Chapter 45. No patient's treatment

Lin Qinghe wasn't as carefree as she appeared. She couldn't sleep at all. She was disturbed by the man next door. What was happening?

Didn’t they come into an agreement when he returned? Everyone sleeps in separate rooms. The three boys sleep with her and he can sleep next door by himself. Why was he acting like this? He obviously wanted to return to here to sleep.

She must hold on. She cannot comply with everything according to his desire, otherwise, he would really think she was kind-hearted!

After secretly deciding, Lin Qing He dozed off.

The winter nap was also very comfortable. Lin Qing He slept until 2:30 in the afternoon. When she woke up, she saw Zhou Qing Bai sitting there on the edge of Kang. As for the sons, she didn’t know where they ran off to.

In this snowy weather, the three brothers can still mess about. Lin Qing He was prevailed by them. Their energy was like it was limitless.

"Where're the boys?" Although she knew it in her heart, Lin Qing He couldn't find anything else to talk about on the surface, so she asked.

Zhou Qing Bai sat next to her and at her words, he spoke: "Grab an apple and went to their grandparent's side."

Lin Qing He nodded and said, "Is the injury on your body completely healed?" If it's healed, then it's time to go to the mountain to see if there are rabbits or pheasants. Don't think about how to get back to my room at home all day.

"You check." Zhou Qing Bai said and started to undressed.

Lin Qing He: "..." On such cold day, you undress out of nowhere. What kind of flirty process is this?

Zhou Qing Bai only had three pieces on him. One was close-fitting top, one was the sweater knitted by Lin Qing He, and lastly was a military coat.

He came over and sat on her kang. Without the military coat, he only had two pieces, and they soon came off.

Lin Qing He saw that his injury was basically fine, and uttered: "It looks fine, but I don't know about the inside. Let's nurture it so more."

"Wife." Zhou Qing Bai just stared at her without putting on his clothes.

"On this cold day, are you not cold? Hurry up and dress. Don't catch a cold and need me to wait on you." Lin Qing He didn't dare to meet his eyes and waved her hand.

"I'll go back to the room tonight." Zhou Qing Bai put on his clothes and announced lightly.

This held no room for discussion with her. It felt like it was just letting her know.

Lin Qing He was still muddled even after he left. Then she snorted and mentally voiced out, you can try returning the room tonight!

After resting on the bed for a while, Lin Qing He took some grapes out of the space and secretly snacked on them.

She occasionally fed San Wa the grapes. Only Sanwa. No one else gets it. There was no other choice. They were too big. Too expressive. They can accidentally expose this.

Then she examined the supplies in the space again.

Have to say, the materials in the space were consumed a good chunk during this time. There were half of the apples left. The pears was also half. This was consumed relatively less. The most she took out was the apples for the three children to snack on.

More than half a box of grapes was left. She ate this by herself occasionally, and then fed San Wa once in a while. Not much got depleted.

This was fruit. As for the supplies, four bags of rice was consumed. One bag equivalent to 20 jins.

Flour was used more, almost ten bags.

One large bag of pork had eaten and there were seven bags left. Over a dozen jin of eggs were consumed and there were still many left.

The others were rock sugar, brown sugar and the like, most of them still remained.

After inventorying these materials in her own space, Lin Qing He was in a good mood. She suddenly remembered that she had to collect some stamps and the likes and keep it for its value increase in the future. As for which specific set, she had forgotten. In short, just collect them.

Wait until which day, when she go to the county city, she'll go to the post office to buy it.

Lin Qing He got off the Kang, started dinner preparation. Pumpkin rice for tonight.

Stir-fry the pumpkin with the meat, and then add the steamed rice to it. Stir it together to make the pumpkin rice. For soup, just stew seaweed soup.

Simple and nutritious.

Zhou Qing Bai was boxing in the yard. Lin Qing He saw it but act like she didn't. She directly headed over to the kitchen and busied around. After washing the rice, she soaked it. It was still too early, so there's time.

Lin Qing He soaked the rice and went back to the room to continue knitting pants.

Although their brothers have sweaters, but they still don't have woolen pants. The weather was too cold, that she can't stand it. Although the children are full of vitality, they still need to be kept warm.

After Zhou Qing Bai practiced boxing, he sweated a lot. He planned to take a bath.

Lin Qing He said to him when she knew it: "During this weather, what bath? There's no bathroom. If you aren't afraid of freezing, you should go!"

Really thinking too much. Finding matters out of no matter.

"Wait for spring! At that time, we'll build a bathroom." Hearing this, Zhou Qing Bai decided.

"En, you'll figure it out at that time. As for how much money, talk then." Lin Qing He supported this.

Without taking a bath, she can only wipe himself. Which was really unbearable for her. Fortunately, she doesn't sweat in the winter, otherwise, she can't live.

"Just heat some water and wipe yourself." Lin Qing He saw that he sweated and uttered.

"I have to change my clothes." Zhou Qing Bai looked at her.

Want to change, then change. Why tell me?

"After you changed out of your clothes, go heat some water. There's soap at home. Wash it yourself." Lin Qing He won't baby him. Simply said.

Zhou Qing Bai looked at her helplessly. When he first came back, she took good care of everything. Saying everything won't be an overstatement. Now there was no such treatment.

He had to wash his clothes by himself.

Of course, he knew how to. He washed his own when he was alone. But bothered him a little was her uncaring attitude.

Lin Qing He pretended to not notice. Men, these creatures can't be pampered. They can only be used, otherwise, they'll be worst the more you spoil.

After standing for a while, Zhou Qing Bai witnessed that she had no other gesture and knew that his wife was a hard-hearted.

Probably because his injuries were better, so there was no special treatment for the wounded?

Zhou Qing Bai felt that he found the truth. He began to boil water.

"Wife, do you want to wipe yourself as well?" Zhou Qing Bai asked when he finished heating the water.

Lin Qing He, who was knitting, thought it was good to wipe herself, and responded: "OK, you can use my washbasin and scoop some for me."

Zhou Qing Bai was delighted to serve his wife. He scooped a pot of hot water in. The temperature was just right.

After putting it down, he said: "Wife, wipe yourself while it's hot. It'll be cold in a bit and become easier to catch the chill."

"En, you go out." Lin Qing He put down the one-third finished wool pants and nodded.

Zhou Qing Bai came out and filled a washbasin. Then he went to the next door to wipe his body.

Although it was just a body wipe, she must say that her whole person felt comfortable after the wipedown. Lin Qing He wiped herself every day, otherwise, she can’t sleep.

Lin Qing He also wanted to wash her hair. After counting, it seemed to half a month since she last washed her hair... This cold weather was such a pain.

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