Chapter 47. Let him taste honey

Zhou Qing Bai heard the two words 'his father', and his face softened by two points. Although he didn't understand her intention, he still complied.

He went to the cabinet and grabbed a pen and paper for her. Lin Qing He soaked her feet while writing what Zhou Qing Bai would buy tomorrow on it.

In general, there were a good bit of things to buy.

After completion, she showed it to Da Wa: "Do you understand?"

Da Wa frowned. Without a doubt, he couldn't understand.

"This is what your father is going to buy in the county city tomorrow. If you don’t study, you can’t understand it. None of the decent jobs will be yours. Because if you don’t study, it's like half opening eyes and be blind. Only with culture and knowledge, you won't be afraid of being overlooked wherever you go. Otherwise, you will only be able to work in this tiny village for your whole life. Look at the men in the village. They start a family at seventeen or eighteen and begin farming to raise the kids. Each and every one of them looked like 47/8 at the age of 27/8. Now, look at your father. If he had worked in the village in the past, he would have definitely been like the villagers. No escape." Lin Qing He spelled out.

Zhou Qing Bai: "..." Suddenly have a sense of crisis. What should I do? Wife seems to judge by face?

"I'm not afraid!" Zhou Da Wa declared in a daring spirit.

"Not bad. Have some manliness. It's okay if you don't study. Thinking how that you will carry a hoe like your friends' father in the future and feel that you can survive, then from tomorrow on, you get a separate meal. I should let you adapt in advance to what a life without studying is like. So that way you won't be used to a good life, and be unable to endure hardship at that time.” Lin Qing He pronounced.

"Make me a separate meal tomorrow?" Zhou Da Wa froze.

"What? Are you afraid?" Lin Qing He raised an eyebrow.

"Make it then! I'm not afraid of suffering!" Zhou Da Wa maintained.

"Good spirit! I hope you can perserve. Oh right, let's eat lean pork congee tomorrow." Lin Qing He told Zhou Qing Bai.

"Okay." Zhou Qing Bai nodded seriously.

He had no complaint with the way she educated their son. But his wife's word was written elegantly. So pretty to look at.

It's been so many years, and she had never written a letter to him.

Lin Qing He wasn't worried about being exposed because the original owner did not write any letters to Zhou Qing Bai. The original owner had been to primary school for three years, which the original owner finally won after much difficulty.

Therefore, it was normal to be able to read and recognize words. At that time of the marriage proposal, the Zhou family said it was a plus to be able to read and write.

That night Zhou Qing Bai didn't leave. No matter how much Lin Qing He glared at him, it was useless. So she arranged for him to sleep at the head of the Kang. Zhou Qing Bai wasn't dismayed about the Kang head.

One step at a time.

"Father, are you sleeping with us tonight?" Da Wa had forgotten the life of tomorrow. His eyes brightened.

"En, save some firewood. Don't need to heat the kang next door." Zhou Qing Bai's reason was so upright.

Lin Qing He was too lazy to comment. As if she didn't know about his thoughts but she didn't care. She cuddled San Wa as the mother and sons dozed off.

Seeing how far she was away from him, Zhou Qing Bai was very helpless. Fortunately, he was allowed to enter the room.

The next morning, Zhou Qing Bai went out for a morning run like usual. Lin Qing He got up and cooked sesame lean pork congee. As for Da Wa, it was just a few pieces of cornmeal pancake and that was it.

She won't be soft-hearted at all. Let him experience his future life and see if he'll study then.

While Zhou Da Wa, he felt like he was picked on. He chewed on cornmeal pancake in the morning, which was accompanied by water as a drink. His father, mother, and younger brothers ate sesame lean pork congee with sunny-side-up!

He had only a few cornmeal pancakes. The rest was a few pickles and nothing else!

"Don’t be dissatisfied. Many people in the village eat sweet potato noodles. You need to be content with cornmeal pancakes. When you grow up and get married later, you won’t be living with us. You'll live by yourself," Lin Qing He said.

Zhou Da Wa felt that his future days were dark without any daylight.

Zhou Er Wa didn't dare to say anything. He certainly wouldn't want to live that kind of day. When he grows up later, he must listen to his mother and study hard!

"I'm heading to the leader's house to borrow a bicycle." Zhou Qing Bai told her.

"Shall we buy one too?" Lin Qing He smoothly followed up.

Zhou Qing Bai nodded solemnly: "We must have one at home."

"Then wait a bit, I'll get you money and coupons!" Lin Qing He quickly uttered.

She doesn't feel it was a loss when it comes to buying a bicycle, even if a bicycle requires more than a hundred yuans and many industrial coupons. It wasn't like they can't afford now.

The most important thing was that she can go to Mei Jie to get pork in the future. She was familiar with Mei Jie now and knew that Mei Jie's man killed the pigs in the pork farm.

She can discuss with Mei Jie and Mei Jie will definitely be willing. The max price of a jin of meat was almost six dimes and let Mei Jie profit one dime. It wasn't a big problem to take three or four jins. When she goes to the county city and sell it, she will get about five yuan.

Although it wasn't much money, it was just one day of work, which was almost equivalent to other's one month's salary.

After buying the bike and use it for a few months, she'll get the money back. So there was no need to worry about losing money at all.

Da Wa heard this and his eyes lit up: "Our family is going to buy a bicycle?"

"Yeah." Lin Qing He put the money and coupons in a parcel and handed it to Zhou Qing Bai.

"Can I ride it in the future?" Da Wa asked.

"If you go to school in the county city in the future, I can buy one for yourself." Lin Qing He replied.

Da Wa widened his eyes in surprise, but soon his face frowned in dilemma.

Lin Qing He didn't mind it anymore. Toward the Zhou Qing Bai who halted there, waiting for her farewell, she said, "Be careful on the road."

Forget it, let him taste honey.

Not only did she advised him to be careful on the way, but she also gave him a sweet smile.

Satisfied, Zhou Qing Bai head out with a bag and a basket.

Lin Qing He directed to Da Wa: "You eat maize mash at noon."

"Then what are you eating?" Da Wa couldn't resist saying.

"We will wait for your father to come back before eating dumplings at noon." Lin Qing He responded.

Da Wa's small face collapsed. Recently, he became spoiled from Lin Qing He's care. When he was with his biological mother, he wasn't picky about maize mash. And sometimes he had to eat dried sweet potatoes. That was disgusting.

If he doesn't want to study, Lin Qing He won't act considerately. She gave Er Wa and San Wa a white rabbit candy each. None for Da Wa.

"Why don't I get one!" Da Wa angrily burst out.

"Why else? Do you recall your little friends ever eating a white rabbit candy? Their father didn't study when he was a kid, so your son doesn't get white rabbit candy either. So you have to get used to this kind of life. Don't argue with me." Lin Qing He stood firm.

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