The boy is so calm!

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Ling Xiaozi was surprised to himself that this kind of game made him and other would-be emperor people feel ups and downs, but he didn't care.

"Little friend, don't be discouraged. It's very good to be able to fight with lingxiaozi so far."

"Yes, you are still proud of your defeat in this game."

"Come on, everyone will engrave their experience in the jade slips and give it to Xiaoyou."

Those old monsters began to speak one after another, and with good intentions, they were worried that Lintian would be defeated and decadent.

"Ah, little guy, look open. I absolutely believe that one day, you will be able to get rid of lingxiaozi."

Shun Ji also made a sound to appease Lintian.

Young people all have the spirit, especially Lin Xun, who has the level of Taoist master in Lingwen, must be proud.

However, such figures can not withstand too much frustration and blow.

Shun Ji naturally worried that Lintian would lose and hurt his spirit.

Meiyan purple lady soft voice mouth, words and murderous: "little friend, do you want me to help you out breath, beat this Lingxiao son?"

Lingxiaozi was stiff and couldn't help laughing bitterly.

Are these old guys blaming themselves for bullying the small?


At that moment, Lintian also laughed bitterly and said, "you guys, in my opinion, the result of the ninth inning We haven't decided yet

Everyone was stunned and subconsciously thought that the boy would not be too hard hit to bear, right?

The game is over. They can see it clearly

Lingxiaozi was also stunned. He moved his eyes and looked at the nine palace chart again. Finally, he didn't find anything wrong.

In the ninth inning, I had already been completely broken by myself!

"Boy, it's just a temporary defeat. Don't be too paranoid."

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Shun Ji couldn't help but worry.

Others are talking.

"Xiaoyou, if you are not convinced when you lose, I can explain to you some of the methods used when you broke the battle. It's not very good, but maybe it can give you some inspiration."

Lingxiaozi spoke softly.

Through this game, he felt great sympathy for Lintian, as if he had met a confidant, and he had regarded him as an equal to himself.

He didn't have the heart to bring some bad influence to Lintian.

Lintian again had a bitter smile and said, "look, everyone."

With that, he snapped his fingers.

All the old monsters looked suspicious. They looked at the nine palaces again. Immediately, they opened their eyes as if they had been struck by lightning.

From the beginning of "Qiangong", a ray of magical light twinkles, transpiration from the dense symbols, just like a layer upon layer of blooming flowers, is beautiful.

Then, in the four positions of "gen Palace", "Xun Palace", "Kun Palace" and "Zhong Palace", the spiritual light of Daowen rises one after another, and outlines the array map in their respective "blank world".

All of a sudden, lingxiaozi's smile solidified, and his joy and excitement disappeared. He looked at such an incredible scene.

Other old monsters are also confused. What's the situation?

"My day..."

Shun Ji was so excited that he almost jumped up and made a rude remark. Could this pattern still "revive"?

All of them could see that these five positions were just the array that Lintian had deployed, which had been broken one by one by lingxiaozi before.

But now, they all reappear, which undoubtedly seems too incredible.

Lingxiaozi frowned and suddenly blurted out: "no, this is not the original Daowen forbidden array, but a brand-new image of nirvana in the destruction!"

Lintian sighed to himself that he was the first master of Lingwen on the Great Wall. He could see the mystery at a glance.

The reason for the appearance of this scene lies in the sentence "Nirvana in destruction".

From the beginning of the battle, Lintian realized that it was impossible for him to win such masters as lingxiaozi.

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As a result, he worked hard to find a new way, and was ready to have a back hand when he set up the battle.

For example, the first "forbidden array in the small sky" was set up by him. When it was set up, many old monsters looked down on it and thought it was too ordinary and ordinary.

Of course, this array is very common, but how could Lintian not know that?

The reason why he set up this array is not to win, but to prepare for the back hand. When the small sky forbidden array is broken, it will turn into a kind of original power needed for nirvana!

Similarly, the Daowen forbidden array in other places is the same.

Only in this way can we achieve the goal of "winning by surprise".

Of course, it's not over.Before many old monsters could recover from the shock, they could see that in the four positions of "kan Palace", "Zhen Palace", "Li Palace" and "Dui Palace", there were also dense and gorgeous Taoist patterns.

The eyes of the old monsters almost fell out and were shocked.

It should be noted that these four positions were arranged by lingxiaozi. Later, they were destroyed by Lintian one by one in the game of chess. But now, there are also many Taoist patterns. What's the matter?

Did Lintian have a back hand, and lingxiaozi was also prepared?

They looked at lingxiaozi.

Lingxiaozi shook his head bitterly: "this is not what I prepared. If I read it correctly, this is the foreshadowing and the last move left by Lintian Xiaoyou when he broke the battle..."

With that, he was in a trance again, obviously shocked.

At this time, in the whole nine palaces, a Dao pattern array appeared in all nine palaces. These nine Dao pattern arrays fit and echo each other, and they become a complete array!

When we saw this scene, all the people present were astonished. This kind of spiritual tattoo attainments can be called superb craftsmanship, mysterious and mysterious, wonderful!

"It turns out that the real killing moves are hidden outside the game I'm totally convinced. "

One would-be emperor sighed.

Who would have thought that there would be such a change after the nine innings?

Who would have thought that a young man should have such an incredible spiritual tattoo?

Before, they thought that Lintian could not accept defeat

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"Today, it's really an eye opener for me!"

A prospective emperor was surprised.

Shun Ji looked ecstatic and began to laugh.

Today's game of chess is full of ups and downs and changes. It's very exciting and unexpected!

"It's over. Now I'm only worried about whether my granddaughter will be able to get into this method..." Lady Meiyan in purple supported her forehead with her hand and sighed.

Other big names also have an "amazing" look.

Everyone can see that lingxiaozi was defeated in the last game.

He seems to have succeeded in breaking through the array, but in fact, he didn't notice that the real means of Lintian's arrangement was actually the big array reflected now!

If you don't realize it or break it, it's a short move.

Lingxiaozi's face was uncertain. He stared at the nine palaces and said nothing.

All of a sudden, many old monsters can't help worrying about lingxiaozi. This old guy has been famous for a long time, but now he is crushed by a younger generation. Can't he bear such a blow?

"Lingxiaozi, take a look at it. The so-called wave after the river pushes the wave before it. Today's people in the world beat the ancients. It's just a temporary defeat. It's nothing."

Someone has begun to comfort.

Shun Ji even opened his mouth and yelled: "old man, you don't think about how many times you've won over me in these years. Have I ever been beaten by failure?"

Lingxiaozi smell speech, as if back to God, no good airway: "in the spirit of a tattoo, you calculate a fart."

Then he stood up, bowed and said, "the talent of my little friend is far better than me. I'm convinced that I lost."

"Don't beat me up, senior. I used some cleverness in this game. I started the layout from the beginning and won't win."

Lintian quickly got up to avoid leaving. He couldn't afford such a big gift.

All the old monsters secretly praise him. He is not arrogant in victory but not disheartened in defeat. He has a good demeanor.

But lingxiaozi shook his head and said with a smile, "don't be modest, you little boy. The game of nine palaces is the means of layout. You can take charge of the whole situation, set up killing moves outside the Bureau, and hide thunder in the silent place. It can be called a magic stroke. How can I not accept it?"

"Come on, don't be modest. Let's accept defeat. Come on, give me all the bets first!"

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Shun Ji was high spirited and shouting.

All the old monsters almost rolled their eyes. It's not your old Shun who won the game. What do you have to do!

However, in their capacity, even if Shun Ji did not remind, he would not default.

Soon, they handed Lin Xun one jade slip. In each jade slip, there was a feeling about the impact of the great holy land.

For others, it may be of little value.

But for Lintian, who was pondering and searching for the great holy land, it was priceless!

With these experiences and experiences, he can avoid many detours, confirm each other, and know more about his own path.

Lintian gave thanks one by one, and he was also very pleased.

This trip to the Great Wall by Emperor Guan is really right. There are many old monsters stationed here. Their accomplishments are amazing, just like those of the elders.

There is no doubt that getting some cultivation and Enlightenment from them is no different from getting a great fortune.

Lingxiaozi was also very happy. He gave a bottle of "jiuxuan spirit pulp" to Lintian, and specially told him: "Xiaoyou, after you have set foot in the great sage's realm, you can use this treasure to temper Daoji and mood. Remember, don't give it all to Lao Shun."Shun Ji didn't have a good way: "I can't do such a dirty thing."

Everyone could not help laughing.

Lintian also laughed. He was also upset by the manner and bearing of these elders.

At least, from the beginning to the end, they did not exclude and belittle themselves because they were a junior.

"Little friend, would you like to have a drink with my old lady?"

The gorgeous lady in purple began to invite Lintian with a smile. She was very interested in Lintian.


PS: listen to you, make up one shift ~

now, I only owe one shift, goldfish, I finally feel much more relaxed

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