Chapter 43. Stick to her when there's nothing to do

"I had told Fourth Sister-in-law. Fourth Sister-in-law said she understood and won't do it anymore." Eldest Sister-in-law said.

Of course, Eldest Sister-in-law didn't say it she felt that Lin Qing He was giving her a perfunctory response. As a sister-in-law, she couldn't really teach her how to manage the family. She said what was need to be said and can't overstep with her persuasion

After Mother Zhou departed, Eldest Sister-in-law went over to Third Sister-in-law and discuss the matter of buying apples to eat. Should they group together to buy it?

Once Third Sister-in-law heard about Lin Qing He's personal experience and recalled how cute the brothers, she agreed without a second thought.

So the two of them threw in five dimes each. When they gathered the fund, they asked Eldest Brother to buy a bag of apples. The two equally split it.

Once Mother Zhou found out, she grumbled. Why did they buy this thing back? It's not like there's not enough to eat.

Brother Zhou didn't think too much. He smiled and said, "They heard from Fourth Sister-in-law that eating apples is good for the baby in her belly. She used to frequently eat it when had the boys. Now they grew up wonderfully right?"

As soon as she heard it, Mother Zhou almost missed and broke the eggs she had just took out to fry for tonight.

She sent Eldest's wife over to dissuade Fourth's wife. But not only did she fail, she and Third's wife got misled by Fourth's wife!

Does eating apples really let them become like Da Wa and his brothers? Don't think she doesn't know, when Fourth's wife was pregnant with Da Wa, she was gluttonous. She ate everything, so how can it just be apples?

It just happened that Mother Zhou couldn't say that. What can she say? Her two daughters-in-law were pregnant, so they weren't allowed to eat some apples?

They didn't come to her for money and used their own private fund.

Since this year's harvest was good, she gave each family two yuans pocket money, so they did not come to ask her for money.

The truth, Lin Qing He wasn't pulling their legs with the matter of eating apples during pregnancy. This was the best fruit during pregnancy, as it was nutritional for both the baby and mother.

What's more, it wasn't expensive, why can't they eat it?

A yuan can buy a bag-full back.

When the original owner was pregnant with the boys, she really liked eating apples. Not just apples, but everything else she could buy.

Because of the fear of giving birth would damage the mother's body, the original owner went all out.

It was for this reason, that the boys' had more nourishment in the mother's body than their peers of the same age.

They were indeed very white and tender when they were just born. Not wrinkled at all.

According to memory, Da Wa was born at about seven jins. Both Er Wa and San Wa were approximately six jins. These were very proper weights.

Many children in the village were born with around five jins. More than six jins were very few, so these quite adequate.

Lin Qing He doesn't care what the old Zhou family thinks. She was busy knitting a sweater for Zhou Qing Bai.

As for Zhou Qing Bai, he couldn't stay idle. Today he went out with the leader to bring back the piggies.

Lin Qing He saw that he could not sit still and didn't bother with him. But she still stewed a rib soup for him to drink. As for the other things, she would not interfere too much.

At noon, Zhou Qing Bai brought two little piglets back.

The two little piglets were warmly welcomed by the three boys as soon as they got home. All three huddled over to touch and pet.

Zhou Qing Bai was clearly in a good mood.

After lunch, he scrubbed the pot to cook pig food. It was still small, so not much to cook. When it gets bigger later, the portion will increase a lot. It'll be really busy at that time.

"Next year plant some more in the backyards." Zhou Qing Bai just told her.

"Fine, you manage it accordingly." Lin Qing He responded, and then compared the sweater in her hand with his body. Although she used visual inspection, she felt that her craft was great after the comparison. After a look, there was basically no discrepancy. It'll definitely fit.

Zhou Qing Bai's gaze toward her was soft. In the past few days, he really felt that his wife's impression was completely different from what she had given him in the past.

Whether she was willing to live with him, he could still tell.

These few days, she was meticulous about caring for him. She definitely held a spot for him in her heart.

Unknown to Lin Qing He, knitting a sweater made him have such a beautiful misunderstanding. As soon as she finished comparing, she looked up and found him staring at her. His eyes were very focused. Instantly she coughed in embarrassment and shifted the topic. "It's great that it's fit. You can busy away. "

"Are there any more chores to do at home?" Zhou Qing Bai didn't budge and remained looking at her.

He didn't understand that his wife had become a bit shy at the sight of him, but that didn't prevent him from watching his wife more.

He did think she was pretty before. But now, when he looked at her, he felt his wife was really attractive.

She looked white and tender. When she spoke, it was gentle. Even the educated urban youths in the countryside weren't as pretty as his wife.

Lin Qing He pondered, what's wrong with this man? When he first came back, it was neither cold or warm treatment. Starting from two days back, she kept feeling that once he was idle, he will come and stick to her?

"There's nothing to do. This winter is days of winter isolation." Lin Qing He rummaged through her mind. There was really nothing to do at home and answered.

Zhou Qing Bai gave her a final glance, and could only withdraw.

It seems that his wife still hadn't forgiven him. She did not plan on letting him go back to the room to sleep tonight.

Lin Qing He continued to knit the sweater. Zhou Qing Bai headed next door to watch his three sons naping. Since there was nothing to do now, he decided to take an afternoon nap for a while as well.

Two old hens bought by Mother Zhou a few days ago, one was stewed and the other was still kept in the chicken shed.

She planned to stew it again after a while. For now, it can live.

The two piglets in the pig shed settled down in their new home. Now they have nothing to do. Zhou Qing Bai took care of them carefully and the two piglets quickly adapted.

In a blink of an eye, more than half a month passed.

It was now mid-November.

During this period of time, the villagers had different opinions about Zhou Qing Bai's permanent stay in the village.

Of course, because of the presence of Father Zhou and Mother Zhou, there were very few gossips about Zhou Qing Bai in the village. Besides, Zhou Qing Bai wasn't freeloading from them when he returned, so it got nothing to with them.

However, there were some sayings about Lin Qing He. Especially among young women in the village who were displeased with her young miss attitude. They made a lot of ridicule in private.

In the future, won't she still head the field like them? See if she can still dress herself up as a voluptuous fox.

Because Lin Qing He had no interaction with the people in the village, Lin Qing He doesn't even know these claims outside.

Maybe it should be said she had some inkling in her mind. Due to the generation gap between them, she didn't care at all.

Lin Qing He went out this morning. Yesterday she called Zhou Qing Bai to go over to pre-order stuff with Mei Jie. Today, she came here to get it.

"That was your man yesterday?" Mei Jie asked with a grin.

"En." Although Lin Qing He verbally accepted Zhou Qing Bai as her 'husband', she was still a bit embarrassed saying that.

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