Chapter 46. Studying is useless

After an enjoyable wipedown, Lin Qing He felt comfier. As for her hair, she'll wash it after dinner. She had to cook dinner later.

Zhou Qing Bai knocked on the door and came in to dump the water. He wiped himself and felt refreshed from top to toe.

After pouring out the water, he came in. Lin Qing He looked at him: "If it's okay, how about going to the county city tomorrow?"

"What are you going to buy?" Zhou Qing Bai nodded and asked.

"Nothing much. Just go and see if there any snacks like red dates. You can buy some cloth back. I will take it to Eldest Sister-in-law to make two more pieces for you." Lin Qing He responded.

"You make." Zhou Qing Bai stared at her.

"I don't know how to. All of the boys are made by Eldest Sister-in-law, Third Sister-in-law and Zhou Xi." Lin Qing He said.

"I'll teach you." Zhou Qing Bai persisted.

"You know how to make clothes?" Lin Qing He uttered in shock.

Zhou Qing Bai shook his head: "No."

Lin Qing He retorted in displeasure: "How can you teach me if you don't know?"

"I know my size, I can guide you. I will wear it whether it's good or bad." Zhou Qing Bai's eyes remained on her as he spoke.

Why did Lin Qing He hear such flirty flavor from these normal words?

But listening to him saying this, she won't be polite and said: "If you won't disdain and not be afraid of me wasting cloth, then I can give it a go."

The original owner can make clothes and she molded to his size, it should be possible to try.

Last time with the boys', she was worried that it'll be ruined in her hand. Since there were no cloth coupons, it would have been ruined in vain.

But now there were a lot of coupons at home, she naturally does not worry about it. And he said it himself, it was for her to practice.

They had pumpkin rice in the evening.

Da Wa and his brothers ware especially satisfied with the food at home. When their grandpa and grandma wanted to keep them for a meal at old Zhou's house, they ran faster than anyone else.

After dinner, Zhou Qing Bai consciously collected the dishes and washed the dishes. Lin Qing He was quite satisfied with his performance, and instructed him: "Boil another pot of water later and wipe the three boys."

"Okay." Zhou Qing Bai agreed.

Da Wa whispered to his mother, "Mother, why is Father washing the dishes?"

"Why can't your father wash the dishes?" Lin Qing He directed an unsmiling smile at him.

"Because other people's fathers don't wash the dishes. My uncles never did it either." Da Wa responded.

"That's them. Your father is happy to do it. You are still young. Wait until next year, and dishwashing will be your job." Lin Qing He declared.

"Mother, you want me to wash the dishes?" Da Wa's face was filled with shock.

"What's wrong with telling you to wash the dishes? A big man doesn't even know how to wash a bowl. Did you not see your father?" Lin Qing He spoke with strong reason despite being lazy herself.

"No one else does it." Zhou Da Wa couldn't help utter.

"Other people don't have food like our family. If you want to be their son, then go. Our family has our own rules. Besides, your father knows how to. Of course, you also have to." Lin Qing He stood firm.

"It's the girls' work. If they knew it, they would laugh at elder brother." Er Wa interjected.

Even he would be included.

"Your father help Mother to wash the dishes. That proves that he is a good man. Knowing that it's not easy for Mother to manage the whole family, he willingly helps Mother to do some household chores. You helping Mother wash dishes shows that are being filial to Mother. You know Mother only gave birth to you three boys and no girl. So you are willing to wash the dishes for the mother to make it easier Mother. Why should they laugh at you? "Lin Qing He said.

Zhou Da Wa was stunned by what she said, and could not refute back at all.

"If there is any opposition, you can refute. I'll accept the debate and argue back. But if you can't beat me, then you will take turns washing." Lin Qing He stated.

"Mother, I'm only four years old!" Zhou Er Wa immediately responded.

"After the new year, you will be five years old. When you are six years old, you will wash with your elder brother. Mother knows that you are good filial children and will continue to give you yummy food in the future." Lin Qing He pronounced.

Instantly, Er Wa looked bitter.

"It's still a long time before you're were six years old. What's the worry?" Lin Qing He poked his little face.

"Mother, don't need me to wash the dishes." Er Wa leaned over and planned to act cute.

"Mother makes delicious stuff, and you aren't willing to wash a few dishes for Mother?" Lin Qing He looked at him in surprise, as if she was a little disappointed.

This frightened Er Wa to hurriedly said: "Then I'll wash for Mother when I grow up."

"I knew my Er Wa is very obedient." Lin Qing He voiced in satisfaction.

Da Wa sighed: "Mother, no matter how you look, you're like a stepmother?"

"Yeah. Stepmother would make new clothes and cotton coats for you brothers. Stepmother would buy new hats for you brothers. One per person. Stepmother would cook for you every day in different ways. I don’t know who in the village who wants me to be their stepmother.” Lin Qing He retorted.

"Hee hee, I'm kidding." Zhou Da Wa immediately said.

San Wa dashed over. His mouth called for candy.

This meant he wants to eat white rabbit candy.

Lin Qing He pointed out: "Can't eat candy just after eating. Wait until tomorrow."

The three packs of white rabbit candy that she bought last time, only two packs were left at home. The three brothers have already gobbled up one pack.

San Wa was still clamoring to eat, and Lin Qing He went to cut an apple for him to nibble. He settled down once something was stuffed in his mouth.

Lin Qing He let the brothers play on the Kang, as she continued to knit.

Zhou Qing Bai, who was doing the dishes, heard the laughter of the children in the room, as well as her occasional jokes. His heart couldn't be any warmer.

After washing the dishes, he scooped up hot water and came in to wipe them. Each time he wiped down one, he sat them on a small chair to soak their feet.

They were all tidied up by Zhou Qing Bai. Lin Qing He watched as she knitted woolen pants. She didn't intervene.

But she did pay attention to them. Although Zhou Qing Bai didn't talk much, he still had the potential of a stay-at-home dad. He took meticulous care of kids.

After washing their feet and drying them, he drove them all up the Kang.

Then he brought in Lin Qing He's private footbath and let her soak her feet. Lin Qing He showed no hesitation. As she soaked, she mentioned: "Tomorrow when you're at the county city, check if there are any pens and papers. Buy some for Da Wa. He's seven after the new year and can be sent to the team to study. "

"Okay." Zhou Qing Bai acceded.

Da Wa yelled out from that side: "Study? Why study? I plan to go to collect work points with my father next year!"

"It's not a problem to earn work points while studying." Lin Qing He said.

"I'm not going!" Da Wa immediately maintained.

"Why not?" Lin Qing He asked.

"Studying is useless!" Da Wa groaned.

"Studying is useless? Where did you hear that from?" Lin Qing He stared at him.

"My Second Aunt. She said that studying is useless. Didn't those urban educated youth also study? They still end up working in the countryside." Da Wa said.

"His father, go fetch the pen and paper." Lin Qing He ordered Zhou Qing Bai.

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