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Suddenly, in front of the wooden boat, there was a sea of blood, thick as blood, and a strange sound sounded from the depth of the sea.

Just for a moment, Lintian felt his eardrum tingling, his blood rolling, and his eyes were full of Venus. Only by doing his best could he resolve the terrible voice.

It was also at this time that he could see clearly that in the bloody waves, there was a golden conch floating and sinking. It was the conch that was whining to itself. Its voice was sobbing, and it was shaking up and down. The waves hit the sky, and the void was broken!

"What is it?"

Lintian was surprised.

Next, what's more incredible is that with the spread of the sound of the golden conch, the sky burst open, the bloody sea turned upside down, stirring up endless storms.

But Lintian felt that his body was shaking, his mood was turbulent, and there were signs of reversion and disorder all over his body. He was so sad that he almost coughed up blood.

He quickly holds yuan Shouyi, runs his own method, and suppresses the ups and downs of the past and the present!

Even so, just barely resist the attack of the terrible sound wave.

At this time, Yin Lao, who was standing in front of the wooden boat, opened his mouth. His voice was dry and hoarse, as if he had not spoken for a long time.

"This is a conch left by an emperor Buddha. The louder the sound of the conch, the stronger the magic power."

"Like this conch, it has already been damaged and fallen. Otherwise, if it is used in the hands of the emperor, it will be enough to break the sky and the earth, make the stars tremble, and destroy all things."

As soon as Yin Lao's voice rang out, Lintian felt relaxed all over, and the interference from the terrible sound wave disappeared.

When I looked up, I found that the sea of blood was just an illusion. Even the golden conch was just a brand. I don't know why. Its breath has been eroded by the endless years, and it has been preserved to this day.

"What you saw just now is a battlefield relic in ancient times. It was sprinkled with Emperor's blood and turned into a foreign country. However, after years of changes, the battlefield relic has long disappeared, leaving some breath to this day."

Old Yin sighed softly.

Lintian couldn't help but take in the cool air. Just some breath left, but he caused such terrible oppression and interference to himself?

It's incredible and terrible!

"You did well just now, and the self method you created is quite unique, but it lacks some real training."

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When Yin Lao said this, he said nothing more.

From the beginning to the end, he turned his back to Lintian and never looked back, but he seemed to have had a good view of all his performances.

The wooden boat runs through the void and flies through the space. It looks old, but it is not afraid of the invasion of space rules.

Before long, the sea of blood disappeared, and the void was full of darkness, as if shuttling through the endless night.

Arriving here, the speed of the wooden boat slowed down significantly.

"This is the place of destruction. It is the place of nothingness left behind by the destruction of one side of the world plane. It is also the most dangerous place."

Yinlao spoke again.

As if to fulfill his words, the next moment, that dark nothingness suddenly soared one after another gorgeous beam.

It was a sword after another, cutting the darkness, breaking the sky, shining on the eternal, full of immortal edge.

At this moment, Yin Lao finally moved. With a wave of his sleeve robe, the wooden boat quickly dodged. A flash was infinite, to avoid this land full of sword Qi.

Even so, there was still a sword gas passing by the wooden boat. At that moment, Lintian felt that he was on the verge of death, and his whole body was like falling into an ice cave.

Without him, this sword Qi was beyond the world. It was so terrible that Lintian could not understand it!

"A long time ago, this" land of destruction "once buried the life of a sword emperor. After his fall, the sword spirit accumulated in the corpse will last forever. Whenever something outside comes near, it will emerge."

Until far away from that dangerous place, Yin Lao just opened his mouth.

The sword emperor fell here!

Lintian was shocked again.

On the way to the Great Wall, there were so many bloody, shocking and terrible things, which Lintian never thought of before.

If you had not been led by Yin Lao, you would not have thought that with his current cultivation, it would be difficult to surpass this place!

Yin suddenly said, "I see that the method you created contains the secret of kendo. This wisp of sword Qi is what I collected just now. Take it and observe it."

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The voice fell, and a three inch sword appeared in front of Lintian. It was crystal clear and immortal. Just looking at it, it was painful and trembling.

No doubt, this is the sword spirit left by the fallen sword emperor!

"Thank you, master!"

Lintian was like a treasure, but when he took it, the three inch sword Qi was as rebellious as if it was a flash. It broke Lintian's power, and his sharp edge almost hurt him!

In this regard, Yin seems to be unaware of the old, ignored.Lintian took a deep breath and ran the Dao Honglu method. The empty shadow of a cauldron appeared in the air and covered the three inch sword Qi in it.

Bang bang!

For a moment, the sword Qi danced wildly and ran wildly, crushing the virtual shadow difference of the cauldron.

Lintian gritted his teeth and tried his best to deduce his own method. Confrontation with him was like a very dangerous fight.

Just a moment later, Lintian looked dignified.

This sword spirit is just too strong. It's like fighting against a peerless swordsman. It's unbelievable and terrible.

With Lintian's fighting power, killing the top saint was no different from tearing the painting. But he was very hard to fight against the three inch sword.

Until for a long time, Lintian was coughing and bleeding in his lips!

However, at the same time, the three inch sword gas exploded, turned into a broken sword dust, and was melted in the furnace Ding.

Without hesitation, Lintian sat on his knees and practiced meditation.

In an instant, countless mysterious Kendo feelings came to Lintian's mind, which made him forget himself.

Bow, Yin old show a surprised color, soon recovered as before.

No one knows better than him that it is extremely difficult for even the great sage to subdue the sword.

However, Lintian did it with the power of true Holy Land!

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Yinlao thought of Mr. Miao Xuan's comment on Lintian:

"such a person has never been seen for thousands of years, like a demon or an immortal.".


I don't know how long after that, Lintian, sitting on the boat with his knees crossed, suddenly opened his eyes and moved with his heart.

The virtual shadow of a cauldron emerges, and suddenly it turns into 33 Epee sword Qi. Each Epee sword Qi gathers 18000 swords, and each sword has a thin meaning. The sharp Qi is vast and magnificent. When it is surging in the void, it is like the undulating meaning of the sword.

Huala ~

with Lintian's operation of the method, he began to deduce all kinds of sword formations in the void. The atmosphere was grand and he became heaven and earth.

Until later, with a wave of sword chanting, all the methods were collected into Lintian's body.

The sword means success!

To cultivate taixuan sword Sutra is to cultivate a continuous stream of sword Qi in each hole, make it quench the sword, gather the sword spirit, condense the sword soul and transform the sword spirit.

Now, Lintian gathered all his taixuan sword Qi into an immortal sharp sword spirit!

When the quality of sword Qi is promoted to a higher level, the power of taixuan's sword Qi is also transformed!

Taixuan's sword Qi was originally integrated into Lintian's own Dharma "Dao Hong Lu Jing", which virtually improved the power of the Sutra.

All this comes from the benefits of refining the "three inch sword Qi"!

"We should use the method of the ancients and replace it with our own method. This method is too against heaven I have never heard of... "

At this time, Yin Lao began to speak with a trace of dignity in his voice. "Little friend, when you practice in the future, you must not easily disclose your own Dharma, otherwise, it will be a disaster rather than a blessing."

Lintian nodded and said, "thank you for your instruction."

In the next period of time, the wooden boat shuttled through the void, and experienced many strange and dangerous things on the way.

There are chaotic starry sky, falling countless stars and meteorites, whistling down, sinking pieces of barren and exhausted world debris.

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There is a terrible road storm, just like the doomsday disaster, sweeping nine days and ten places, crushing the sun and the moon in it.

With the breath of the broken bones of the emperor, heaven and earth would collapse.

There are

There are too many incredible horror scenes, some of which are residual illusions, and some of which are real weird things.

All along the way, Lintian was frightened from time to time, and he was in a cold sweat. If it wasn't for Mr. Yin leading the way, Lintian would not hesitate to retreat.

From the beginning to the end, he never thought that it would be so terrible just on the way to the front battlefield.

Especially once, when passing through a gray starry sky, a figure like nothingness suddenly appeared. Standing up to heaven and earth, only breath runs through Zhou Xu, making countless stars fall like rain!

At that time, Lintian was completely shocked and stunned.

There's no need for Mr. Yin to explain. He knows that it's the power of the great emperor. Even if it falls into the boundless years, the remaining breath also has the power of crushing the universe!

For the emperor, he looks up to the top, drills down to the top, looks forward to the front, and suddenly looks back. There are only 16 words to show the elegant demeanor of the emperor.

The more people look up to this realm, the more they will feel tall. The harder they study, the more they will feel the boundlessness of this realm. If they want to catch up, they are clearly ahead, but they can't catch up anyway!

It's no exaggeration to worship the heavens, to control the universe and to be the first of all saints!

Although the journey was long, it was like opening a new door for Lintian, and he realized that many things were precious experiences.

Along the way, Mr. Yin occasionally gave Lin Xun some advice and explanations. Although he didn't talk much, he often made Lin Xun feel enlightening and enlightening.Influenced by the improvement of his mood, vision and experience, his cultivation became more stable and solid, and there was a faint sign that he was approaching the perfection of the true holy state.

This is undoubtedly a surprise.

You know, it was only after Lin Xun returned from the battlefield of the nine regions that he made his accomplishments break through to the later stage of the true holy land when he got the great road and good fortune on the immortal mountain.

Now, all the accomplishments are showing signs of perfection. It's conceivable that the experience and insight along the way have brought Lin Xun great benefits!

It is better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books.

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