In the main hall, Mr. Miao Xuan also sighed and said with a slight apology: "little friend, this time I'm so old and self defeating. I didn't expect to cause such trouble."

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Then he bowed to Lintian.

The style of a gentleman is very clear.

Lintian quickly avoided the figure, did not dare to accept such a big gift, and said: "master, this is just a contradiction between me and Nao Zhentian, it has nothing to do with you."

Mr. Miao Xuan laughed and asked Lintian to sit down. He thought, "little friend, can you listen to me when it comes to Ao Zhentian?"

Lintian said, "it's all right to talk about it, master."

Mr. Miao Xuan thought about it and said, "if you really care about that Jingxuan girl, you can let her follow Ao Zhentian back to the real dragon vein."

Lintian's black eyes narrowed slightly. He was surprised.

"Regardless of her prejudice against Ao Zhentian, if that girl Jingxuan can participate in the wanlongxian club, she will surely get unexpected benefits from her blood talent."

Mr. Miao Xuan explained, "this will play a vital role in her future practice. After all, the ten thousand dragon fairy association is held only once every tens of thousands of years, but not everyone is qualified to participate in it in the real dragon pulse."

"As far as I know, no one who is not a true dragon's lineage, no one who has excellent foundation, no one who has made great achievements, can have the opportunity to participate in such a grand event."

"All the descendants of the real dragon who participate in these events have the opportunity to obtain the" true blood of the ancestral dragon "! This is the blood power left by the ancestors of the real dragon at the beginning of chaos. As long as we refine it, we can have a wonderful "Atavism" transformation

"Do you know what this means to the descendants of the real dragon?"

Without waiting for Lintian to answer, Mr. Miao Xuan gently spat out four words: "the great emperor's qualification!"

Lintian felt a shock in his heart and took a cool breath.

As if he could not believe it, he said: "just refining a part of power, can you have the qualification to achieve the realm of the great emperor?"

Mr. Miao Xuan nodded and immediately said with a smile, "emperor Cheng is certainly not such a simple thing. However, it is extremely amazing to be able to have the qualification of emperor Cheng. Some would-be emperors can not have such qualification all their lives!"

Lintian understood it thoroughly. No wonder Mr. Miao Xuan would make such suggestions. The "ancestral dragon blood" alone was enough to make any descendants of the real dragon irresistible.

"It's a real dragon. It's really frightening." He couldn't help feeling.

Mr. Miao Xuan also sighed: "true dragon, immortal Phoenix This is the legendary group of gods who are blessed by God. No matter who they are, no matter in the ancient path of the starry sky or in the whole nine regions, they can't deny that they are powerful. "

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"Like Nao Zhentian, although he is not your opponent now, his talent can be regarded as against heaven. This meeting of ten thousand dragon immortals was also held for this reason. There is no doubt that after he refined the power of" ZuLong's true blood ", he will surely build a" true dragon body "and have the foundation of becoming an emperor!"

Lintian thought for a long time in silence, and finally said, "I need to ask Jing Xuan's opinion on this matter. If she is willing to go, I will never stop her."

The meaning is obvious. If Zhao Jingxuan doesn't want to, no one will take him with him!

Mr. Miao Xuan nodded.

On the same day, Lintian wrote a letter on which he left his own road mark. He handed it to Mr. miaoxuan and sent it to xingqihai by the way of Shenji Pavilion.


Meanwhile, Yin Huan is also talking with AO Zhentian.

"Mr. Ao, it's our carelessness this time. In my opinion, even if Lintian is on the ancient star road, his fighting power is enough to make him one of the top 100 in the" star true holy list. "

Yin Huan spoke in a low voice to comfort Ao Zhentian.

"However, he also has his weakness, that is, if there is no special means, before becoming emperor, he is doomed to be impossible to enter the ancient star road."

After a pause, she continued: "you also know that compared with the nine realms, the ancient star road is the real world of practice, the source of all Tao, the root of chaos, and the ancestral court of all Taoist schools in the sky!"


Only a few words can represent the meaning that can make any monk in the world tremble.

"You are right, but the more so, the more proof that I failed too incompetent!"

Ao Zhentian now recovered his composure and said bitterly, "look at Lintian, he can easily defeat me just by practicing in the ancient wasteland. If he was allowed to practice in the ancient path of the starry sky from the beginning, wouldn't he have more terrifying details and combat power?"

Speaking of this, he can't help laughing: "in the past, I only focused my eyes on the scorching sun figures in the star list, but now I find that I am too narrow-minded."

Yin Huan can't help but worry. Will Ao Zhentian be hit too hard and shake his invincible belief in his state of mind?

"Don't worry, Yin Huan. This defeat made me completely awake. I will never be so confused again."

Ao Zhentian took a deep breath, and his eyebrows were firm.

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It's a lot easier for Yin Huan to see this.

"The only thing that worries me now is how to bring my cousin back to the clan. As you know, my grandfather ordered me to come to the ancient wasteland this time. If it can't be done, my grandfather will surely blame me."Ao Zhentian sighs.

Yin Huan thought about it and said, "or I'll go to ask martial uncle miaoxuan to help persuade Lintian? "

Ao Zhentian shook his head: "no, it's a big deal. I'll just look for it myself."

Let Yin Huan choose to bow down because of his own affairs?

He can't do it.


That night, a letter was brought back to Shenji pavilion from Xingqi sea.

When Lintian opened the letter, there was only a few words on it: "your heart is my heart. It's all up to you."

Lintian had a little taste, and he knew it immediately.

It seems that Jing Xuan is also quite interested in "ZuLong's real blood", but she values her attitude more, so she lets herself make a decision.

Immediately, Lintian found Mr. Miao Xuan and said, "master, could you tell Ao Zhentian that I will make a decision when I return from the front battlefield?"

Mr. Miao Xuan gave a frank smile: "but."

When Mr. Miao Xuan brought this to Ao Zhentian, the latter was stunned.

What does this guy mean?

Yin Huan understood all of a sudden and said, "what else does it mean? He certainly doesn't trust you to take that Jingxuan girl away now, but he doesn't want to let that Jingxuan miss the chance of wanlongxian club. That's why he made such a decision."

Ao Zhentian could not help humming coldly: "did he think I would harm his cousin?"

Yin Huan shook his head and said, "no, it can only prove that Lin Xun and AO childe's cousin have a different relationship. They may have become Taoist partners."

Ao Zhentian's pupil shrank and said, "cousin, doesn't she know that if our descendants, male or female, want to form a Taoist couple with people from other nationalities, they all need the consent of the patriarch and the elders?"

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Yin Huan didn't know what to think of, and could not help sighing.

Ao Zhentian said: "Yin Huan, it's no problem for us. When wanlongxian comes to an end, I'll ask my father for instructions at the first time."

Yin Huan's eyes were shy and tender.

If Lintian was here, he would not believe that Yin Huan, a lonely and indifferent iceberg beauty, had a shy and tender side.

For a moment, Ao Zhentian was stunned.

Beauty is picturesque, poetic and mellow.

It can be tasted, tasted and tasted.

Finally, Ao Zhentian agreed to wait for a while.


The next morning.

Located in the secret world deep in Shenji Pavilion, there is an old black altar.

On one side of the altar stood an old man with thin figure and sparse hair, dressed in coir raincoat and hat, just like an old fisherman.

When Mr. Miao Xuan and Lintian arrived here, he first bowed slightly to the old man in coir raincoat and said, "this little friend is named Lintian. If you want to go to the front battlefield, please be old."

The old man, like a fisherman, glanced at Lintian and nodded.

Not a word more.

Mr. Miao Xuan said to Lintian, "this is Mr. Yin. Along the way, he will take you to the front battlefield. Remember, no matter what happens along the way, you should listen to Mr. Yin."

Lintian nodded.

Yin Lao's breath was very common, and he could not see any accomplishments. But the more so, the more Lin Xun did not dare to underestimate.

"When you arrive at the front line, please give this letter to my elder martial brother."

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Mr. Miao Xuan took out a sealed jade slip and handed it to Lintian.

Lintian carefully put it away and went up to the old black altar with the old Yin.

Hum ~

with the strange roar, the figures of Lintian and yinlao disappeared.

"It's a good thing that Yin is there, otherwise, just moving in the void will easily lead to too many accidents..."

Mr. Miao Xuan breathed a long breath.


As the stars change, the scene in front of us suddenly changes.

When he was shuttling among them, Lintian suddenly felt as if he was shuttling through countless colorful and broken worlds. All the way was full of strange scenes.

Around him, Yin Lao was driving an old wooden boat, carrying Lintian to shuttle through the void. Strands of colorful light streamed around the wooden boat, which was magnificent and colorful.

But Lintian knew that once he was infected by the continuous colored light, even if he was the supreme saint, he would be instantly powdered by the terrible power of space!

Because it's moving space, and the power of space is the power of order and rules built between nothingness!

All the way, Yin Laozu bow, figure bent, coir raincoat hat, like a boatman fisherman, silent overlooking, do not say a word.

Seeing this, Lintian didn't bother him. He looked around.

According to legend, there is a great wall connecting the sky and earth in the front battlefield of ancient wasteland, which is vast and vast, and is made up of real stars.

This city, also known as "the great wall of the imperial pass", has been protected from the invasion of many foreign enemies since ancient times, and the ancient wasteland has been kept safe ever since.Inside and outside the vast city wall, there is countless blood!

These were rarely spread in the ancient wasteland. Lintian also learned some news about the front battlefield of the ancient wasteland from Mr. Miao Xuan.

What moved Lintian most was that nadiguan Great Wall was famous as "the first natural moat in ancient times, the place where emperor Zun stopped"!

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