Chapter 1013: Chapter 1012 – Couldn’t Wait

“Lin Yi, don’t worry, both me and Yushu know the consequences of our actions,” Chu Mengyao nodded sternly, “On top of that, me and Yushu will promise to not take any hostile actions against Feng Xiaoxiao. You can even bring her here as guest and we won’t have any objections,”

“Well… that might not be necessary. As long as your attitude towards her changes gradually, and not suddenly, then she won’t suspect it…” Lin Yi shook his head, “Xiaoxiao isn’t that dumb so if you changed your attitude towards her so rapidly, then she would know something was suspicious,”

“You are right about that!” Chu Mengyao nodded. “Do you have any suggestions on how we can make it look inconspicuous?”

Chu Mengyao is a very forgiving person. Once she understood Feng Xiaoxiao’s condition, she felt sympathetic towards her. If there was anything she could do within her power, she was willing to do so. Her willingness to help out stems from her attitude, but her tone is very dull when she says it.

“No need to force it, just act naturally,” Lin Yi had no better suggestion. He made moves only when it was necessary to move. At least now, there will be less confrontations with Feng Xiaoxiao.

“Mhm, leave it to me,” Chen Yushu patted her chest, “I will continue with my fighting act with her, so I can convert a rival into a friend!

Lin Yi’s eyes followed the range of motion of Chen Yushu’s hand. Isn’t she afraid of ricochet from hitting her breasts too hard? Nevertheless Lin Yi admires Chen Yushu’s strategy, as it could be quite effective.

“Ah, then Yushu, I will have to bother you with that task,” Lin Yi nodded in approval.

“Yes, I love helping Shield Bro out. But, remember that when Xiaoxiao leaves, you will need to compensate me handsomely!” Chen Yushu craftily added her demands.

“…” Lin Yi was stunned. Chen Yushu was hinting at waiting for Feng Xiaoxiao to pass on, but Lin Yi knew that she was harmless behind her meaningless words. Lin Yi stood up and said “I’ll go check up on Uncle Fu. I’ll let you continue watching your shows, and if you have any more questions then you can discuss with Yunyun.”

“Okay,” Chu Mengyao had the intention of connecting more with Tang Yun from the beginning, so when Lin Yi finished speaking, she naturally nodded.

Lin Yi stood up and walked toward Uncle Fu’s room. These few days Uncle Fu had been living in the villa, it was more convenient for Lin Yi to treat him this way.

When Uncle Fu saw Lin Yi walk towards him, he stood up immediately. He only had respect towards Lin Yi. Lin Yi is his lifesaver, and was the one who helped restore his meridians.

This kindness that Lin Yi bestowed on Uncle Fu, was the equivalent of being revived.

Uncle Fu had admiration for Chu Pengzhan as they had been friends for a long time; his feelings toward Chu Mengyao was out of love, he treats her as if she were his own daughter since he watched her grow up.

“Xiao Yi, you came back!” Uncle Fu respectfully greeted Lin Yi. Lin Yi had strongly requested that he should be called ‘Xiao Yi’, otherwise, Uncle Fu would’ve called him something more ridiculous.

“Uncle Fu, how do you feel now?” Lin Yi inquired. He wasn’t exactly comfortable with being called any honorifics and had to correct Uncle Fu twice. However, it was Uncle Fu’s natural instinct to do so, even Lin Yi couldn’t change behavior!

Even Lin Yi acknowledged that what he was doing to heal Uncle Fu is viewed as if giving a new life to another individual, in the world of martial arts.

“Oh healing progress is not bad, just need to fix one more meridian, then I should be back to normal!” Uncle Fu spoke up.

“Okay, then we will push through tonight and fix that meridian!” Lin Yi couldn’t wait. Having an Earth Class user on his side wasn’t something to look down upon! Once Uncle Fu was at his full strength, Lin Yi would have a strong ally. Now even House Yu or House Xiao, wouldn’t be able to bully them around!

“Then, I must burden you with another troublesome task!” Uncle Fu nodded as he sat in a meditative position on the bed. He prepared his body for Lin Yi’s pure energy to seep into his body.

“General Wu!” Lin Yi beckoned the beast. General Wu obediently ran to Uncle Fu’s room and sat in position to guard the area! These few days, General Wu had been doing this so routinely that it knew what to do.

“Woof Woof!” General Wu barked back to Lin Yi. This was his way of telling Lin Yi that he was in position.

Lin Yi stretched his body to warm up and sat by Uncle Fu’s bed. He activated his Art of Dragon Mastery and started injecting energy into Uncle Fu’s damaged meridian! Over these past few days, Lin Yi was responsible for restoring the damaged meridians and tonight was the last meridian!

Lin Yi’s energy steadily flowed into Uncle Fu’s body. Even with the naked eye, one can tell that Uncle Fu’s body was being pumped with energy that coursed through his meridians.

“Ahh…” Uncle Fu felt very relaxed throughout this process. With Lin Yi supplying him energy, he did his best to absorb it all. Up until a few days ago, Uncle Fu didn’t believe that Lin Yi could endlessly supply him with energy like a battery; Lin Yi’s pure energy proved that it was harmless, and beneficial to his healing so he had to accept this fact!

Lin Yi supplying the pure energy as a means of treating someone was a familiar task to him!

After around the time it would take to prepare a tea ceremony, Uncle Fu’s last damaged meridian was fixed by Lin Yi’s pure energy. Uncle Fu could now train as a spiritual arts user!

Even without having pure energy course through Uncle Fu’s meridian, Lin Yi could feel the thickness of Uncle Fu’s meridian! If there was energy running through these meridians, Uncle Fu was definitely going to become an Earth Class fighter!

This was just like the moment when Lin Yi had dropped a few grades in power level, but he still had the experience of his previous battles!

As long as Uncle Fu was able to regain his energy back, then he could be a full fledged Earth Class fighter, but it will still be harder to break through the upgrade barrier everytime.

Once Lin Yi had fully restored the damaged meridian, he had the sudden urge to rush the treatment. He couldn’t wait to restore Uncle Fu as an Earth Class fighter! Prior to all meridians were healed, Lin Yi was suppressing the energy amount that went into healing Uncle Fu!

Now that Uncle Fu’s meridians were aligned, Lin Yi unleashed the dampener.

“Today is the day!” With momentum on his side, Lin Yi grinded his teeth as he continued to supply more energy into Uncle Fu’s body. Time didn’t wait for anyone. With the sudden appearance of Xie Yufeng, Lin Yi sensed an imminent danger!

Even Xie Yufeng’s abilities were slightly above his own and he didn’t know if Xie Yufeng had the backing of someone even more powerful.

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