In the seventh inning, Lintian arranged the array, which made all the old monsters on the scene look dignified, and a touch of surprise appeared between their eyebrows.

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Although they are quasi emperors, and their eyesight and experience are far from ordinary, they are not the master figures of refining Lingwen.

When you see this array, you can only feel the clouds and mountains and the mist, which is obscure and hard to understand.

Unless you can go into this array and experience it yourself, it's a game of chess, and the array is also a fictional thing derived from chess pieces, so it's impossible for them to get involved in it.

"This son is so young that he is a real Taoist master!"

At this moment, all the old monsters were sure that Lintian had reached the master's level in Lingwen!

This shocked them. Daowen masters were divided into masters and masters.

In the ancient wasteland, a Daowen master is enough to be worshipped by an ancient Daoism.

Among the 1000 Daowen masters, there is not a Daowen master. Often, the status of a Daowen master is enough to make the leader of a Taoist school yield three points.

As for master Daowen

It can only be said that this is a rare existence. There are not many of them in the whole ancient wasteland!

For example, lingxiaozi, who has been stationed on the great wall of the imperial pass for thousands of years, has helped to repair many large-scale forbidden battlefields, and even more, has blocked the invasion of many foreign enemies.

It can be said that lingxiaozi may not be as powerful as some quasi emperors, but he is irreplaceable!

Therefore, when Lintian said that he wanted to play chess with lingxiaozi, these old monsters felt ridiculous and thought that he didn't know the heaven and the earth.

But now, they are speechless and shocked.

A master of Daowen, even if he only has the cultivation of true holy land, even if he is just a junior, is enough to make them pay attention to and respect him!

Shun Ji also realized this and his eyes were shining. If it wasn't for the rule of "watching chess without speaking", he would have been excited and yelled.

It's like picking up a rare treasure!

"Where does this little guy come from? Which family are they? "

At this time, Mrs. Meiyan couldn't help saying, "such a young Taoist master is rare. I want to recruit him as my son-in-law..."

Shun Ji suddenly woke up and scratched his head awkwardly and said, "well, I don't know about this. I only know that it's with the help of Shenji pavilion that he came to find Mr. Shen."

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Lady Ziyi rolled her eyes and said, "you are too careless. It seems that you are such a hero. It's rare to see you when you look at the whole ancient wasteland. You know nothing about him. It's too wrong."

After a pause, she said thoughtfully, "however, Shenji Pavilion is willing to work hard to send this son to the emperor's pass battlefield. This son's identity must be extraordinary."

Shun Ji was stunned and realized it.

It's not so easy to come to the battlefield of diguan. Only in a special period of time can we arrive here safely.

At other times, if you come here rashly, the danger you encounter along the way will be enough to kill the emperor!

And this son can make Shenji Pavilion work hard to send it to the Great Wall at this time. Of course, this is very unusual.

"No matter what, whether I win or lose in this game, I'll talk to him. I think he's a good match for my granddaughter."

The beautiful woman in purple looked at Lintian with a kind and kind look, just like a mother-in-law looking at her son-in-law.

Of course, as a beautiful woman in purple, if Lin Xun is really recruited as her son-in-law, she can only be a grandson-in-law. There's no way. The seniority is too high.

Time goes by.

Lingxiaozi was unable to settle down. His face became more and more dignified, and his waist became more and more straight. He was not as calm and leisurely as he was at the beginning.

On the contrary, it's like facing the enemy!

Everyone can see that lingxiaozi has encountered a difficult problem, which makes all the old monsters look at each other in surprise.

How can this boy be so powerful?

Even if he is master Lingwen, I'm afraid he can't make lingxiaozi work so hard!

No one knows that the Emperor Zhu Yingkong, who came from "the first spiritual tattoo force in the nine regions", was defeated by Lintian.

No one knew that Lintian's spiritual patterns had nothing to do with the inheritance of various spiritual patterns in the ancient wasteland.

Because, this spirit pattern is taught by Mr. Lu Bo Ya. And Lubo cliff comes from the other side of the starry sky!

In short, it's not that Lintian has won lingxiaozi's success in the spiritual tattoo, but that the spiritual tattoo he practiced is too unusual.

In three days, it's time to snap your fingers.

For many old monsters, watching chess for three days is nothing at all.

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It was on this day that lingxiaozi, who had been deep in thought and frowned tightly, suddenly brightened his eyes and said with a smile, "so it is!"

Look, there is a sudden realization after the color of comfort.

After that, he twists, plays chess and breaks the battle

All at once!With a bang, the big array on the "Kun Palace" disappeared.

At this time, Lintian could not help admiring him. Lingxiaozi was definitely the most consummate and powerful master of Lingwen he had ever seen.

Lintian was also surprised by the wonderful means he used when breaking the battle.

All the old monsters felt relieved at this time,

in the seventh inning, they won!

Ginger is still spicy, lingxiaozi is worthy of lingxiaozi!

Shun Ji was worried. Now there were only two games left. The situation was that Ling Xiaozi had the upper hand and won four games.

In the next game, Lintian could only win, otherwise, he would not have to carry on the ninth game, and he would have lost.

Because if Lin Xun loses the eighth game, he will win another game. In the ninth game, he has already won five. Even if Lin Xun wins the ninth game, he will not lose.

Therefore, the eighth inning was undoubtedly the most crucial for Lintian.

"Little friend, please take it!"

Lingxiaozi took a deep breath and arranged the most proud Daowen forbidden array he had ever performed.

This is also the first time that he used this array in the "nine palace game" in these years!

You can imagine how much pressure Lintian brought to him. If he forced to use all the means to press the bottom of the box.


With the fall of lingxiaozi, a magnificent and vast array appeared in the "Dui Palace".

A burst of exclamation broke out in the field, and the quiet atmosphere was restless.

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Those old monsters can see that the magic of this array can be described by the four characters of uncanny craftsmanship!

Shun Ji was so angry that he scolded in his heart: "lingxiaozi, you are just playing chess with the younger generation. Why are you so aggressive! Do you want to be an elder? "

Lady Meiyan pursed her lips and said with a smile: "you should be happy for lingxiaozi. If you can make lingxiaozi go all out, even if he loses, his reputation will not be damaged."

Shun was stunned and sighed.

Of course, he also knew that even if Lintian lost, it was enough to make all the old monsters change their attitudes and opinions.

However, since the game has been playing till now, how can shun Ji willingly watch Lintian lose?

He didn't care about the treasure, but he didn't want to lose Lintian.

Lintian was still unaware of all this. When playing chess, he was most afraid to distract himself, especially at such a critical moment.

At this time, he had an indescribable excitement in his heart, just like he was completely ignited by the war. But in his mind, it was empty and his consciousness was unprecedentedly concentrated. All his thoughts were concentrated in the game of the eighth inning.

The array made by lingxiaozi is really strong!

It was absolutely the most obscure, solemn and magical Taoist forbidden array Lintian had ever encountered since he was practicing. It was as if it had been made by nature and was impeccable.

However, the more so, the more Lin Xun had a desire to conquer him.

As time went on, Lintian did not move. He was like a clay statue. Sometimes he frowned and sometimes he pondered, but he did not show any dispirited and confused color.

Lingxiaozi, who had been observing his face, could not help feeling that he was really a formidable young man. At the beginning, he wanted to give advice to the other party, or even teach him a lesson, so that he could retreat.

Now, it seems that it's a bit too much.

Lintian's methods from the beginning to now made lingxiaozi feel amazing, and no longer dare to treat it as a junior.


The eighth inning is not so easy to break!

Thinking of this, lingxiaozi's lips raised an imperceptible look.

Three days later.

Lintian's brows were locked together.

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Five days later.

He was speechless.

All the old monsters kept silent and watched. They all gradually realized that Lintian had encountered a real difficult problem.

"Lingxiaozi, an old man, is really very powerful in the attainment of Lingwen."

Many old monsters sigh.

Of course, Lintian is not bad, and he is still very young and has great potential. In the future, he will not be able to surpass lingxiaozi!

Shun Ji couldn't bear to see it any more. It took a lot of effort to deduce the battle. If he was paranoid, his mood would be damaged and he would be easily possessed.

In Shun Ji's opinion, Lintian had proved himself and showed enough excellent ability. He didn't have to care about the gain and loss of the moment.

"If you can't, just give up. It's no shame..."

However, as soon as Shun Ji wanted to say this, he saw that Lintian, who had been sitting like a clay statue for many days, suddenly twisted a son.

For a moment, all the old monsters waiting quietly were staring and their hearts were hanging.

Lingxiaozi was also stunned. Did he put forward the solution?From the beginning to the end, Lintian didn't stop. After twisting the pieces, he fell down naturally without hesitation and hesitation.

No regrets!


A crisp sound.

But for many old monsters, it was no less than thunder on the ground, and their bodies were all trembling.

immediately saw that on the azimuth of the palace, the clouds scattered over the sky, like a layer of broken illusory bubbles, were scattered and scattered, and all of them were finally lost.

Actually Was he really successful?

In the field, there was a complete silence, and the whole field was shocked!


wish you all a happy Lantern Festival ~

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