"Friends, please."

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Lingxiaozi's face has returned to calm, and his manner has the style of a master.


Lintian nodded and thought a little, then he twisted a chess piece and put it on the first position of the nine palaces "Qian Palace".

This chess piece is called "shanhezi". It is refined by a secret method. It contains mystery. Just move your mind, you can brand the Taoist pattern forbidden array you have conceived.

Hum ~

as Lintian settled down, the "blank world" in the position of Qian palace was suddenly covered by a Daowen forbidden array.

It seems to be the size of a fist, but in fact it can hold a large forbidden array.

This is the magic of the law of space.

The sage kingdom can grasp the power of "space field", which can be used to absorb mustard seeds, or to refine thousands of Li mountains and rivers in the palm of the hand.

For zhundi, it is not difficult to control the mystery of space.

This nine palace picture of animal skin is a treasure of space.

"Forbidden array in the small sky."

The old monster immediately recognized the array that Lintian had arranged. He could not help shaking his head. This kind of forbidden array was too common.

Not to mention lingxiaozi, they can break it easily even if they do it.

"This son is really young."

Many people were amused, and they became more and more determined. There was no doubt that Lintian would be defeated.

"Boy, what a rotten chess you are

Shun Ji was impatient. This array was too common. It was unbearable. He wanted to win lingxiaozi with this trick. It was a complete fool's dream.

"Master, it's a gentleman to watch chess without saying a word."

Lintian was calm and calm.

Shun Ji glared at Lintian fiercely. Finally, he sighed that he was finished. This time, not only did he lose in a mess, but also the boy had to lose the "eight spirit ginseng", which was a shame.

Lingxiaozi's face was flat, and he didn't sneer or underestimate. He also twisted a piece of chess, and his mind moved, and the way to break the array poured into the pieces.


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When the chess pieces fell, Lintian's array in Qian palace collapsed and disappeared in an instant.

In the first game, there was no suspense. Lintian lost.

Lingxiaozi said, "young man, it's still time to stop now."

Lintian did not look sad or happy. He said, "the road is like chess. I'm willing to be a pawn. Although my action is slow, I won't step back."

"Well said!"

The gorgeous lady in purple's eyes brightened and blurted out.

Other old monsters can't help laughing, no matter how nice it sounds, it's useless. There is no shortage of paranoid people who don't bump into the south wall and don't look back.

Lingxiaozi didn't talk much any more. He twisted one of them and fell into the position of Kan palace.

Master Lingwen, like him, has more than ten thousand array pictures in his chest. He can easily build a big and strict array.

"Fight against the two instruments and turn to the forbidden array."

The old monsters all recognized it and nodded secretly. It's not difficult to say how difficult it is. But without the master Lingwen's inside information, it's hard to break the mystery.

Even knowing every detail of this array is futile.

This is because the array is ever-changing and completely controlled by the person who arranges it. The higher the person's Daowen attainments, the more difficult it is to crack the array.

Lingxiaozi's deployment of this array was merciful. He didn't mean to make trouble for Lintian. He clearly wanted to use this array to let Lintian retreat.

"It's over. I was defeated before this battle. This boy..."

Shun Ji couldn't bear to see it.

But to everyone's surprise, Lintian just thought about it a little, and then he twisted a piece and knocked it down at will.


The falling wind and rain, the array breaks, frightens the ghosts and gods!

This is a "anti Liangyi fight turn forbidden array" favored by many old monsters. It was broken in an instant.

Many people could not help but be surprised. They took a look at Lintian. No wonder he was so arrogant. He had two brushes.


Shun Ji's mouth was wide open, and he felt a little caught off guard. He didn't expect that Lintian would conquer the battle of lingxiaozi so smoothly.

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"Interesting." Lady Meiyan's eyes are full of color.

In the second inning, Lin Xunsheng!

Lingxiaozi was slightly absent-minded, and immediately recovered calm. His eyes were deep. He took a meaningful look at Lintian and said: "it seems that Xiaoyou came prepared, but I underestimated you before."

"It's the kindness of the elders."

Lintian was neither arrogant nor impatient. He was neither humble nor talkative.

Lingxiaozi looked back and said, "it's your turn to set up the battle."

He has decided to use his real power. He is the master of Lingwen. After many ups and downs, he has gained the reputation of today. He will not tolerate the event of "capsizing in the sewer".

"Boy, this time we need to build a powerful one!"

Shun Ji can't help reminding.

All of a sudden, some would-be emperors were dissatisfied: "Lao Shun, don't you understand the rule of watching chess without saying a word? If you yell again, don't blame me for coaxing you away. "Shun Jishan immediately shut up.

For all this, if Lintian didn't feel it, he pondered for a long time, and then he came to the end.

Hum ~

a large array evolved from "gen Palace".

Lingxiaozi looked at it a little, and his eyes narrowed slightly, which made it difficult for master Daowen to make it so mysterious.

"I didn't expect that this son already had such attainments in Lingwen. He is a material that can be made."

Lingxiaozi's heart was filled with emotion. The movement in his hand was not slow. He fell down, broke the battle, and achieved it all at once, showing the style of master Daowen.

The old monsters on the scene couldn't help showing their admiration. Lingxiaozi is worthy of being lingxiaozi. Breaking through the battle like a broken bamboo, it's easy to destroy it.

In the third game, lingxiaozi won.

There is no nonsense. Lingxiaozi immediately twists one of them and lands in the position of Zhengong. With the sound of buzzing, a large forbidden array with strict weather and various changes emerges, presenting all kinds of miraculous visions.


A crowd of old monsters can't help but applaud, this array, just show lingxiaozi's real level, wonderful.

Shun Ji's face was sad. Lingxiaozi, an old man, was obviously using his real means. He didn't want to be merciful and wanted to kill Lintian.

But he saw that Lintian was not in a hurry. He looked calm. After a careful look, he laughed and fell down.

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The big battle is broken.

The old monsters in the field were all stunned and glared. This was lingxiaozi's real means. Even the master Lingwen could not break it.

But now, it's broken like this?


Shun Ji couldn't hold it any longer. He cried out again. His eyes on Lintian changed, and he felt like he had found a treasure.

I didn't expect this boy to hide so much!

Can you easily break the array made by lingxiaozi? At least you have the attainments of master Lingwen?

At least, if he meets this battle, he will not be able to do it.

For a moment, there was a strange silence in the field. When all eyes looked at Lintian, some subtle changes had taken place quietly.

Before, they subconsciously regarded Lintian as a younger generation who didn't know the greatness of heaven and earth. They didn't despise him. They just thought that he was young and ignorant and didn't know how to advance or retreat.

But now, they suddenly realized that this young man, who was regarded by them as the younger generation, had extraordinary attainments in the spiritual tattoo.

At least it's better than Shun Ji's stinking chess Basket!

However, they still have absolute confidence in lingxiaozi, because who doesn't know that lingxiaozi's attainments in Lingwen can be described as "superior to others"?

Lingxiaozi couldn't help being in a trance again.

This time, he didn't reserve it. What he used was his best Taoist pattern forbidden array, but it was still broken. It can only prove that the young man in front of him is very unusual!

Convergence mind, lingxiaozi dark take a breath, eyebrows between a serious color.

Lintian's performance successfully aroused his inner fighting spirit at this moment, and produced a kind of fighting spirit that had not been seen for a long time.

Invincible is too lonely and lonely.

Now, finally, there is one who can make a decision!

Many people were keen to notice the change of lingxiaozi's look. They couldn't help looking at Lintian again. This boy It's really unexpected.

Lintian didn't seem to be aware of all this, and his mind was completely focused on the game in front of him.

If lingxiaozi had the fighting spirit of "playing chess to match his opponent", then Lintian was a kind of desire to win after "seeing the game and enjoying it".

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Before ancient times, there were a hundred schools of thought and ten thousand schools of thought.

Now, he wants to compare with lingxiaozi in his understanding of Lingwen!

Soon, Lintian was settled down, and a big array appeared at the location of Xun palace, which was as obscure and unpredictable as fog.

This time, lingxiaozi had enough time to deduce the incense, and then he seriously twisted a son to break the battle.

Immediately, lingxiaozi began to set up the array.

In the silence, everyone was nervous and gathered his mind in the game. Everyone could see that lingxiaozi was undoubtedly powerful.

But similarly, Lintian should not be underestimated!

At this moment, Shun Ji's heart is the most complex, nervous, excited, surprised, surprised have everything that one expects to find.

Lin xunchu came to the emperor to pass the Great Wall. Shun Ji only treated him as a younger generation, but who ever thought that such a younger generation gave him a lot of surprises today.

But even so, he would be nervous. Lingxiaozi's strength is obvious to all. Otherwise, he would not have been able to play chess and lose many times over the years.


An hour later, Lintian broke the array of lingxiaozi, and all the old monsters couldn't help moving.

At this point in the game, six games have been played.

Lintian has three wins and three losses.

Lingxiaozi is also three wins and three losses, it can be said that they are equally matched.Such things have not happened in the great wall of the imperial pass for a long time. No one thought that a young generation today could even kill lingxiaozi.

For a moment, people's attitude towards Lintian became more and more subtle.

Even some old monsters wavered in their hearts and became anxious. If lingxiaozi failed, wouldn't it prove that they had no eyes and didn't know gold and jade before?

In the seventh inning, Lintian set up the array. Just setting up the array, it took three hours to think and deduce, and finally it was set up.

In this process, the atmosphere is more and more silent and depressed.

Even as a sage king and emperor, it is hard to avoid the feeling of dry mouth.

Such games are rare and rare!

PS: in view of the high voice of everyone, I'd like to make up one more shift tonight. I'll spare some time for goldfish to make up for the last two shifts.

Finally, continue to ask for the minimum monthly pass ~

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