Chapter 1011: Chapter 1010 – Feelings of Love

Feng Xiaoxiao laughed at the thought to herself. If she continued doing what she was doing now, with her father’s support, she would just be digging deeper into this rabbit hole. Even now, she didn’t know whether what she was doing was right or wrong. If Lin Yi did fall for her, then he would be heartbroken?

“No, I won’t come today. It’s getting late, you should rest up soon,” Lin Yi declined quickly. “Shouldn’t your dad be back already? It wouldn’t look great if I’m there at this hour!”

“He’s not home tonight. He is at the dormitory. It seems like there was a mission tonight, so he needed to stay on site. If he left at night, he was afraid of waking me up,” Feng Xiaoxiao shook her head. Her dad led a busy life, and she had gotten used to living alone.

“So it’s like that… Well I won’t come up today. I’ll see you tomorrow,” Lin Yi turned to leave with a smile.

“Oh… Okay,” Feng Xiaoxiao was disappointed in his reply. “Then can I give you a kiss?”

Feng Xiaoxiao lifted her head to look into Lin Yi’s eyes. Under the light from the full moon, Lin Yi could clearly see her face and his heart skipped a beat. He had the urge to give Feng Xiaoxiao a peck on the lips but controlled himself. It seemed like his relationship with Feng Xiaoxiao was moving a little too fast.

“Hm… Get up stairs and get a good night’s sleep,” Lin Yi tried to laugh it off and gave her a pat.

“Oh…” Feng Xiaoxiao was thoroughly disappointed. She wanted to know how it felt to be intimate with someone else. She had never experienced it before. She never had those urges with another man before. Her previous experiences with any interactions with male companions disgust her, but Lin Yi made her feel different, made her feel special.

“I’m leaving,” Lin Yi continued to laugh, “I want to see you go up before I leave,”

“Fine,” Feng Xiaoxiao hesitated. She didn’t know where her courage stemmed from, but she tiptoed and pecked Lin Yi on the cheeks. She didn’t wait long enough to hear Lin Yi’s reaction, she just skipped away while cracking a giggle. She was afraid of Lin Yi being angry, so she just waved goodbye, “Hehe, I’m leaving! It doesn’t feel that bad!”

Having the last word, Feng Xiaoxiao ran toward her apartment entrance.

Lin Yi smiled as he watched Feng Xiaoxiao’s shadow disappear. He touched his face, the part where she had kissed. This exhilarating feeling didn’t feel bad at all. He had a sudden urge to hug Feng Xiaoxiao from behind, but he knew that if he did that, it wouldn’t stop there. Based on this lady’s personality, she wouldn’t reject his advances. That is one of the main differences between her and Tang Yun. Tang Yun’s personality is that she is persistent. While Feng Xiaoxiao is passionate. When he had touched her breast in Nanjing, Feng Xiaoxiao didn’t have a huge adverse reaction to him, which was how he came to that reasoning.

However, Lin Yi didn’t act on his impulses. This impulse was just his hormones acting up, it wasn’t true love from the depths of his heart. So if Lin Yi had feelings for Feng Xiaoxiao, he wouldn’t do anything too rushed. He wants it to be all natural.

When Feng Xiaoxiao got into her apartment, Lin Yi went back to his car and drove away.

Feng Xiaoxiao ran all the way to the elevator, her heart was pounding out of her chest. Her face was red like a boiled lobster. She had acted very boldly. That was her first time taking the initiative to kiss a man, and she gave a kiss on his cheek. She was so embarrassed!

This skin to skin feeling of contact made Feng Xiaoxiao crave for more. It is no wonder there were so many passionate couples that were intimate, this sensation was exhilarating!

Feng Xiaoxiao felt her hot cheeks. How does it feel to get kissed? She kissed Lin Yi, and it was amazing, but did Lin Yi feel that same happiness as her?

With the kiss still on her mind, she walked to the elevator and to her own apartment door.

Even if Feng Xiaoxiao didn’t live in one of those luxurious apartments, this was one of the large duplexes where one unit has two floors. It was built in the early eras of Songshan City, so by now, it was worth several million yuan.

Feng Tianlong didn’t have a lot of places to spend his money and he knew that his daughter didn’t have long to live, so he didn’t intend to save any money. He wanted his daughter to live in the best environment!

Feng Xiaoxiao entered her apartment, and ran straight for the washroom. She splashed her face with water, as she needed to lower her body temperature.

“Sigh…” After washing her face, Feng Xiaoxiao was able to take a breather. She looked in the mirror and saw her pretty face. Feng Xiaoxiao raised her fist and said to herself, “Xiaoxiao you are the best, keep at it! Lin Yi is starting to like you…”

After Feng Xiaoxiao said that to herself, she was drowned in her emotions. What was this sensation that she was feeling? Could it be that in the process of making her enemy fall in love with her, she too fell in love with Lin Yi? Ah… Well this shouldn’t be a problem. Since she was going to die anyway, she might as well enjoy the experience. The more invested she was, then the feeling would be even better!

With that firm belief, Feng Xiaoxiao didn’t bother to control her emotions.

She left the washroom, Feng Xiaoxiao sent Lin Yi a text message, ‘Honey, I’m home.’

By the time Feng Xiaoxiao had sent the message, Lin Yi was nearly home. He was starting to get worried about why it was taking so long for her to send a message. When he received the message, he finally calmed down.

Lin Yi replied back in a text to Feng Xiaoxiao, with a smile, ‘I’m almost back too.’

Shortly after Lin Yi’s text message, his phone rang. Lin Yi thought that Feng Xiaoxiao decided to call him, and he picked up. Since he was driving, he didn’t look at the caller’s name and instinctively said while laughing, “Xiaoxiao, what’s wrong?”

“You say Xiaoxiao with such enthusiasm. I’m not Xiaoxiao. This is Yun Yun!” Judging from her voice, she sounded angry. However, when she said ‘Yun Yun’, she couldn’t resist the urge to laugh,”Calling myself Yun Yun in third person, this is so weird…”

“Ahh, I just received Xiaoxiao’s text message and then your call came in. So I thought you were her,” Lin Yi knew that Tang Yun wouldn’t be jealous. She was a very kind girl, when she found out about Feng Xiaoxiao’s sad background, she felt only pity and sadness for the girl. Otherwise, that day with Feng Tianlong, she wouldn’t willingly accept Feng Tianlong’s request.

“I was about to ask you, are you home yet? I can’t put my mind at ease…” Tang Yun was afraid that Lin Yi would get ambushed since he was driving alone. He had made so many enemies from different forces, she was full of worries. No one knew whether they would give up on their hope of taking revenge.

“Almost home,” Lin Yi replied, “Oh yeah, when Xiaoxiao was there, I didn’t get to ask you. What did you and Xiaoxiao talk about? Did you come to an agreement of some sort? How come she is the mistress? Isn’t that like she picked up a huge bargain?”

“Haha!” Tang Yun heard the question and chuckled, “I knew that you would be interested! It was quite the conversation we had! So it was like this, when you went to buy dinner, I was with Xiaoxiao waiting for you. We started talking about the mistress problem…”

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