Chapter 50. Youngest son & eldest grandson

"You can do the rest yourself."

Being stared like that, Lin Qing He felt like having a heart attack, so she stuffed the cream to him and let him apply it by himself.

Zhou Qing Bai grabbed her waist: "Wife..."

Lin Qing He almost nearly exploded like an angry cat. She immediately tore his hand off and voiced to him: "If you have something to say, speak. Don't be touchy!"

With this, she ignored him and ran away immediately like there was a wolf chasing her.

Zhou Qing Bai watched her slightly flustered figure. A slight smile crept on his face.

Although he didn't understand what was wrong with him, he felt that it was reasonable for him to be close to his wife.

But obviously, his wife had not adapted to his existence yet.

The revolution had yet to succeed, the comrades still need to work hard.

Zhou Qing Bai put on the vanishing cream. Initially, he didn't want to apply these things but remembering what she said about 27/8 looking like 47/8, he decided to let her smear it on him.

The matter about Zhou Qing Bai buying a Phoenix brand bicycle spread through the village at once.

In this era, buying a bike would be the same as buying an advanced X car in the future.

One can imagine how many people were outside the courtyard.

Lin Qing He had no interest in dealing with the villagers. And all of them that came over were men, including three Zhou brothers.

Leave it for Zhou Qing Bai to handle. She began to prepare lunch.

Everyone outside was asking questions around the bicycle, with obvious envy in their eyes.

Soon Mother Zhou heard the news and came with Second Sister-in-law.

While Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law didn't go out very much. The whole ground was snow and ice and they were pregnant. One can't be sure of accidents.

"Old Fourth, you don't have much use for bicycles here. Why buy such a big bicycle back? How much does it cost?" Mother Zhou was so distress. Not a hint of joy could be seen.

Such a brand-new bicycle, how much had to be spent? Since he was retired, there was no allowance. There were so many expenditures in the future, why can't he save!

"It's more convenient to go to the county city when owning a bicycle." Zhou Qing Bai stated.

"It's only so far. Is there any difference between having a bicycle and not? And it's not like you need to frequently go!" Said Mother Zhou as she suppressed her temper.

In the end, she dotes her son and didn't say anything heavy in front of so many people.

"It's already bought not and cannot be refunded." Zhou Qing Bai shook his head.

Mother Zhou became speechless from anger. She pondered, was this Fourth's wife's request?

She thought she had changed for better, but actually, she was waiting!

But thinking how they separated now, Mother Zhou didn't say much about it. Zhou Qing Bai dispersed the other people and let Mother Zhou, his three brothers and Second Sister-in-law into the courtyard.

"Old Fourth, you have bought this bike. Don't buy anything else in the future. Da Wa and his brothers will soon grow up. This yard will have to be readjusted." Eldest Brother Zhou said.

Second Brother and Third Brother did not say anything.

Second Sister-in-law eyed the bicycle enviously. Bicycle ah! This is a bicycle ah!

It was the real deal. Not worse than the sewing machine at home.

Da Wa, Er Wa, and San Wa continued to circle around the bicycle. They rubbed here and petted there. It was really rare.

Lin Qing He was busy in the kitchen. They were having dumpling today. She was in the midst of wrapping up the filling. Zhou Qing Bai's appetite was pretty big. In one meal, he can eat an ocean-big bowl quantity.

Eating so much, it was no wonder he had so much energy with nowhere to vent and always looked for opportunities to flirt with her.

As for the outsiders coming over, she did not go out as Zhou Qing Bai was here.

Only after a conversation, did Eldest Brother and the others return. Mother Zhou hadn't left yet. She asked privately how much was this bike?

Zhou Qing Bai simply stated the truth. It made Mother Zhou agonized. She whispered: "Is your wife who wants to buy it?"

"Mother, this is what I want to buy. I will use it for whatever I do. We need a bicycle. It' got nothing to do with my wife." Zhou Qing Bai answered.

With this, Mother Zhou didn't say anything. Youngest son always tells the truth and wouldn't lie.

"Mother, do you want to stay for lunch? We're having dumplings at noon." Lin Qing He casually asked, when she came out and saw her.

It was a special day, why eat dumpling ah? Just spent more than two hundred yuans, and still eat dumplings! Really don't know how to live!

Mother Zhou didn't want to eat and returned not long later.

Lin Qing He didn't mind her. So she and her family clustered together for a meal of dumplings made with flour and pork. Ah, so tasty.

After eating, Da Wa and their brothers were still hyped up about the bicycles.

She got Zhou Qing Bai to take the brothers out for a lap.

However, Zhou Qing Bai found them bothersome and did not really want to take them. What's more, he was looking at her. It was obvious that he wanted to take her out for a lap.

Lin Qing He: "..." Such a cold day, she doesn't want to go out and suffer from the cold wind.

Seeing that she did not want to go out, Zhou Qing Bai turned to his three sons: "Waiting for spring, then I'll take you out."

Although he didn't satisfy his sons' desire to go out and show off, Zhou Qing Bai still placed them on the bicycle together. They can count as a child who sat on a bicycle before.

Their feet were gliding. (or floating in cloud nine)

While at Old Zhou's House, Mother Zhou lamented to Father Zhou how the whole Fourth's family doesn't know how to live. This bicycle costed so much money, why did they buy it back?

Father Zhou ignored it, let his wife complain. Once she finished, he voiced out: "Now we are two families. They live their lives. Why are you being so concerned? Old Fourth is not one to be unreasonable. He won't impulsively spend money."

Toward his youngest son, Father Zhou was proud and trusting. He was clear what kind of temper and what kind of person he was. So he didn't criticize.

Mother Zhou frowned in displeasure and said, "What do you men understand? If you don't spend prudently, even with a mountain of gold and silver, it isn't enough to feed the family!"

"Haven't you went over and seen it? You said the piglets there are well-nurtured? By that time, there will be four or five work points. It can't be bad." Father Zhou mentioned.

Mother Zhou sighed deeply: "I hope for them to have a good life, and not sort out what they have and not have."

Then she continued: "This year when Xiao Mei come back, I must get her to bring more money home. When Da Wa gets married, he'll have to rely on us grandfather and grandmother. His parents are unreliable! "

"Then ask Xiao Mei to bring more back." Father Zhou was in agreement and nodded.

After all, Da Wa was the eldest grandson of their old Zhou family.

The youngest son and eldest grandson was the lifeblood of the elderly. These two lifebloods were both occupied by Lin Qing He's family.

At home, Second Sister-in-law was very unsettled.

She believed that Lin Qing He's life would be worse in the future. Who would have known that they bought a bicycle out of nowhere?

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