Without waiting for Lintian's permission, Shun Ji called out, "OK, drink!"

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Other old monsters also clamored to drink, saying that although the game of chess was fun, it would be more than drunk in the world.

Seeing this, Lintian agreed.

Seeing this, lady Meiyan couldn't help sighing. She had planned to take this opportunity to introduce her granddaughter to Lintian.

Which once thought, in the twinkling of an eye has become a wine.

"OK, since you also want to drink, take out your precious wine. Lao Shun, I remember that you had a jar of ten thousand year old wine" Xueyong Jiangliu ", which you kept in private. It's time to serve you."

The lady in purple glanced at Shun Ji. The latter's body was stiff, smiling reluctantly, nodding: "yes, yes."

"And you lingxiaozi. I remember that one thousand and nine hundred years ago, you excavated a pot of Shenniang from an ancient battlefield. It's said that it was a treasure carried by a certain emperor in the Archaic period. Take it with you, too."

Lady Ziyi glanced at lingxiaozi again.

Lingxiaozi wry smile: "this is of course."

Everyone else can't help laughing. Today is a happy day!

"Don't be stingy. How can there be no delicious food for this gathering? Lao Chai, you are a famous glutton in the ancient wasteland. You can eat all kinds of game. This time, you have to show us. Well, you're the best at cooking "Zuixian chicken."

"And you, Lao Qin, you are the emperor of the qingmuling clan. In the past thousands of years, you have collected many rare fruits and brought them out for everyone to taste. By the way, there must be" xingluan Qingtao "and" Shanxia huozao "

…… All the old monsters who were named by Lady purple were stiff and looked at each other with a bitter smile.

Well, this woman clearly wants to take all the precious pimples they have hidden!

The most powerful thing is that lady Ziyi is so precious that she seems to know all about who has any treasure.

It's an eye opener for Lintian.

"Well, you are lucky this time."

Shun Ji patted Lintian on the shoulder, sighed and laughed.

"Well, today we will show our own magic power, and the power should be to take care of Lintian's little friend."

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Lingxiaozi waved.

Lady Ziyi said with a smile: "then go to my" Miluo Palace ". You can't escape. Today, you can't lose one."

However, just as they were about to take action, there was a sudden sound of breaking the air in the distance, and a fierce and cold smell of blood filled the air.

"It's the blood River underworld boy!"

An old monster frowned.

"It seems that he has created self body method and returned from the burial ground of the starry sky."

Some people are thoughtful.

"Hum, it's no different from heresy to practice with the blood and spirits of ancient ancestors."

Someone is cold.

"Ha ha, who let this son be the direct descendant of dark blood Ming emperor? Today, I wake up. I have not only stepped on the road of juetong, but also become an outstanding figure in juetong. Even if I hate it, I can't deny that it's really not simple. "

Some people sneer.

"Mrs. Wood, this boy is obviously looking for you. If I guess well, he hasn't given up on your granddaughter."

Shun Ji said with a smile.

The lady in purple hummed coldly, with a look of disgust and hatred, and said, "I will not betroth my granddaughter to such a person."

During the conversation, a blood light broke through the air. It was inside the great wall of the imperial pass, and there were many old monsters.

But this blood light is very strong, until they arrive at Shun Ji's side, it suddenly stops, showing a slender and great figure.

Blood eyes, blood hair, blood colored Cape, beautiful face and facial features, with a touch of evil spirit, standing there at will, just like an evil god.

Lintian's eyes suddenly narrowed and he looked strange.


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It's really him!

On the way to the Great Wall, he had seen a huge blood mosquito with 16 pairs of wings lying on a star sky tomb to absorb the blood of an ancient corpse.

However, at that time, it was hard for Lintian to believe that this would be the nether son who died in the realm of the top.

At this time, the other side obviously came back from the dead. How could Lintian not be surprised?

"It seems that it has something to do with the alchemy pot..." Lintian's eyes flashed. There was only a pile of broken meat left in Mingzi who had been killed by him, but it was taken away by the mysterious alchemy pot, which was the key to Mingzi's "resurrection from death".

On the void, as soon as mingzifu arrived, he ignored the other old monsters on the scene, looked directly at Lady purple, and said:

"master, I have successfully created my own Dharma and stepped into the invincible realm of true saints, so I came here for the first time to tell you the news."

"Congratulations." Lady Ziyi has no expression on her face and her words are stiff.

But Mingzi didn't care. He said with a smile: "many years ago, the elder once said that if I could step into the invincible realm in the absolute holy land, I would agree to marry your granddaughter Luo Li to me..."Without waiting to finish, he was interrupted by Lady Ziyi: "I just said that you are qualified to contact Luoli only after you have reached this step, but I never said that you must betroth Luoli to you."


Lintian couldn't help but be stunned. Isn't that the girl Luo Li from Miluo palace in Dihuang kingdom?

At this moment, Mingzi's face suddenly sank, and there was a fierce look on his brow. He said coldly:

"master, you are the emperor, the giant of one side. Do you want to go back on what you said now?"

In a word, aggressive!

Lintian could not help but wonder, where did Mingzi come from? How dare he talk to a prospective emperor like this?

Look at the look of other old monsters, although they all frown, they don't scold Mingzi for his crimes.

It seems that What are you afraid of.


The cold awn in Lady purple's eyes flashed, and an invisible terror spread quickly.

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The nether son, who stood by virtue of emptiness, was directly suppressed and fell to the ground.

Lintian sighed in his heart that this was the emperor to be! Heart read a move, such as power will be like the sky, such as the abyss, terror boundless!

Lady Ziyi then said, "if you didn't have a good ancestor, would you dare to go wild on the Great Wall? I might as well tell you that you still want to marry my granddaughter with your virtue? Don't think about it in your life! "

In the voice, with disdain.

The dark son facial expression is gloomy, way: "so say, the elder is to see me good deceive, really plan to turn back?"

"Turn back?"

The lady in purple suddenly showed an intoxicating smile and said, "why, do you still want to threaten me? Yes, I don't bully you, either. Go and call someone. I'll see if the butcher Gu Liangqu dares to help me! "

Smile charming, beautiful and moving, but nearby old monster all know, wood lady angry!

Mingzi was angry, but he could only bear it.

No one dares to offend him when he passes the Great Wall, because there are many old monsters who were subordinates of the dark blood emperor. Naturally, they take care of him, the descendant of the dark blood emperor.

This is why he dare to confront the emperor like lady purple.

But it doesn't mean that he can be lawless when he passes the Great Wall.

"Little guy, it's strange why this Mingzi dare to be so arrogant. It's very simple. Gu Liangqu, the first person to close the Great Wall, is the backing of this name."

Shun Ji suddenly sent a message to Lintian, "Gu Liangqu has made great achievements in the war and has always been famous. Because of him, in the great wall of the imperial pass, no matter how extraordinary the younger generation of Mingzi behaves, everyone will tolerate him and won't care about him."

"But this time, Mingzi caught the attention of Madame Mu's granddaughter, which is tantamount to violating Madame Mu's bottom line."

Speaking of this, Shun Ji said with a touch of contempt: "if you really want to marry someone's granddaughter, it's OK, but everyone knows that this boy is staring at the blood power of Mrs. Mu's granddaughter! The power of Xianhuang's pulse is enough to make any blood River underworld salivate. "

Hearing this, Lintian understood it thoroughly, and couldn't help asking: "master, is that granddaughter of Mrs. mu the Luo Li from Miluo palace in Dihuang kingdom?"

Shun Ji was stunned. He laughed with a strange look in his eyes and said, "have you been staring at other people for a long time?"

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Lintian laughed and said no, but he said in his heart that it was really Luoli!

Before, Lin Xun had met each other in the battlefield of jiuyu, and he had drunk and talked with each other. He was a gentle, pure and beautiful woman.

But Lintian didn't expect that the beautiful woman in purple, who was called "Lady Mu", was Luo Li's grandmother.

At this time, Mingzi's face was uncertain. He was shocked by Madame Mu's strong attitude. He was very embarrassed to ride a tiger.

No matter how stupid he was, even if Gu Liangqu came, he would not tear his face with Mrs. Mu because of himself.

Can let him so disheartened to give up, not reconciled.

For a moment, the situation was so deadlocked.

All the old monsters couldn't help laughing. As a descendant of the dark blood Ming emperor, his talent may be as broad as the past and bright as the present, but his behavior is too unbearable.


Suddenly, Mingzi glanced at a familiar figure. He was stunned for a moment and cried: "Lintian!"

All the old monsters were stunned. Did Mingzi and Lintian know each other?

But soon, they realized that it was not right, because Mingzi's look suddenly became ferocious and excited. It was like meeting an unforgettable enemy, and the opportunity to kill surged.

"Ha ha ha, I didn't expect that, many years later, I met you in the Great Wall. Is that God's will?"

Mingzi looks up at the sky and laughs.

He is really excited. Over the years, he has been hiding in the great wall of the imperial pass, practicing and improving his strength like crazy.

Why don't you take revenge and punish Lintian, the enemy who brought him endless shame and hatred?Now, he has created his own body method, and has entered a new stage in the absolute holy land. It's like an invincible existence. Coincidentally, in this case, Lintian appeared!

It's like the prey comes to the door.

All the old monsters could not help frowning. They saw that Lintian and Mingzi not only knew each other, but also were enemies!

Even Mrs. Mu was surprised and said, "little friend, have you ever offended him?"

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