Chapter 1016: Chapter 1015 – Within Reason

Uncle Fu felt the energy within his body stop transferring, but since Lin Yi hadn’t opened his eyes yet he didn’t know what he was doing, and didn’t dare interrupt him. He had many questions, but he knew to keep them to himself.

But when Lin Yi opened his eyes- he quickly spoke up, “Yi, you gave me all of your strength… You…”

“I’m fine,” Lin Yi shook his head, “I don’t know what’s wrong, but you seemed to be stuck in Golden Class late phase peak- I can’t continue to give you any.”

“Haha, Golden class late phase peak- that’s as strong as before my injury as a physical practitioner- I’m satisfied enough already, even if I can’t go higher it’s fine- I’ll still be able to continue training, and this is already much stronger than my original expectations!” Uncle Fu said gratefully, “Yi, thank you!”

“But… You’re an Earth class, and I wanted you to become an Earth class again- Golden class late phase peak isn’t supposed to be the final destination!” Lin Yi waved his hand, only giving a smile to Uncle Fu’s gratitude.

“Ah!” Uncle Fu was speechless at Lin Yi’s words!

Lin Yi was expecting that much? Earth class?! Lin YI wanted to turn him into an Earth class?? Uncle Fu didn’t even dare imagine that- Lin Yi was indeed that crazy!

“What’s wrong?” Lin Yi got pulled back to reality at his shout.

“It’s nothing…” He shook his head, “Yi, you really have some wild thoughts… Earth class… That isn’t something so simple. What would you do after you’ve given me all your qi? Even if you gave it all to me, you’re just a Mystic mid phase- how is it possible that you could create an Earth class?”

“My qi..” Lin Yi smiled bitterly. His situation was unique- it really was hard to explain this to Uncle Fu! The energy within his body wasn’t his own, it came from the jade space! The energy there was unlimited, and he could even make ten Earth class masters, not just one!

Lin Yi didn’t understand- why did everything stop right when they hit golden class late phase peak?

“Yi, it’s already a miracle that I’ve become a Golden class late phase peak- I’m already really grateful!” Uncle Fu said, even more grateful when he saw how much effort the kid had put in, “I used to be a spirtual practitioner before too. I can train on and break through to Earth phase- it’s still possible!”

Lin Yi sighed. Uncle Fu was right, but Lin Yi was already expecting an Earth class to be by his side! Uncle Fu’s strength level pausing here really did make him feel like they had lost something- this was something right at his fingertips, and now it was gone! Of course he’d be disappointed!

Especially when everything was prepared and ready, too- he had all the energy he needed, energy that applied to everyone- he could’ve continued!

So why did it stop?

This really was something he couldn’t explain!

“Uncle Fu, what did you feel the moment the energy stopped?” Lin Yi hesitated.

“Hmm,” Uncle Fu raised his head, “There wasn’t really any special feeling, but I did feel an abrupt stop to the energy you were transferring…”

“Hm…” Lin YI smiled bitterly. Uncel Fu basically gave him no information- he still didn’t know what was wrong…

“Yi, you don’t have to think about me anymore- Your strength…” Uncle Fu was still worried, “You seemed to have downgraded?”

“Ah, I’m fine… Hm?” Lin Yi suddenly jerked up- was this because he had no energy inside his body right now? Could it be that this was why Uncle Fu was unable to break through? Did he need energy within his own body in addition to the one provided by the jade space?

This guess seemed a little too simple, but it was the only possibility right now! After all, he had no other factors to consider! It seemed like evrything was ready, and just one single thing was lacking!

“Uncle Fu, I’ll go rest a bit and regain my strength- you do the same too,” Lin Yi didn’t spend too much time talking- he needed to quickly recover and then he would know whether this was the reason Uncle Fu couldn’t break through.

“Alright, Lin Yi, you go rest!” Uncle Fu nodded.

Lin Yi quickly exited the room and went to his own.

The Miss and Shu were already asleep. Since Lin Yi would heal Uncle Fu every night, the two had already gotten used to it.

Lin Yi returned to his room and quickly went into the jade space- he needed to quickly replenish the lost energy within his body- the sky was already getting bright! He had no time to waste.

A while later, the sun was up- it was already noon!

Uncle Fu had already sent Mengyao and Yushu to school, and the two of them, while curious why Lin Yi wasn’t awake yet, left it alone once Uncle Fu told them that he had used a lot of qi to heal him.

Mengyao and Yushu didn’t ask anymore questions, and he sent them to school before quickly coming back for Lin Yi, worried. There was Weiwu here, but he felt like he needed to guard Lin Yi just in case.

A click sounded from Lin Yi’s door, and he walked out.

On the sofa, the tense Uncle Fu looked at Lin Yi immediately, “Yi, how was it?”

“I’m okay- my strength’s all back now!” Lin Yi couldn’t help but feel a little bit of regret – he was still a mid phase Mystic, and it seemed that he wouldn’t be able to break through just because he had lost all his energy!

The few times that did happen was because he’d already spent time training, and the energy within him had reached its capacity, waiting for him to reach the next wall. He needed to use up all his energy only under those conditions!

But now, it hadn’t been a few days since he’d broken through into Mystic, and he still had to use all his energy to heal Uncle Fur right now- hurting his own energy. He had to practice, too, which he hadn’t been able to do. It was only natural that he wouldn’t be able to breakthrough this time!

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