The old wooden boat shuttled through nothingness. Yinlao was as silent as ever.

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But Lintian knew that this old Yin was not inferior to Mr. Miao Xuan, and even more powerful!

Because of the dangers encountered along the way, there is no lack of some residual breath of the imperial realm, which can easily kill any person in the holy land.

Can Yin old but often can turn bad luck into good luck!

How can ordinary people do this?

On this day, when Lintian was deducing and refining the "Dao Hong Lu Jing", he suddenly noticed that the wooden boat had passed through a starry sky area like a cemetery.

Tombs, like meteorites, are suspended in the starry sky. Each of them exudes a strange and unpredictable atmosphere, just like the ancient gods and Demons buried in it!

On one of the tombs, there was a blood mosquito. It was about 100 feet in size. Its body was as red as blood. It was poured out of divine gold and sent out a chill.

Its eyes are like a pair of blood colored lanterns, with 16 pairs of wings on the back, and each pair of wings is marked with dense and strange inscriptions on the upper level, which is hideous and treacherous.

From a distance, there is a breath of ferocity that makes people tremble. It's like seeing a peerless evil god, fierce and fierce!

It is lying on a kind of grave, sharp as a sharp blade of mouth, inserted into the grave, 16 pairs of wings gently tremble, as if to absorb some power, it is very strange.


Lintian's black eyes almost couldn't believe his eyes.

At that time, in the nine realms of the top of the world, once the ancient monster, who was silent in the forbidden area of the Styx River, woke up, he disturbed the situation and showed his arrogance.

Lintian had fought against each other more than once, and he knew that this guy was the "eight winged blood mosquito" born in the Styx river!

These ferocious creatures are naturally raised and have incredible ferocious talent.

Moreover, his vitality was so strong that he was almost immortal. Lintian fought against him several times and killed him several times.

But every time, he was brought to life by Mingzi with the help of the "Ming emperor refining pot".

Until he killed Mingzi for the last time, Lintian was sure that he would completely wipe out the spirits of the other party. But in the end, the blood and flesh of Mingzi was saved by the mysterious "hell refining pot".

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At that time, even Lintian was not sure whether the other party could come back to life.

Is that the huge and fierce blood mosquito that I saw in front of me him?

When Lintian wanted to take a closer look, the wooden boat had already passed through the "star graveyard" and the blood mosquito could no longer be seen.

But there was something in Lintian's heart that could not be calm.

In those days, Mingzi had eight pairs of wings, which was the cultivation of the king of eternal life, while the blood mosquito had sixteen pairs of wings

If it's really Mingzi, how can he be here? "

"It's a 16 winged blood mosquito from the Styx river. The one who has this kind of blood talent should be a" emperor "in the underworld. As far as I know, in ancient times, the body of the" dark blood emperor "who went to the ancient star road was such a fierce creature."

In front of the wooden boat, old Yin opened his mouth. He seemed to see that there was something wrong with Lintian's mood.

"Master, do you know what the blood mosquito was doing just now?"

Lintian asked.

Yin Lao's voice was filled with a rare trace of disgust. He said: "we can absorb the blood of the ancient spirits to cultivate, so as to promote our own transformation. Just like a bloodthirsty mosquito, ghosts hate God."

In Lintian's heart, there was nausea. Under the star sky tomb, there was the body of the strong man who was not many years ago.

The netherworld blood mosquito, however, practices with the spirit and blood left by these ancient corpses, which naturally makes people feel very uncomfortable.

After a stick of incense.

The old wooden boat suddenly stopped in nothingness, and Yin Lao said, "the Great Wall is here."

Lintian suddenly raised his head.

In the far distance, a black line stretches between heaven and earth. It is as vast as infinity. It is too big to be seen.

But if you look at it carefully, you can tell that it is a great wall winding between heaven and earth, incomparably vast, incomparably lofty, covering the sky and the earth!

Just looking at it from a distance makes people feel insignificant, because the city is so vast that there are stars around it, just like eternity, which has been the case since ancient times.

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Even the stars can only rotate around the city. How huge is it?

"This city is made of the stars gathered from the territory of many emperors. It stretches across heaven and earth like an eternal barrier against foreign enemies."

Yin Lao's hoarse voice with emotion, "the first natural moat in the ancient wasteland, the place where emperor Zun stopped, is by no means empty words."

Lintian's heart was full of ups and downs. From ancient times till now, the city stood upright and immortal, just like a natural moat, blocking all foreign enemies!

It is speculated that the opposite side of the city leads to the other eight worlds?"You can do it."

Yinlao said, "when you return, let Mr. Shen give you a ride."

Lintian was immediately sober, bowed himself and said, "thank you for taking care of me all the way."

Yin Lao nodded slightly. With a wave of his sleeve and robe, an invisible force spread and forced Lintian to leave the boat.

When he came back, Lintian had already appeared in front of the Great Wall. Looking back, he had already disappeared.

Lin Xun shook his head. He didn't think about it any more. He walked forward. The closer he got to the city, the smaller he felt. It was like ants looking up at the sky. The contrast was too great!

Moreover, as he approached, Lintian felt the great pressure, and his mind trembled. It was as if there were many imperial realms standing on the Great Wall, overlooking the world.

The city is so majestic and majestic that when you come near it, you can see a world opening scene, with chaos and mist, surrounded by stars, which is incomparable.

With a little taste, Lintian suddenly understood that the city was covered with the supreme prohibition, and filled with the breath of "imperial realm", and dominated the world!

This is the great wall of the imperial pass, which will last forever and cross the front line!

"Why! Baby, who sent you here? It's nonsense, isn't it? "

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Suddenly, a heavy thunder like drink, from the towering huge city sounded.


The next moment, the wind and thunder, void disorder.

Not far away from Lintian, a man with blue armor, scrawled beard and hair, and resolute face suddenly appeared. His whole body was full of blood like terror.

All around him, the light and rain of the road were as turbulent as the torrent of waterfalls. Standing there at will, Lintian could breathe, and he could feel the smallness of the mountains.

This is a quasi emperor who has been fighting on the battlefield for a long time!

In an instant, Lintian judged it and said, "I've met you, Lintian."

The resolute middle-aged man's eyes were bright. He scanned Lintian like a sword. Then he said, "I'm Shunji, the gatekeeper of this city. Tell me, little doll, who sent you here? It's a front battlefield. Your adults didn't tell you. It's like your cultivation. You're just looking for death here?"

Shun Ji's words were very impolite.

Lintian arched his hand and said, "I come here with the help of Shenji Pavilion. The purpose is to see Mr. Shen when I have something to do. I hope you can do it."

Hearing the three words of Shenji Pavilion, Shun Ji's face softened a lot, but he was surprised and said, "what's the matter, let a younger generation of you come here? Are you not afraid of the unexpected? "

Without waiting for Lintian to answer, he shook his head and said, "well, since you arrive safely, please follow me to the city first. Now Mr. Shen is not here, but in another "stronghold" to plan a strategy against the enemy. "

Then, with a wave of Shun Ji's sleeve robe, he took Lintian up into the air and disappeared out of thin air.

The next moment, two people have appeared in the great wall of the emperor pass.

Here, the same vast and unimaginable, you can see that many huge meteorites floating and sinking in different areas, like huge islands in the void.


As soon as he appeared, a series of powerful and terrible divine powers swept over Lintian, which made him stiff and cold.

No doubt, this is a strong man stationed in the Great Wall!

"How do you feel?"

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Shun Ji grinned, with a hint of ridicule in his rugged and resolute look. "None of those guys who stay here all the year round has a cultivation lower than that of the sage king."

Lintian looked stiff and sighed, "the emperor closed the Great Wall. It really deserves its reputation."

"Do you hear me? The little guy knows the strength of the frontier. If you do this again, you will scare him."

Shun Ji laughed.

All of a sudden, all the terrible thoughts swept away. Lintian felt relieved.

Just now, I was locked by so many terrible ideas. It was not pleasant at all.

"Go, I'll take you to Mr. Shen's living place first."

Shun Ji fell to the ground and took Lintian to step forward. A golden light spread out and set foot on it. The speed was very fast.

Along the way, Lintian noticed that there were some figures sitting on the huge stars floating in the void. They were silent. Their eyebrows, whiskers and hair were falling like a waterfall, and they were covered with dust. He did not know how many years of meditation.


Suddenly, Lintian opened his eyes wide. What did he see? A flaming red bird opened its mouth and swallowed all the stars. It gave out a clear cry.

Soon after, Lintian was shocked again. He saw a dwarf old man dragging a corpse that was ten thousand feet high. He was elated and walked through the air.

As he ran, the old dwarf yelled, "look, look, this is Lao Tzu's record today. He is the emperor of a big blood clan!"

Lintian was stunned. How could the dwarf be so fierce when he hunted the emperor?

On one side, Shun Ji hummed coldly: "don't pay attention to this old thing. It's been more than 7000 years since the emperor came to pass the Great Wall, and only then can he kill less than 30 enemies of the emperor to be. It can only be said that they are weak."Lintian was speechless and could kill the emperor. He was described as weak and explosive

All of a sudden, a cry full of sadness rings out. In the distant area, chaos is filled with air, and countless snow-white lightning run among them.

Dimly visible, there is a slender white figure in the chaotic lightning, like a ghost in the dust.


PS: on the last day of the end of the month, make up for one shift first, and make up for five shifts when you have time, so as to make up for all the three shifts you owe.

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