Chapter 1012: Chapter 1011 – Loves the Silly

Tang Yun didn’t bother hiding the conversation she had with Feng Xiaoxiao. She told him the entire agreement, word for word.

When Lin Yi heard Tang Yun explain her thoughts, he didn’t think that Tang Yun could be so cunning! Not only did she protect her current position, she made Feng Xiaoxiao thought that she had gotten a huge bargain!

“Yunyun, I didn’t think that you are so cunning!” Lin Yi revealed a wide smirk.

“Hm!” Tang Yun hubriously voiced her thoughts, “If I’m not cunning, then I would have my spot stolen! Last time Feng Xiaoxiao taught me a lesson, I can’t be so naive towards people anymore…”

“Haha,” Lin Yi didn’t continue teasing with Tang Yun. He was glad that through this opportunity, Tang Yun was able to mature.

“Oh right, what did you say to Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu? It seems like Chen Yushu and Feng Xiaoxiao have a sort of rivalry going on,” Tang Yun curiously asked.

“I said the truth,” Lin Yi continued, “Both Yaoyao and Xiao Shu are understanding people. When they knew about Xiaoxiao’s special condition, they didn’t give her any further trouble!”

“Ah, I can see that happening! Oh right, you need to remind them to ease into it slowly. Don’t just become friends in one day or else Feng Xiaoxiao will become suspicious. It’s best if they slowly accepted her on their own. Then they can become like me! Me and Xiaoxiao are on the right key!” Tang Yun cheerfully proposed.

“I understand, I’ll talk to them about it,” Lin Yi knew the importance behind Tang Yun’s warning. Chen Yushu and Chu Mengyao are smart people, they should know how to execute the act perfectly.

“You are still driving right? Then I won’t take too much of your time. Drive home safely, I’ll see you tomorrow!” Tang Yun replied.

“Yes, see you tomorrow,” said Lin Yi.

Lin Yi was almost back to the villa by the time he hung up. In a short few minutes, he parked his car by the courtyard.

When Lin Yi walked into the villa, Yaoyao and Yushu were sitting in the living room watching television.

Chen Yushu was so absorbed into her show, she was cheering violently with her body. She didn’t notice Lin Yi walk in, until she got small kick from Chu Mengyao.

“Ahhh?” Chen Yushu was taken by surprised. Then she looked at Lin Yi and remembered that she had a series of questions to ask him, “Shield bro, you are back? I want to ask about the situation with Feng Xiaoxiao? Do you not like me anymore? Is that why you found someone similar to me in shape, to play threesome with?”

“Xiao Shu!” Chu Mengyao glared,”What is your mind filled with? How could you say such vulgar things? You are a girl! You have to mind your words, otherwise how will you marry?”

“Wha, Shield Bro doesn’t want me anymore! Forget about marrying, I don’t want to live anymore!” Chen Yushu whined sadly.

“Okay, Xiao Shu, you can stop messing around now,” Lin Yi looked at Chen Yushu, “So you figured out that something was wrong, right?”

“Ah?” Chen Yushu waited for a response.

She knew that Feng Xiaoxiao’s appearance was suspicious. Theoretically, Lin Yi wouldn’t accept another girl to be his mistress, even more unthinkable was that Tang Yun wouldn’t be the type to share!

If Tang Yun was willing to allow Lin Yi have a mistress, then she wouldn’t have bickered with them at Fatty Lai’s house.

Chu Mengyao was also shocked, but she played along even when she felt like it was a suspicious situation. She didn’t talk to Chen Yushu about it, she wanted to wait for Lin Yi to explain himself. It was that Chen Yushu beat her to ask the question, and was surprised she had thought the same way.

“Hmph, so lame. Shield bro, why must you always break my cover…” Chen Yushu scolded.

“Haha, I do enjoy it when you act silly,” Lin Yi smiled.

Even though Lin Yi claimed that he had discovered Chen Yushu was acting weird towards Feng Xiaoxiao, the fact that they were bickering made him cast doubts. Since the threats were all verbal and non substantial, Lin Yi was able to disregard her troublesome acts. He knew her personality, and it was highly doubtful that she would join forces with someone she dislikes.

“Ah, okay fine,” Chen Yushu was happy at the reply. “Shield bro, what is up with Feng Xiaoxiao?”

Chen Yushu was gloating that she was appreciated by Lin Yi for her ‘silly acts’ but then she realized that Feng Xiaoxiao also had the same persona. So did that mean Lin Yi also liked her too? Then who did he like more?

“Let me tell you about Feng Xiaoxiao, but you have to promise me to keep it a secret,” Lin Yi beckoned Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu.

“Relax, my alias is Secret Shu, all your secrets are safe with me. I won’t spill even if I get tortured,” Chen Yushu quickly added.

Chu Mengyao didn’t need to add anything more to that, she just nodded to symbolize that she too will keep that secret.

“Xiaoxiao… her time is nearly up…” Lin Yi sighed. He joined them on the sofa as he told his story.

“What? Time is nearly up?” Chu Mengyao was shocked. “Lin Yi, do you mean that Feng Xiaoxiao is…”

“Yeah, Feng Xiaoxiao has a terminal illness, that even I can’t treat… she has around a year left in her lifespan!” Lin Yi sighed deeply again.

Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu widened their eyes as they stared at Lin Yi with disbelief.

Lin Yo continued, “Her father is a good friend of mine, his wish was that he wanted Xiaoxiao to experience a romantic relationship. So I agreed to fulfill his request and will oblige to Feng Xiaoxiao’s demands until the day she leaves us…”

Lin Yi didn’t stop the story there. He explained in detail about how kind Tang Yun was, and how she took the initiative and agreed to it …

“It was Tang Yun who took the initiative?” Chu Mengyao couldn’t believe that Tang Yun could be so generous. She willingly gave up Lin Yi to share with another girl…

“Mhmm,” Lin Yi nodded.

“Yaoyao sis, Feng Xiaoxiao is such a sad person!” There was a slight hint of regret in her tone, they shouldn’t have bickered with Feng Xiaoxiao so often. She was a person with limited time, she had at most a year left. While they have their whole lives ahead of them, they could have Lin Yi any time they want.

“Yeah… I couldn’t believe it myself, Feng Xiaoxiao has a hereditary illness…” Chu Mengyao sighed. “Now, I know why Tang Yun was able to accept her…”

“So all that I’ve told you, I hope that you can help keep it a secret. Even keep it hidden from Feng Xiaoxiao. She is a strong willed girl, if she found out that we are doing this out of pity, then she might do something extreme!”

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