Shun Ji's eyes were wide open and his breath was heavy. He didn't say a word when he stared at the nine palaces.

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This time, he won a piece of zhundi treasure, which was seized from the battlefield. It is rare that it is intact and extremely rare.

If he fails, this treasure will no longer belong to him.

"Lao Shun, admit defeat. I have advised you many times. Lingxiaozi's" nine Xuan spirit pulp "is not so easy to win."

"The jiuxuan spirit pulp is the first-class treasure in the heaven. Although it is not of great use to our emperor, it can be used in the level of great holy land, but it can play a magical role of" melting the foundation of Taoism and tempering the state of mind ". Every drop can be called a priceless treasure."

"Lao Shun, we all know that you want to seek a fortune for your grandson, but this kind of thing can't be forced."

The emperors nearby began to persuade each other.

"Master, you really have no chance of winning this chess game."

Lintian couldn't help talking.

Shun Ji raised his head and glared at him. He didn't have a good way: "son of a bitch, it's not enough for you to see my jokes. You come to persuade me to give up. Won't your conscience hurt?"

When Lin xungang was about to say something, Shun Ji sighed: "come on, I'll give up. You old people can share the bet."

Those would-be emperors laughed and began to share the bet with lingxiaozi.

And the old monsters who bet on Shun Ji look at each other and feel depressed.

Shun Ji frowned and said, "don't cry and lose your face. When I come back, I'll take care of him and kill him. I'll cry my father and call my mother!"

Those old monsters all rolled their eyes and looked like "whoever believes in you again is a fool".

Shun Ji was also embarrassed. In recent years, every time he played chess with lingxiaozi, he would lose everything, which was really embarrassing.

However, when Shun Ji was about to leave, he suddenly heard a voice:

"I wonder if you can play chess with your predecessors?"

It was Lintian. He went straight to lingxiaozi and asked.

Those old monsters who divided up the spoils and happily planned to leave were obviously stunned at this time.

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This boy wants to play chess with lingxiaozi?

In the Great Wall, who doesn't know that lingxiaozi, the old man, has no other skills, but on Daowen, he is superior to others and is superior to others?

"Lao Shun, you brought this boy into the city. He's a new-born calf. He's not afraid of tigers. Ha ha, no matter what, he's brave."

Some people laugh and don't think so.

"Courage? I don't know the height of heaven and the earth! "

Someone frowned and said, "it's already the cultivation of the holy land. It's so rash and rash. I have to dig a big basket in the future."

"Forget it, forget it, who hasn't been young yet? You old guys, you can't lower your status and argue with a younger generation. "

There's a fight.

In a word, although these old monsters were surprised and didn't understand, they didn't show any malice.

"Lao Shun, take this son with you. When you become the emperor, it's not too late to play chess with lingxiaozi."

Someone was laughing and talking.

Shun Ji was also stunned for a while. He immediately pointed to Lintian, shook his head and said with a wry smile, "you, what's the trouble at this time? Go and leave here quickly, so as not to be ridiculed by these old people."

Then he would pull Lintian's shoulder.

From the beginning to the end, lingxiaozi sat there with his knees crossed, and he was very happy. In his capacity, he would not bother with Lintian.

"Master, don't you want" jiuxuan spirit pulp "

But at this time, Lintian's words made Shun Ji's action suddenly stop. He opened his eyes and said, "boy, what did you say?"

Without thinking about it, Lintian said casually, "I said, I can have a try and help you win some jiuxuan spirit pulp."

He was very interested in "nine palaces chess", and he was very happy to see it. After all, it was a contest of Tao Wen, a Tao he had come into contact with since he was young, and it had already been integrated into his own blood.


Shun Ji almost couldn't believe his ears. If it wasn't for Lintian's silence and not like joking, he would have the impulse to walk away.

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Are you kidding? Even he is not lingxiaozi's opponent. What does Lintian take to play chess with lingxiaozi?

It's no exaggeration to say that this emperor, inside and outside the Great Wall, can win lingxiaozi in the game of nine palaces, so far it hasn't appeared!

Other old monsters around also look strange, and Shun Ji's feeling is no different.

If they didn't know what they thought of Lintian before, now they have a feeling that they don't know how to advance or retreat.

In the presence of all the people, I will not embarrass a younger generation, but if the younger generation does not know how to advance or retreat, it will be very unpleasant.

"Young man, are you sure you want to play chess?"

Someone can't help asking.Lintian nodded: "of course."

Many big people can't help frowning when they see this. This boy I don't cry when I don't see the coffin.

"Do you know that playing chess with lingxiaozi requires a price."

A beautiful woman in purple said softly, "just like Shun Ji, he just took out a treasure as a colorful head. If he wins, he can get jiuxuan spirit pulp. If he loses, this treasure belongs to lingxiaozi."

After a pause, the woman in purple said, "I think you are the same size as my grandson, and your temperament is not bad. As an elder, I still advise you not to be impulsive. It doesn't matter if you lose, but if you lose the treasure, it's not worth it."

Lintian arched his hand and said, "don't worry, master. I have my own discretion."

When the woman in purple saw this, she suddenly became dispirited and stopped persuading her.

Someone sneered: "since you want to play chess, take out a treasure and let everyone have a look to see if you are qualified to play chess with lingxiaozi."

Lintian nodded his head and turned his palm, and a magic medicine appeared -

the whole body was golden, with eight leaves of different colors. Each leaf reflected a kind of vivid spirit body, red unicorn, blue dragon, blue Luan bird, purple lion dragon

There are eight kinds of spiritual emptiness, Gongwei a golden ginseng, light and rain, strong medicine fragrance, seems to be able to soak people's bone marrow.

Eight Ling precious ginseng!

This medicine was collected by Lintian from Feixian battlefield. Like the "night sky jade vine", it is the first-class natural material and local treasure between heaven and earth.

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All of a sudden, all the old monsters show their different colors, eyes shine, good baby!

Based on their accomplishments and experience, it was immediately judged that the rarity and value of this medicine was not under the "nine Xuan spirit pulp".

"I didn't expect that the boy was still carrying such treasures." Someone murmured, quite surprised.

Some people look hot and cry: "enough, enough, lingxiaozi, the treasure that this boy takes out is enough to play chess with you. I'll bet on this eight spirit ginseng first!"

Other old monsters also have some ideas.

It's not that they haven't seen the world, and they don't want to be shameless to fight for the things of a younger generation. It's really rare!

Lingxiaozi's eyes flashed, and finally nodded: "can."

However, Shun Ji was very anxious and said, "boy, don't do it! Once these treasures are lost, they won't come back. Listen to me and don't play with these old things. They want you to lose this treasure. "

Lintian said with a smile: "master, it's just a magic medicine. It's just something out of the body. What's more, there's no chess game yet. How do you know that I will lose?"

Although all the old monsters were very enthusiastic about Ba Ling Bao Shen, they could not help frowning when they heard Lin Xun's words. This boy was really arrogant!

At this time, Lintian had already sat on the ground with his knees crossed. He put the eight spirit treasure ginseng on one side, looked at lingxiaozi calmly, and said, "master, please give me some advice."

Seeing this, Shun jichangsheng sighed and knew that he couldn't persuade the little guy who didn't hit the south wall and didn't look back.

Ling Xiaozi said calmly: "young man, if you are interested in studying the spirit pattern, I can give you some advice in your spare time, so as not to lead you astray. But the game of nine palaces is different. Since it's a game of chess, you should be fair. I will never show any mercy. Can you consider it clearly?"

This remark seems to have the style of an expert.

But Lintian didn't even think about it. He nodded and said, "I think so."

Lingxiaozi frowned and sighed, "well, I'll play chess with you by bullying you."

"Wait, wait for us to bet first!"

A prospective emperor yelled and said, "I'll bet lingxiaozi to win."

Other people see this, also have bet, almost most of them are gambling lingxiaozi win.

"Well, you are a real headache to me."

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Shun Ji looks sad. Even though he says so, he takes a treasure and pawns Lin to win!

Lin Xun was stunned. He laughed and didn't say much.

"I'll take the little friend to win, too."

To everyone's surprise, the gorgeous woman in purple also took out a treasure, "just Give Xiaoyou some encouragement. "

Lintian arched his hand, but he remembered the feeling in his heart.

Soon, a lot of treasures were piled up in the field, all of which were extraordinary in appearance, reflecting the gorgeous Baoxia and flowing brilliance.

How can the treasures produced by the emperor and the sage king be ordinary goods?

If this scene is seen by other real saints, it will be a gamble.

But for those old monsters on the scene, it can only be said that it is a small gamble.

What's more, they thought that even if lingxiaozi let go of water, he would make Lintian retreat and admit defeat.

However, Lintian glanced at the treasures and said, "you guys, I have a heartless request. If you win, you don't want these treasures, as long as you can pass on the experience of the great holy land to you."The crowd was stunned at first, and their looks became more and more strange. This boy Think he can win?

When lingxiaozi heard this, he could not help humming coldly. He was so arrogant at a young age that he didn't pay attention to himself!

"Yes, I promise you."

A big man agreed, just with a trace of ridicule, "I'll see how you win!"

Other people have come down one after another. They have nothing to do with inheritance. They don't mind giving it out.

However, they didn't think that Lintian could really win!


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