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A group of old monsters were shocked and gaped.

In their capacity, through the world I do not know how many earth shaking events, but it is the first time to see such an incredible thing happen.

A young man miraculously broke the most proud and confident array of lingxiaozi!

This is something nobody thought of before.

It should be noted that in the eighth game, Lintian sat for many days, his brow was locked, and his face was stunned.

This made some old monsters who had been watching ready. When Lintian admitted defeat, he encouraged him to avoid being hit too hard.

After all, it seems that no one can bear such a young and outstanding Taoist master.

But now

Lintian broke the battle in a flash!

For a moment, the old monsters' eyes were straight. Looking at Lintian's eyes was like staring at a little monster.

"Aha? Ha ha Ha ha ha... "

At the beginning of Shun Ji's life, his face was confused, his throat rolled, and he made a sound like a duck's hissing, which could hardly hide his shock.

But immediately, he began to laugh wildly, and his voice was like thunder.


In the eighth game, Lintian successfully broke the battle!

This made Shunji suppress his nervous and worried mood all the time, and he burst out like a flood. He was so happy that he wanted to sing a song.

The gorgeous lady in purple couldn't help but vomit a long breath. A spring green white jade hand patted on the towering full, red lips with an intoxicating smile, and the eyes looking at Lintian were all with a kind of doting kindness.

This kid, it's amazing!

She even worried about whether her granddaughter could be worthy of this boy even though she could be called talented and talented?

At this time, if lingxiaozi was struck by thunder, he stayed there, his lips trembling slightly, his desire to speak stopped, and he was stunned.

This is his way of pressing the bottom of the box, and it is his highest attainments so far.

But in the end, it was broken!

By a young too small generation, to destroy the potential of decadent broken open!

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There is no regret.

From the wind and thunder, the fish dragon changes, the sun and the moon change the sky!

After a long time, lingxiaozi looked at Lintian with a complicated face and said, "I'm very impressed with you."

A few words, the whole scene is a restless.

Lingxiaozi had enough attainments to make all the emperors marvel at Lingwen. But now, he was amazed by a younger generation!

Obviously, in lingxiaozi's mind, Lintian was an equal!

At this time, Lintian's face was still flat, and he bowed his hand and said, "I'm sorry."

His face turned pale slightly. The deduction and pondering these days cost him a lot of energy. Although he is cracking the Taoist pattern array ban, it is much more difficult than fighting with the enemy.

Lin Xun could not help but feel that lingxiaozi's spiritual tattoo attainments were absolutely the top of the master's realm, which could be called uncanny craftsmanship.

"This is the last game left. Let's invite you to set up."

Lingxiaozi took a deep breath and said in a deep voice.

At present, eight games have been played. He and Lintian have won four games each. Now, only the ninth game is left.

If he can break the battle line set by Lintian, he will win the final victory.

If it can't be broken, it will be defeated.

"Lingxiaozi, let's forget it. You've got the best of both worlds if you can make the game end in a draw."

An old monster can't help making a sound.

"Yes, this son just wants some experience to impact the great holy land. We will never be stingy to give it away."

Others are talking.

If lingxiaozi loses in the ninth inning, it will be a big blow to his reputation.

Similarly, if Lintian was defeated, it would not only hurt his spirit, but also make him look like lingxiaozi, who was a senior. He was suspected of bullying the small with the big.

Shun Ji also nodded strangely: "yes, it's best for everyone to be happy."

Lintian looked at lingxiaozi.

But lingxiaozi didn't want to think about it, so he refused to say, "I don't have the priority to hear it. Do you think lingxiaozi can't win or lose?"

At the end of the game, he looked at Lintian with a look of arrogance. He said, "little friend, if you regard me as a friend who has lost his youth, you will do your best in the ninth inning. No matter what the result of the game, you and I will have no regrets. How about that?"

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Ask for one without regret!

From this we can see how broad-minded lingxiaozi was.

Lintian took a deep breath and said with a smile, "it's better to obey orders than to be respectful."

Lingxiaozi laughed: "with this point, after the game is over, I will give Lao Shun some of the" nine Xuan spirit pulp. "Shun Ji was stunned, and immediately he didn't have a good way: "your mother has already done this. There are so many things left. I think you are just not comfortable and don't clean up."

Everyone could not help laughing. It was certainly a harmless joke.

When Lintian began to set up the battle, he seemed to have planned for a long time. Without thinking about it, he twisted a piece and put it on the "middle Palace" position.


A Daowen forbidden array suddenly took shape.

This array is just like the reflection of Zhou Xu's starry sky. There are hundreds of millions of stars twinkling in it, presenting a vast and mysterious atmosphere.

All the old monsters smile and watch carefully.

Everyone knows that in the last game, whether it's Lin Xun or Ling Xiaozi, he will do his best!

It's like a duel between masters, one attack and one defense.

And Lintian has already made a move.

After watching for a long time, the brows of many old monsters are gradually rising, and the dignified color in the eyes is also more and more thick.

They all have the same feeling in their hearts. This array is all inclusive, just like the boundless sea of stars, which is immeasurable!

When you look at lingxiaozi, you are already sitting in a state of serious anxiety. You are full of mind and body, and you have a kind of solemn and precious appearance.

As time went on, the atmosphere in the field became more and more silent.

It was like a reincarnation. This time, lingxiaozi and Lintian, who were breaking the eighth inning, did not move for a long time.

Two days later.

His brows gradually wrinkled.

Five days later.

He twists up a son and makes everyone breathe. But in the end, lingxiaozi can't finish it!

He rubbed the pieces with his hands and fingers and fell silent again.

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Time is passing by bit by bit.


Far away from the great wall of the imperial pass, in the depths of a lonely starry sky, there are tombs like meteorites.

On one of the tombs, a huge blood mosquito with 16 pairs of wings suddenly gave out a joyful sound.

Its sixteen pairs of wings also vibrated violently.


A breath of terror and ferocity spread from the body of the blood mosquito in the Styx River, causing the ancient tombs nearby to burst into pieces.

At the same time, the huge blood mosquito has suddenly turned into a thin and great figure, standing on the basis of emptiness, like a peerless evil god.

His blood hair is flowing, his eyes are like diamonds, his facial features are like delicate jade, and there is an evil spirit in his beauty.

Behind him, a scarlet Cape, hunting in the void.

"Refining the blood of thousands of saints, melting the spirit and spirit of ancient times, and finally making me invincible..."

The young man in the blood robe sighed with a trace of satisfaction. His eyes were like a whirlpool of demons, flashing a terrible light.

Huala ~

with the blood robed youth's mind moving, a strange "blood colored lotus terrace" composed of 36 blood colored wings appeared in his palm.

It is covered with dense and strange symbols of the underworld, like a waterfall of blood light, just like the origin of the river Styx.

"After many years, this lotus terrace Finally let me conclude it.... "

The young man in the blood robe murmured. At the end of the day, he suddenly raised his head to the sky and laughed, and danced wildly with his blood colored long hair. "Since then, I will be invincible in the holy land on the top of the mountain!"

The voice of exhilaration, arrogance and pride reverberates in the silent starry sky.

And the figure of the youth with blood robes has long disappeared.


As time goes by, the ninth game has been playing for ten days.

In these ten days, lingxiaozi didn't move, just like a dead tree, but now his thin face is the extreme of Ningzhong Road, with pale color.

In the pupil of the eye, are full of wisps of blood!

The hearts of all the old monsters hung up. No one dared to disturb lingxiaozi, for fear that he would be delayed.

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All of them could not help sighing. If today's game was spread all over the Great Wall, they would not believe it if they were known by all the others.

A young generation, who dares to believe that lingxiaozi has been defeated in the game of chess?

Regardless of the result of today's game, all the old monsters on the scene now had earth shaking changes in their attitude towards Lintian.

Future generations are formidable!

"Hoo ~"

suddenly, lingxiaozi, like a dead tree, finally moved. He vomited a long breath, and his eyes were filled with joy, saying: "I see!"

The spirit of the people was boosted.

But shun Ji's heart trembled. Lingxiaozi, the old man, really realized the way to break the battle?

"You are welcome, little friend."

Lingxiaozi was full of energy, confident and calm.


Even at this time, Lintian's face remained unchanged.

Lingxiaozi twists one of them and knocks at Zhonggong.All of a sudden, light and rain were flying, and Lintian's array was broken and disappeared.

Seeing this, all the old monsters sighed with surprise, relief and emotion.

This last game of chess seems simple and boring, but in fact it is the most soul stirring!

Fortunately, lingxiaozi won!

Although Shun Ji knew that Lintian was experienced and powerful enough, he could not help sighing when he saw this scene.

Beautiful lady in purple can't help sighing. Lingxiaozi is worthy of being lingxiaozi. She is superior in playing chess!

"Little friend, I'm willing."

Lingxiaozi took a deep breath and let out his voice. He wanted to restrain the excitement and joy in his heart, but he couldn't hide it. The top of his brow was full of laughter.

It's no exaggeration to say that this chess game is definitely the most difficult one in his life.

Especially after the successful break, the feeling of happiness and excitement is unparalleled.

But to his surprise, Lintian didn't seem to have the consciousness of failure, and he didn't look like a big wave.

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