Chapter 1017: Chapter 1016 – Helpless Result

But even so, Lin Yi still felt a little disappointed- he still had wishful thinking that he could just keep transferring energy to Uncle Fu and then just recover- It would allow him to reach his goals instantly.

Yet now, it seemed like he was really thinking too far ahead!

Breaking himself and then repairing really did help him level up before, but that was it- it just helped. It was a supplemnet- he had to reach the wall right before breaking through, otherwise it would not happen at all!

This sort of thing really would be like a cheat- and in the end, it didn’t work! He even found it funny that he’d be as naive as to think he could just cheat the system like that. He’d be able to become Sky class easily, if that were the case!

“Recovered…” Uncle Fu took a deep breath. He was very clear on how much Lin Yi had sent over to him- not only did he repair all his nerves, he even turned him from a normal man into Gold Class late phase peak- how much energy did that require?

Even if Lin Yi didn’t lose his strength as a Mystic, he must at least be extremely tired and frail right now- and yet he was recovered!

But thinking about the things that Lin Yi had done before, he could only respond with a bitter smile. Lin Yi wasn’t someone you used common sense on.

“Uncle Fu, now that my strength is back, let’s do another experiement and see if you can break through!” Lin Yi said.

“Experiment? You just recovered your strength… Is this really okay?” Uncle Fu looked at Lin Yi, a little shocked.

“We have to experiment!” Lin Yi nodded, determined. He never gave up halfway- the things he decided to do, he would always be complete them.

“Hm.. Alright!” Uncle Fu nodded, seeing the determination in his eyes, “It seems like I’ll have to agree! Thank you for the trouble, Yi!”

Lin Yi shook his head, smiling, “It’s not a trouble at all, Uncle Fu- I just want a strong ally by my side, then these Xiaos and Yus wouldn’t be a threat at all!”

“HAH!” Uncle Fu couldn’t help but laugh at the word, “True, with my peak situation back then, House Yu and House Xiao would be merely common houses, not a threat at all…”

“Even now they’re not really threats… I am just worried about the hidden house behind House Yu.” LIn Yi said.

“Hidden house, yes…” Uncle Fu didn’t say anything, but there was still some pride in his voice- it seemed like he used to be something as strong as a hidden house, right?

Lin Yi put his hands on Uncle Fu’s shoulders, “Uncle Fu, we’re about to start!”

“Alright, I understand!” Uncle Fu took back his smile, a serious look appearing on his face. He didn’t want Lin Yi to waste his qi anymore, but he really did look forward to being able to break through again.

Lin Yi started channelling his art of the dragon mastery, and started sending all his qi to Uncle Fu’s body. Yet, something weird happened once more- he felt that the energy that he was sending wasn’t entering Uncle Fu’s body at all!

“Uncle Fu, are you channeling your arts?” Lin Yi paused.

“I am, I am!” Uncle Fu nodded, “You haven’t started yet?”

“I’ll try again,” Lin Yi frowned. He continued channeling the Art of Dragon Mastery, but the result was still the same- his qi really refused to pass through his hands into Uncle Fu, as if Uncle Fu didn’t want his qi at all!

This was the exact same as yesterday- his qi couldn’t be used by Uncle Fu!

Half an hour passed.

Lin Yi’s qi wasn’t used at all, but his face was still red, his head full of sweat!

Uncle Fu wasn’t having it easy, either- he was also sweating because of the Lin Yi’s channeling and his own worry in his heart.

“Fu…” Lin Yi breathed out unwillingly- it seemed that he had no choice but to give up now! There weren’t any ways he could get the qi through to him!

“It’s alright- I can always train on my own, there’s no problem at all,” Uncle Fu said upon seeing Lin Yi’s tired face.

“But…” Lin Yi really didn’t want to give up- it was such a waste!

Could it be that Uncle Fu’s practitioner arts were not the same type as his own? Even so, wasn’t his own Dragon Mastery arts universal? Why wasn’t it working all of a sudden?

Lin Yi stood up, and started moving around his stiff body when he laid eyes on Weiwu. He paused, `”General Weiwu, come here!”

“Woof!” Weiwu had been partcularly close with Lin Yi after he turned him into a Golden Class- he ran over instantly and leaped into his arms.

Lin Yi was thinking that if his practitioner arts were considered different from Uncle Fu’s, then he’d practically be in-sect brothers with Weiwu! Could he upgrade Weiwu instead?

He held him tight and started chanelling his Art of Dragon Mastery- to his disappointment, only a small amount of energy entered his body, and the same situation appeared! The qi stopped entering!

Lin Yi couldn’t get even an inch of that energy into Weiwu’s body, the dog was still a Golden Class late phase peak! That bit of energy that he just got into the dog was only the amount that Weiwu had just used up earlier!

Weiwu probably used up that energy when fighting Yu Bide- but since he didn’t know any practitioner’s art he couldn’t recover himself, so the enregy he used up would stay used up unless Lin Yi refilled him! He couldn’t get past the maximum capacity within Weiwu.

Lin Yi went into deep thought- Weiwu as well! Why couldn’t he get him to break through!

“Yi, Golden Class late phase peak is already good enough!!” Uncle Fu consoled once he saw that disappointment in Lin Yi’s face.

“Haha, I know…” Lin Yi sighed, “Uncle Fu, I’ll leave you and go to school then.”

He had no choice but to give up now! It seemed that he really was too naive- if his energy really was that powerful then he could be mass producing masters right now!

Yes, he did… But they were all stuck at Golden class late phase peak!

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