Yin Huan looks calm.

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As "the first person in the nine regions battlefield", Lintian was able to block Ao Zhentian's attack, which was reasonable. Otherwise, he was just a generation with a false name.

But Ao Zhentian's eyes were fixed, and he said angrily, "true dragon aoyi, you thief, how dare you cultivate our way!"


Yin Huan was also surprised.

The real dragon road is the only road power belonging to the real dragon. Lin Xun is clearly a human. Why can he understand and master the road power?

This is abnormal!

Lintian turned around and said calmly, "this real dragon road is only one of the ten thousand ways in the sky. Why can't I practice?"

Ao Zhentian's handsome face was gloomy, and his eyes were full of murders. He said, "I understand. What you practice is nine changes of robbing the dragon. Only by nine changes of robbing the dragon can you steal the power of the real dragon from the humble thief!"

Nine changes!

Yin Huan tried to think hard, but he couldn't figure out how there would be such an inheritance in the world.

"Mean? A thief? Theft? "

Lintian's dark eyes were cold, and his hands were on his back. Looking at Ao Zhentian, he said, "do you really think Lin doesn't dare to kill the dragon?"

As he said that, he stepped out, and his whole breath flew away. It was like a cauldron melting heaven and earth. The terrible power spread and made the void wail.

And before that simple, Shen Ning compared to the appearance, it is very different!

Yin Huan's eyes are so strong!

"Dragon Slayer? I don't know what to do

Ao Zhentian suddenly gave out a big drink. The figure of ang Zang was born like a real dragon, and his breath was all over the world.

On the top of its head, a starry vision emerges. A real dragon roams among them. Its body stretches endlessly, pulverizing hundreds of millions of stars.


He tore the void and pressed Lintian.

The sharp and unparalleled finger force, covered with obscure Dao grain scales, seems to be able to tear the sky and crack the ground, and disturb Yin and Yang.

Just the breath is enough to make the top saints scared!

It's terrible!

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It gives people the feeling that they are fighting against the real dragon in the sky, while they are mole ants, extremely small, which is a kind of spiritual shock.

Lintian didn't look sad or happy, and he didn't look at it. In his heart, he reflected the great way, melting the essence of ten thousand ways and developing the magic of ten thousand methods.

As he pushed it out with one hand.


In the void, there are furnace and tripod virtual shadows, large and limitless, with the power of suppressing the eternal and immortal.

Great road, great furnace!

This is also the first time that Lintian tie used it in the battle after he created his own method.

In an instant, Ao Zhentian's grasping power was powdered, producing a deafening roar.

And the cauldron is powerful, and continues to break down.

If you look at it carefully, the cauldron gives you a sense of being "unique".

In the cauldron, all kinds of roads are in harmony, yin and Yang rotate, Taiji is born, water and fire combine, hardness and softness become, immortal true dragon is in the middle of the abyss, and stars are hidden in the secret cauldron!

Around the cauldron, there are all kinds of obscure methods, some earth shaking figures performing boxing, hundreds of millions of swords surging like the sea, and

Only one furnace can contain all the mysteries of the great way!

However, only Lintian could understand the mystery and scene. In other people's eyes, this furnace has only one kind of weather -

nothing can be broken!

Ao Zhentian didn't even have time to respond, so he was hit by the flood stove on the main road. His body was smashed on the wall of the hall, and his mouth and nose were bleeding.

The strength of his body protection rolled violently. If not, this blow alone would be too much for him.

What kind of law is this?

Yin Huan finally can not calm down, beautiful eyes change, was surprised.

The elegant demeanor of that little strike, however, is full of innumerable mysteries in it, which makes her just wait and see, have a kind of unspeakable amazing feeling, shocked.

Previously, although Lin Xun was recognized as "the first person in the nine regions battlefield", Yin Huan, who was ranked ninth in the "star peerless list", could not be afraid or valued.

But now, she found that she underestimated the ancient wasteland and Lintian in front of her!


Mr. Miao Xuan praised it in his heart.

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Originally, when Lintian and Ao Zhentian were facing each other, he was still worried. After all, the latter came from the ancient star road, and he was also a direct descendant of the real dragon clan, with a formidable foundation.

But now it seems that Lintian didn't give in to many things, even he did!

"Pure blood true dragon descendants, so unbearable?"

Lintian was quiet.

In the distance, Ao Zhentian got up from the ground and bathed his figure in divine light. From the surface, the injury was not serious.

But this blow made him feel ashamed and shameless!

On the ancient path of the starry sky, although he Ao Zhentian is not the most powerful and invincible, he is also a dazzling figure on the famous side of Zhentian. He already has the invincible potential.But now, in the ancient wasteland, which he completely despised, he was shocked by a blow. It was like a mugger, which shocked his dignity.

"Come again!"

Ao Zhentian drank a lot.

He was not dazzled by the anger. On the contrary, after this attack, he did not dare to underestimate it and used his real power.


As he stepped forward, there were mysterious patterns at his feet, and around him, there was a brilliant light.

"The rising dragon is in the sky!"

See his body suddenly a exhibition, cloud transpiration, God light turbulent, like a real dragon, cloud driving fog, there is the potential to engulf the four seas.

But before he came near, he was broken by the virtual shadow of a cauldron. His body faltered out, his hair was scattered, and his muscles and bones were rubbing like a heavy load.


Yin Huan opened her eyes in disbelief.

She knows the inside information and power of Ao Zhentian best. Other people of the same generation would never be able to block his fierce attack.

But under Lintian's hands, he was very miserable!

"A strong man has a strong hand. A mountain is higher than a mountain, but Lintian's fighting power is too bad. One furnace will last forever, breaking all the ways! "

Mr. Miao Xuan was moved.

"Is this the character who wants to attack the" star list "

Lintian spoke again.

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Words make no secret of sarcasm.

Being defeated twice in a row made Ao Zhentian dizzy and angry, which was worse than being slapped twice.

"Come again!"

Ao Zhentian roared like an angry dragon. A pair of dragon horns on the top of his head were full of obscure patterns, and his body was covered with dragon scales.

His breath is getting stronger!

And using the secret method of the real dragon pulse to inherit, every move has the unparalleled power of crushing and crushing everything, which is surprisingly powerful.

But no matter how powerful he was, no matter how wonderful his way was, Lintian could break it by himself!

It's simple, direct and unique. It's wonderful and terrible.

Bang bang!

In a short moment, he would beat the earth down seven or eight times. From beginning to end, he had no resistance.

Yin Huan has been stunned, and his mood is like a river and a sea!

How could Lintian be so powerful?

On the ancient path of the starry sky, such a powerful supreme saint is not absent, but it is also extremely rare. As long as everyone rises, he will surely be able to climb the "real saint list of the starry sky" and become an invincible figure in the starry sky!

However, Yin Huan did not expect that he would meet such a fierce man in this ancient wasteland.

"Come again!"

At this time, Ao Zhentian was already disheveled and ragged, with many cracks in his body and blood stains between his mouth and nose.

The tragedy of appearance is beyond description.

"You should know that if I want to kill you, I don't have to wait until now. If I don't know what to do, I deserve to die."

Lintian spoke coldly.

This is Shenji Pavilion. Although Mr. Miao Xuan didn't intervene before, he was sure that once he revealed his intention to kill Ao Zhentian, Mr. Miao Xuan would not ignore it.

Sure enough, Mr. Miao Xuan stepped in, put one hand on AO Zhentian's shoulder and said, "seven princes, enough is enough."

Ao Zhentian's eyes were red and his canthus were about to crack. But at last, he took a few deep breaths to suppress the boiling anger. He stared at Lintian and left.

Before, his face almost lost light, which has the face to stay?

He was not a dull person. Naturally, he knew that if Mr. Miao Xuan was not there, Lintian would have killed himself without hesitation!

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"Damn it! How could such a rebellious figure emerge in this ancient wasteland? Who taught him the nine changes of robbing the dragon? That's the taboo secret of our ancestors... "

Ao Zhentian's heart is rolling.

This time, he suffered too much blow, which made his mentality a little unbalanced. He needs to calm down.


In the main hall, as Ao Zhentian left, the atmosphere became delicate.

Yin Huan's pretty face is complicated, and his eyes on Lintian have changed. Seeing Ao Zhentian's tragic defeat again and again, Yin Huan's heart has been impacted unprecedentedly.

She can't believe that such a character should be born in this ancient wasteland, which completely subverts her previous cognition.

If she had known that Lintian was such a wonderful character, she would not have "ignored" him as before.

Unfortunately, it's too late to say that.

"It's not your fault, Lintian, but you should be careful if you go to the ancient star road in the future."

Mr. Miao Xuan sends a sound to remind.

Lintian nodded to show that he understood.

An AO Zhentian is nothing more than a dragon. Even if there is a real dragon standing behind him, he will not be afraid and uneasy."In fact, you're wrong. Mr. Ao is here to pick up the girl Jingxuan and return to Zhenlong. They are cousins. They are related by blood, so they won't hurt her."

Yin Huan suddenly opened his mouth and said, "if possible, I still hope you can be magnanimous and help young master Ao once. The so-called enemies should be solved rather than tied up. Taking this opportunity, maybe you can also ease the relationship between you and young master Ao."

Lintian said decidedly, "this is only the thought of the young master Ao. Unless Jing Xuan is willing to return with him, no one can force him."

Yin Huan sighed quietly. He didn't want to stay any longer. He turned and left the hall.

In her heart, in fact, there was a faint sense of regret, but it was soon erased by her.

She came from the ancient road of the starry sky, and Lintian may have brilliant talent and profound information, but since he was born in the ancient wasteland, he may not be able to reach the vast world in the future.

After all, not everyone in the world is qualified to go to the star road!

PS: goldfish has updated some contents about the official account of WeChat, the emperor of Tai Xuan, the emperor of war without war, and the emperor of Star Wars. You can open WeChat search "xiaojinyu233", add the attention, and check the "historical records".

official account make complaints about Tucao Ao Tian and Yin Huan's plot.

In the final analysis, they are just a line, the purpose is to lead to Zhao Jingxuan's identity.

Finally, on the catch up, goldfish owes 4 more, during this period of time will take out a day, all make up!

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