Chapter 1010: Chapter 1009 – Heart Moved

“He wanted to meet me… What did you tell your father?” Lin Yi acted like the meeting with Feng Tianlong never took place.

“Nothing… I didn’t say anything…” Feng Xiaoxiao used to be bold, but when Lin Yi finally established a ‘relationship’ with her, it had made her heart flutter, “It could be because he wants to thank you for rescuing me in Yanjing City?”

“Oh…” Lin Yi nodded, he took the chance and continued to pry, “Oh yeah, when you fainted last time. What was that about? Are you sick?”

“Oh… No, that was nothing…” Feng Xiaoxiao shook her head. She didn’t want Lin Yi to know that she had a terminal illness. She didn’t want her ‘revenge’ plan to become Lin Yi’s pity. Then what was the point of her ‘revenge’?

Heh, Lin Yi, you made me so miserable. I definitely won’t let you go. I will let you experience my pain through heartbreak. I will make you fall in love with me, then I will use that to hurt you!

Lin Yi nodded, without saying much throughout the drive.

“Lin Yi, since there aren’t many cars on the road. Can you drift? So I can experience it?” Feng Xiaoxiao turned to look at Lin Yi.

“Why would I drift for no reason? Do you know how dangerous it is to drift?” Lin Yi frowned, “Nine out of ten cars crash from drifting, do you not want to live?”

“Ah… don’t want to live?” Feng Xiaoxiao shook her head as she sighed.

Lin Yi was startled when he gave it a second thought! Feng Xiaoxiao had hinted at something in her expression. But it was Lin Yi who couldn’t catch on. He sighed in a depressed tone, he feels pity for having said that taboo word to her…

This was coming from an extremely cheerful girl, from the moment he met her, Lin Yi has never known her to show any negative emotions. If Lin Yi haven’t experienced Feng Xiaoxiao’s strange behavior or if Feng Xiaotian didn’t explain the situation, Lin Yi wouldn’t believe that this pretty girl was on the verge of dying!

If by chance he could let go of Tang Yun’s worries and his guilt, Lin Yi would find himself falling for this girl in front of him.

Lin Yi also didn’t want her to die, but his hands were tied! Even Old Lin didn’t know what to do with this sickness. Lin Yi couldn’t even guess how to begin investigating! Even if he was titled the Miracle Doctor, but there were things even he was limited to do. He could save someone from a terminal illness, if he knew what he was fighting against. But how could anyone fight against an unknown illness, it was just hopeless.

“Say, Lin Yi, do you like me?” Feng Xiaoxiao had given up on Lin Yi showing her how to drift, she knew Lin Yi’s stubborn personality. As long as he promised to do so, he wouldn’t change his mind afterwards.

“…” Lin Yi didn’t reply.

“Oh, so you don’t like me at all? Not even a little? A small bit?” Feng Xiaoxiao continued to ask.

“…” Lin Yi maintained his silence.

“So, when you were feeling me at the auction, you didn’t have any feelings?” Feng Xiaoxiao blurted out.

“Yes,” Lin Yi finally responded when things were starting to get out of hand.

“So do you have any feelings for me?” Feng Xiaoxiao continued to tease once she finally got a response from the numbskull.

“A little,” Lin Yi nodded.

“Then, why did you reject me?” Feng Xiaoxiao had suspicions regarding Lin Yi’s answers.

“Well, it wasn’t until today that I started to like you,” said Lin Yi, “When we were in Yanjing City, there were feelings, but I wasn’t too sure what it meant,”

Lin Yi wasn’t lying about having feelings toward Feng Xiaoxiao. Except, those feelings were suppressed as he had his guard up against her. It was only until today that he finally lowered his guard.

“Oh! I’m happy to know that! I’m so happy I can just die!” Feng Xiaoxiao started waving her hands around up in the car, “Seems like putting in hard work does reap the reward! So you agree to take me as your mistress right?”

“Tang Yun agreed?” Lin Yi countered.

“Ya, sister Tang Yun had agreed to it. Otherwise, why else would she agree to letting me ride alone with you in the car?” Feng Xiaoxiao excitedly replied.

“Didn’t you force her, or set up a trap for her to accept you?” Lin Yi asked.

“Uh… That… Of course not!” Feng Xiaoxiao naturally denied all accusations, “Sister Tang Yun sees good qualities in me, I’m a good person. That’s why she accepted me,”

“Sigh…” Lin Yi almost crashed his car into the tree. Good person? Lin Yi knew exactly what type of person she was. But he wouldn’t blow her cover.

“What are you smiling about?” Feng Xiaoxiao sensed that Lin Yi’s smirk had another meaning, “I’m speaking the truth, it was sister Tang Yun that had chosen to accept me!”

Lin Yi shrugged, “I really don’t know why you think like that. You are a pretty girl, so it shouldn’t be hard for you to find a boyfriend, why do you choose to be anyone’s mistress!”

“What’s wrong with that?” Feng Xiaoxiao proudly talked back, “Haha, if I want it, then it is better to steal it from others. Like that Chen Yushu, she is so annoying. Lin Yi don’t get bewitched by her good looks!”

Lin Yi shook her head. Who would’ve thought that Feng Xiaoxiao and Chen Yushu would be rivals. This would be a big headache for Lin Yi in the future.

“I’m at Ning shi road, where is your house?” Lin Yi parked his car on the side.

“In front of that intersection, turn left, then in about five hundred meters, you will reach it,” Feng Xiaoxiao pointed.

Five hundred meters wasn’t far when it came to driving. In a blink of an eye, Lin Yi had driven right up to the door.

The district was decently huge, but it wasn’t the luxurious type. Evidently, it showed that Feng Xiaoxiao wasn’t as wealthy… On a deeper level, Lin Yi tried to analyze her situation. Feng Xiaoxiao was raised by a single father. Even if Feng Tianlong had a high salary, it was still a government job that relied on his survival. The salary was probably around one million yuan, so they shouldn’t have been able to afford the villas here.

“It is right here…” Feng Xiaoxiao pointed at a building in front, “That’s my house, the one on the third floor, penthouse.”

“Be careful when you go up stairs, when you get home, send me a message,” Lin Yi nodded.

It was a phrase Lin Yi was used to saying. The security in this district was very good, and it was regularly patrolled by security officers so there shouldn’t be any criminals. In addition, every house had electric doors, with elevators that came with security cameras.

“You… would you like to come up to sit around?” Feng Xiaoxiao wasn’t satisfied with them splitting apart. She was afraid that this was all a dream. She was afraid that when she got up stairs, she would find out that none of this was real.

Even if Feng Xiaoxiao had intentions of revenge close to her heart and wanted to make Lin Yi regret falling in love. At least she could enjoy the feeling of love for the first time too! Two birds with one stone!

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