Brother Kang, wasn’t this an agreement on both our parts?” Xiao Ben pushed down his anger.

He knew that breaking into rage now would only lessen their already slim chances, and that would be exactly what the Kang’s wanted- to break the engagement using that rage.

“Agreement?” Guifeng frowned confusedly, “I don’t quite remember?”

“You…” Xiao Ben was pissed, and Xiao Ji was about to go on a rampage and begin yelling.

“Ah, I’m sorry! My memory hasn’t been good, you see, I don’t quite remember everything… This past while, many scammers came to me saying we have an engagement, but they couldn’t bring out any proof…” Guifeng shook his head troubled, “How about this, Xiao Ben, you Xiaos are considered a noble house, and I know that you wouldn’t lie. But, I can’t feel safe without proof! If you bring out proof to show that our two children are engaged, then I’d give my blessings! After all, you’re a noble house, it’s an honor to be allied through marriage!”

“F…” Xiao Ji was about to explode when Xiao Ben gave him a glare.

“Haha, if that’s the case, we don’t need any proof! Why don’t we redo the engagement then? We of House Xiao think that House Kang is rather nice, too!” Xiao Ben was a smart man as he followed up on Guifeng’s words.

“Uh…” Guifeng froze, not expecting for Xiao Ben to catch him off guard like this! He was frustrated of his own mistakes.

Xiao Ji, on the other hand, only looked at his brother in admiration. Brilliant, truly brilliant! Fortunately for them, he hadn’t started barking yet, or the whole thing would’ve flopped!

“Haha, you’re right, Xiao Ben, but unfortuantely, I can’t say yes!” Guifeng shook his head, rejecting.

“Why not? Could it be that what Kang Bro said earlier was simply just courtesy?” Xiao Ben continued pressing on.

“No, that’s not it. It’s just that our Zhaolong did in fact have an engagement with someone, except I just can’t remember who! So, before proof has been given, I won’t be able to make new engagements for him in this while! What if someone with actual proof came and accused us of breaking the agreement?” Guifeng said, “So, Old bro Xiao Ben, please do look for proof! I’m old now, I really can’t trust this old brain of mine, nor my memory!”

With that, he left and went for the villa. He waved his hand, “I still have something to attend to- farewell!”

Xiaoben’s face darkened. The situation was clear- they were breaking off the engagement and abandoning House Xiao!

Yet, one couldn’t blame House Kang for their actions- it was only natural that they would do this after what happened to House Xiao! Big houses all wanted support through an alliance marriage, not a burden!

“Fuu…” Xiao Ben sighed, “Let’s go back, brother. It’s over.”

“Fucking shit! You blind dogs, wait until our rise back to glory, I’ll make you bastards lick my toes then! I don’t need you!” Xiao Ji started blasting, “You old shit Miracle Doctor Kang, breaking your word! You old shit! Hope you die tomorrow!!”

But the doors remained close, and nobody responded. Guifeng never planned on coming back out again.

“Let’s go!” Xiao Ben said helplessly.

“House Kang, just wait! You’ll regret this!” Xiao Ben said, walking behind Xiao Ben after relieving his stress.

Guifeng, who was behind the door, smiled mockingly as he looked at the two, “House Xiao? You’ve become rats in an alley- there’s no hope for a comeback anymore! In your dreams!”

Xiao Ben and Xiao Ji got in the car, though Xiao Ji was still yelling and cursing House Kang in every possible way- it was as if he had something to say to all the ancestors of House Kang!

“Alright, brother, stop cursing at them- this is our misfortune!” Xiao Ben sighed, “Now we should be focusing on our future!”

“You’re right!” Xiao Ji nodded. He was uncultured, but he knew that being angry didn’t help even if he cursed the entirety of House Kang.

“Have you found out about Uncle Pi’s origins?” Xiao Ben asked.

“I’ve told Xiao Wangba and Xiao Wangdao to search our family logs, but it’s been too long, and without a target… We don’t know when we’ll find it,” Xiao Ji said.

“If only Uncle Pi could wake up and speak…” Xiao Ben said.

“It’s all because of that bitch, Gou Huli!” Xiaoji said, pissed off.

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