Chaos filled the air, and snow-white lightning flashed silently.

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The sound of crying full of sadness is just like the white figure of ghost fairy.

Lintian's scalp was numb, and his mood had the feeling of collapse.

The cry, with a strange force of sadness, reached the heart, like a cold arrow suddenly shot, to chisel the state of mind!


Shun Ji grabbed Lintian and made a detour.

Until he could no longer see the strange and chaotic scene, Shun Ji looked complicated and said, "it's said that it was a ray of spirit that existed supreme in Taigu. He was an emperor in his life, and had great power in fighting. He once went into the place where the eight regions were located alone, which made his opponents cold and pale."

Although it's just a legend, it's still shocking. It can gallop in the eight regions. How powerful is that?

"Unfortunately, in archaic times, outside the Great Wall, the battle between the emperor and the territory was fiercer than ever before. Finally, because of his physical exhaustion, the emperor withered under the siege of the enemy."

"When I died, the only regret was that I couldn't see my wife again. Now, his spirit lingers here. The boundless years have passed, and his soul is immortal. I just cry for it."

Speaking of this, Shun Ji sighed again.

In the Archaic period, the war turned the world upside down. The ancient wasteland was besieged by the eight kingdoms. The emperor did his best, and in the end, he could not avoid the end of the war.

It is a pity to mention it.

Lintian was dazed, and his mood was turbulent. After a long time, he murmured, "this elder is really a person of great affection."

"Well, isn't it? Since ancient times, he has been passionate and hated in his spare time. Who dares to imagine that this is the most powerful demon emperor in ancient times. He is famous for his ruthlessness and is known as" unintentional demon emperor. "

Shun Ji sighed.

Mindless devil!

Lintian firmly remembered the name. A generation of demon emperor was famous for his ruthlessness. When he was dying, he only regretted that he didn't see his wife!

Soon after moving on, Shun Ji led Lintian into a fairyland like area, where the fairyland was steaming, the ancient temples were lined up, and thousands of God's rays came down from the sky, bright and gorgeous.

Shun Ji stood in front of a bronze temple and said, "this is where Mr. Shen lives. Just wait here."

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Lintian asked, "master, when will Mr. Shen come back?"

After thinking about it, Shun Ji shook his head and said, "it's hard to say that in recent years, foreign enemies from the eight regions have frequently invaded, especially canghaiguan, the 37th stronghold. The war situation is the most fierce. Mr. Shen, they are all stationed in canghaiguan now..."

After listening to shun Ji's explanation, Lintian knew that the Great Wall was extremely long and stretched across many empty worlds.

Therefore, it is divided into 108 "strongholds", each of which has a pass.

Only the distance between each pass is likely to be separated by several world planes. If you want to cross the past, you must use a special transmission array!

Like "Canghai pass", there were ten passes between the "Yangguan pass" where Lintian was now. The road was far beyond imagination.

"Only when something big enough to affect the war situation on the front line happens, can we light the" Dixi beacon "and convey the news to every pass in an instant. Little fellow, if your business is not urgent, I advise you to wait. Dixi beacon can't be used indiscriminately."

Shun Ji said.

After thinking about it, Lintian agreed to come down.

He was only entrusted by the young cicada to bring that piece of ice and snow leaf, not to mention a major event.


From that day on, Lintian lived in Mr. Shen's residence in "Yangguan", waiting for Mr. Shen to return.

Yangguan is a stronghold of the Great Wall. In fact, the city stretches between three broken and suspended worlds.

There are more than 30 quasi imperial figures stationed here. In addition, there are hundreds of saints and kings among them.

When there is no battle, these "old monsters" who can shake the ancient wasteland three times with one foot are either practicing or doing their own things.

Although the arrival of Lintian caused many curious eyes, as time went on, no one paid attention to such a "little guy".

Lintian also enjoyed his leisure. This was his first time to visit the Great Wall. Occasionally, he would stroll around to see the great traces of the ancients.

But most of the time, he was seizing the time to practice.

Now, his three ways of refining Qi, body and spirit have already been "integrated into one, only the essence is the only one", and his cultivation has reached the perfection of the true and holy realm.

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The next step is "Great Holy Land"!

Great sage is valued by the word "big".

the great form has no shape. Great sound is hard to hear.

Since ancient times, no matter which ethnic group, no matter what kind of writing, big characters are composed of "one" and "human".This "one" is the "one" of Tianyan 50, escaping!

This "one" and across the "person" body, it is "big", implying that the road in the heart!

The state of great sage is the state in which self-cultivation transforms into a state of "the great way is in the heart, and my body is limitless".

There is great beauty in heaven and earth, but not in words. I have great road and boundless!

Now, Lintian is only one step away from this holy land.

One step up is like going to heaven, with or without great power. If you can't step up, you can only stay in Zhensheng for a lifetime, and you can't enter.

This is just like a natural barrier!

For Lintian, the most urgent task was to study and figure out how to break through the situation and how to achieve the great sage by the way of the top.

However, he also knew that he could not be in a hurry to seek the holy land. He had just reached the summit of holiness three years ago, and the speed of cultivation was astonishing.

Moreover, promotion and breaking the border is definitely not something that can be achieved through hard training.

It also needs the opportunity of enlightenment, the opportunity of promotion, and the great willpower to sharpen oneself.

The bronze temple is grand and quiet. It's like being isolated from the world. People don't know the passage of time.

That day, Lintian woke up from meditation and calculated the time. It had been half a month, but Mr. Shen still had no news and never returned.

With a sigh, Lin Xun got up and went outside the hall.

The sky is dim, the big stars are floating and sinking, and the broken star skeletons are turned into huge rocks like land, suspended above the void.

These days, Lin Xun has been familiar with everything about the Great Wall, but he is not as restrained as he was at the beginning.

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Those "old monsters" stationed here almost have no mind to deal with "little people" like him.

In the distance, a burst of noisy laughter suddenly sounded, which was quite noticeable in the desolate Great Wall of diguan.

Lintian was stunned and couldn't help approaching.

In the distance, there is a green hill filled with the spirit of beauty, with waterfalls, flowing springs and flowing rays.

A group of figures are gathering on a flat ground in front of the green hill, with men and women, old and young.

Every breath has been taken away, but even so, it still makes people feel extremely oppressive, just like a group of male lions. Even if they have their claws, they are male lions after all. That kind of breath is enough to frighten all animals!

This is a group of quasi emperors in "Yangguan", and there are also many saints.

In the place where they surrounded, there were two people playing chess.

One is an old man with an iron crown, a thin and loose figure, and a fairyland character. He wears a black Taoist robe and has a calm manner.

Lintian knew each other and was called "lingxiaozi". Zhundi Xiuwei was a master of Lingwen and a famous old monster in this "Yangguan".

He has been stationed in the Great Wall for 8000 years!

Facing lingxiaozi, it's Shun Ji!

This rough and resolute, heroic character of the emperor to be, is red in the face, scratching his ears, and looks like constipation.

He was staring at the chessboard on the ground, as if he had encountered a great problem.

Lingxiaozi was smiling, a winning gesture.

Other quasi emperors nearby have begun to laugh.

"Shun Ji, admit defeat. Do you want to win lingxiaozi in Jiugong chess? Obviously, it's self inflicted. "

"Come on, don't waste time. If you give up, you're going to split the bet."

Those would-be emperors either teased or mocked.

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"Lao Shun, can you do it or not? But I bet three healing drugs on you. I'll wait for you to turn the tables and make a good profit. "

There are also people who are eager to be defeated, and they look like they are anxious.

This game between Shunji and lingxiaozi is also a gamble. All the old monsters nearby are involved.

But obviously, there are more people who bet on lingxiaozi than on Shunji.

Seeing this, Lintian was dumb.

These old monsters may have been fighting here for too long, and they have been lonely for too long. It's just a game of chess, but they have been playing as "gambling".

Lintian came forward and saw the so-called "nine palace chess".

A picture of nine palaces made of animal skin is spread on the ground. The directions of the nine palaces contain a blank "world".

When playing chess, it is in these "blank worlds" that Daowen forbidden array is arranged to decide the outcome of the game.

For example, if Shunji is the one who arranges the array in Qiangong, lingxiaozi will have to break the array. If not, Shunji will win the game.

Then, lingxiaozi set up the array in the "Kun Palace" and Shunji broke it, and so on.

He who breaks successfully wins a game.

Failure means losing a game.

On the nine palace chart, there are nine "palaces", representing nine "blank worlds". When playing chess, it will be played nine times, and the final result will be used to decide the outcome.This is Jiugong chess.

In fact, it is Daowen's attainments.

Lintian saw that Shunji had lost five games in a row, but lingxiaozi had no success. There was no need to continue. Shunji had lost.

However, according to the rules, if Shun Ji insists on playing chess to the end, no one can stop him.

It's not surprising that those big people laughed. In this case, Shun Ji's defeat was decided, and he was doomed to be helpless. There was no possibility of turning it around.

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