Let the shocked mood calm down for a moment, Mr. Miao Xuan didn't ask Lin Xun why he insisted on going to the front battlefield of the ancient wasteland.

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He only asked, "must I go?"

Lintian nodded.

At that time, in Sanglin, the battlefield of killing blood, before the young cicada left, he used a piece of ice and snow God leaf to seal a group of strong people in the quasi imperial realm, and told Lintian to take it to the front battlefield.

Now, Lintian thought that he had the information to go to the front battlefield of the ancient wasteland, so he would do it the first time when he returned to the ancient wasteland.

"OK, I'll arrange it for you."

Mr. Miao Xuan no longer hesitated and agreed.

Lintian was already the supreme saint who created his own Dharma. Since he chose to do so, he must have sufficient reasons, and no need to remind him.

"Thank you for your help."

Lintian was relieved.

The front battlefield of ancient wasteland is not so good. It needs special means to reach through a special void secret path.

Shenji Pavilion is in charge of the entrance and exit of this secret path.

Mr. Miao Xuan said: "one day later, I will open the secret transmission array for you. When you arrive at the front battlefield, you must go to my elder martial brother at the first time. If you have him to take care of you, you will not be in danger."

Mr. Miao Xuan's elder martial brother is Mr. Shen. He once taught Lin Xun the way of stone carving, and his strength is also unfathomable.

It would be a good thing if Mr. Shen took care of it.

"Sir, Miss Yin Huan and Mr Ao are back."

At this time, a boy with a bun appeared outside the main hall and replied respectfully.

"They're back? Come on

Mr. Miao Xuan grew up and sent a message to Lintian, "little friend, I'll introduce you to two proud people from the ancient star road later."

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"One is Yin Huan, who is the contemporary saint of Shenji Xuanzong. She ranks ninth in the list of the most gorgeous stars in the sky. As early as a few years ago, she had already become a saint. Later, she created a Dharma called qiankong Da Xu Yin, which is very popular among the younger generation of the whole ancient star road."

"The other is Ao Zhentian, a descendant of the true dragon family. He has an amazing heritage. According to my observation, he has an invincible demeanor. Sooner or later, he will be on the list of true saints in the starry sky."

The words shocked Lintian.

After all, for the whole ancient wasteland, the ancient star road is just like a legendary world, standing on the green sky!

At least as far as Lintian knew, in the ancient wasteland, it seemed that only the emperor could cross the void and reach the ancient path of the starry sky.

What made Lintian even more surprised was that the two characters, a man and a woman, from the ancient star road, were more extraordinary than each other!

Yin Huan created his own Dharma, and Ao Zhentian is a descendant of pure blood dragon, which is rare in ancient wasteland.

Next, through Mr. Miao Xuan's explanation, Lintian also learned some secrets.

For example, only the most outstanding fairies and proud women in the ancient star road can be listed in the "star list".

Each of them, at the lowest level, has the inside information of the absolute saint. More than that, these women who are extremely beautiful on the ancient star road, no matter their talent, inside information, appearance and temperament, can also be regarded as unique in the world.

This is where the word "jueyan" comes from.

It is conceivable that Yin Huan can be ranked ninth in the list of the most gorgeous stars.

Of course, there is no absolute. How vast the world is, there is no list that can list all the wonderful women in the world.

But to be sure, none of the women on this list are ordinary.

Yin Huan's Shenji Xuanzong is not simple either. It is closely related to Shenji Pavilion in ancient wasteland.

If Shenji Pavilion is a branch, then Shenji Xuanzong is the orthodox one!

As for the "star true saint list", also known as the "juetong true saint list", in the ancient star road, only those with invincible demeanor are qualified to attack this list.

The weight of this list is even heavier than that of the star peerless list, and it is concerned by many big forces on the ancient star road.

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Anyone who can be listed in this list is regarded as "the scorching sun of the starry sky"!

Ao Zhentian already has the inside information to impact this list. Of course, he is not a simple figure.

However, for Lintian, all this was just novel, because he had never heard of such secrets before, and there was no shock or emotion.

Because he himself has already been called invincible in the true holy land, and there is no feeling of shame in his mind.

Only what made Lintian curious was why such a couple of men and women came to the ancient wasteland, and why did they come here?

Just as I was thinking about it, there was a sound of footsteps outside the hall. A man and a woman came side by side.

The man's posture is high, and he is walking with a tiger. He is dressed in a bright yellow dragon robe, with cloud pattern shoes, long hair and tassels. On his clean forehead, there are a pair of dragon horns about inch long.As he moves forward, a vast momentum will also diffuse, making him like the master of the world, who has the power to swallow all the seas and take charge of the situation.

Especially a pair of eyes, open and close between the God awn like a blade, give people cut throat like a sharp sense of pain.

There is no doubt that this man is Ao Zhentian, the pure blood descendant of the real dragon clan!

Some people are extraordinary at first sight. The heaven is powerful, just like Ao Zhentian.

However, the woman beside him was not impressed by his elegant demeanor, and even made people notice her existence at the first sight.

The reason is very simple, the beauty of this woman's appearance is like a fairy!

She was dressed in white, green silk like a waterfall, tied by a red rope at will, and fell on the Bank of Yingying's waist. Her face was not powdered, but the color was as beautiful as the morning glow reflecting the snow.

When walking, wisps of haze around her body, like a dream, set off her figure also add graceful, such as immortal charm.

However, her eyes are too cold, seemingly calm, but in fact it is a kind of introverted to extreme indifference, giving people a sense of aloofness and resistance.

"Yin Huan, seventh prince, you are back."

Mr. Miao Xuan welcomed him with a smile.

"Yes, martial uncle."

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"I've seen you before."

Yin Huan and Ao Zhentian saluted one after another. They did not look inferior and did not say a word. Even though Mr. Miao Xuan was a quasi imperial figure, it was common for them.

"Ha ha, just come back. Please take a seat, and then I'll introduce a friend to you."

Mr. Miao Xuan motioned them to sit down, and then arranged for the boy to serve tea. His attitude was quite enthusiastic.

However, as soon as Ao zhentianfu sat down, he said with a smile, "master, when things are done, I'll go back to the ancient star road, but I don't have the heart to make friends."

His words were casual. From the beginning to the end, he only glanced at Lintian and ignored him. The pride in his heart was revealed in this casual sentence.

Mr. Miao Xuan's smile faded and he looked at Yin Huan.

Yin Huan picked up the tea on the paper and said, "martial uncle, what Mr. Ao said is not bad. After all, we don't belong to this ancient wasteland. When this happens, we will return. Making friends at this time is doomed to be impossible to meet again. It's meaningless and cumbersome."

Then she looked at Lintian sitting opposite the hall and said, "what do you think, Taoist friend?"

Her voice is as clear as a yellow warbler's, and it's graceful and clear. But both her expression and her words have the meaning of indifference and aloofness.

Lintian was still curious. He wanted to appreciate the elegant demeanor of the heroes on the ancient star road. It can be seen that this scene suddenly lost his interest.

"You're right. It's just a chance encounter. There's no need to force it." Lin Xun Dao.

In this way, Yin Huan was slightly stunned. In her subconscious mind, she thought that Mr. Miao Xuan would introduce himself to Lin Xun in order to help him. She only thought that he was an insignificant person.

Never thought that the other side should be so indifferent.

Immediately, she shook her head, no longer think, over the years, the pursuit of her admiring men do not know how many, including some famous stars on the scorching sun.

But without exception, they were all rejected by her.

At present, Lintian's indifference was regarded as a kind of "affectation" by her, which deliberately aroused her interest.

Unfortunately, she saw a lot of such tricks.

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Ao Zhentian chuckled and pondered with a smile: "meeting by chance is fate. If I meet someone with the opposite eye, I don't mind getting acquainted. Unfortunately, I have no fate with you."

At this point, the atmosphere in the hall was obviously delicate.

As the master, Mr. Miao Xuan could not see that either Yin Huan or AO Zhentian had never seen Lintian in his eyes.

It's also strange that he was too anxious to let Lintian know more friends, so that he could have more friendship when he went to the ancient star road.

I didn't think about it, but it was self defeating.

Just as Mr. Miao Xuan was about to explain something, Lintian said with a smile: "elder, you don't have to ask for things that are predestined. If there are no other things, Lin will step back first."

After that, he grew up cleanly.

In the past, the monks in the ancient wasteland looked down upon the monks in the lower world, but now they are better. The monks in the ancient wasteland are also looked down upon by the people on the ancient road in the starry sky.

In fact, this is normal. There are too many similar things in practice and life.

Even in the Empire, the ordinary people in the Forbidden City despised the ordinary people in other places.

Lintian can understand, but it doesn't mean he can accept it.

As for Lintian's departure, Mr. Miao Xuan sighed. He didn't dissuade him. He told the boy to set up a resting place for Lintian.

As for Ao Zhentian and Yin Huan, they didn't look at Lintian from beginning to end. They were insignificant. Why should they care?

"Martial uncle, we have already found out that the man Mr. Ao is looking for is beside a monk named Lintian."

In the hall, Yin Huan said, "do you know where Lintian is now?""Lintian?"

Mr. Miao Xuan was stunned and looked strange.

At the same time, Lintian, who had just walked out of the hall and had not gone far away, had black eyes. Did these two guys come to the ancient wasteland from the ancient star road to find someone?

And, by your side?

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