Lintian stood up and said with a smile, "not to mention offending. He and I are old acquaintances. We thought we had killed him several times, but in the end, we all survived. This life is harder than the stones in the pit."

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They were all stunned and looked strange.

This is too surprising. I didn't expect that Lintian, a young man who seemed to be independent of the world, had such a brilliant record.

This Mingzi is not simple. No matter how disgusted he is, he can't deny that he is one of the best in the world in terms of his inside information, talent and strength.

But who could have thought that Mingzi had been killed many times?

For a moment, they couldn't help looking at Lintian with a trace of curiosity. It was not easy for them to make lingxiaozi stumble along with Lingwen and defeat Mingzi.

How many secrets are hidden in this boy?

"Little bastard, still dare to have sharp teeth and sharp mouth, don't you know how to write dead words?"

Mingzi was almost angry. Lintian's words were like throwing salt on the wound, which made all his old and new hatred rush to his heart, and his fierce intention to kill also soared.


A terrible blood light soared into the sky, stirring the wind and cloud, and the forest killing machine turned into a real blood smoke!

"What are you going to do? This is the great wall of the imperial pass. No fighting inside! "

Shun Ji's face sank and he yelled.

"It's a matter for me and him. It has nothing to do with you. If you don't want to hurt your friendship, you'd better not interfere. Otherwise, I promise no one will think about it!"

Mingzi gritted his teeth.

Saints sometimes get angry, not in a bad state of mind, but in a reckless act without fear.

It's like this.

A group of old monsters are not happy, more and more see Mingzi not pleasing to the eye, think that with a big backer, you can not put them in the eyes?

"I'll make you laugh. It's just that I didn't kill this guy completely at the beginning, so that he now bites like a mad dog."

With a smile, Lintian arched his hand to shun Ji, Mrs. Mu and others, and said, "however, what he said is not bad. This is my personal feud with him. I hope that I can take this opportunity to solve it completely."

The words are casual, but also with a kind of determination.

Everyone understood that it was not only Mingzi who was eager to kill Lintian. It turned out that Lintian also wanted to take this opportunity to solve Mingzi!

"Ha ha ha, solve me? Well, no matter how good it is, you can all hear it clearly. It's the boy who wants to die on his own! "

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Mingzi laughed and danced wildly.

If it were not for the presence of a group of old monsters, he would have done it for the first time, and would not have talked such nonsense at all!

"Boy, this is the Great Wall. Even if you have the confidence to defeat Mingzi, no matter who it is, you can't kill him. It's a rule. Whoever it is, it must be obeyed. "

Shun Ji quickly told Lintian.

Lintian frowned, not only Mingzi, he also had to care about the feelings of a group of old monsters, otherwise, he would not endure until now.

The so-called enemy meet, especially red eyed is so.

"Lintian, just ask you a question. Do you dare to fight with me?"

Mingzi drank so much that he didn't hide his murder. His eyes were scarlet and terrible. He was really eager for revenge.


A prospective emperor shouts, "what do you regard the Great Wall as? Do you believe that I will suppress you and put you in prison now? "

Mingzi's face was changeable. He hummed coldly after half a sound: "I understand the rules. Just open the magic arena. It's not breaking the rules to start in the magic arena, is it?"

Obviously, he is determined to fight!

The crowd looked at Lintian, which meant it was obvious that as long as you didn't agree, it would be useless for Mingzi to shout again.

"As you can see, if I don't agree, this mad dog will have to bite people. In that case, let me solve it."

Lintian looked calm and his eyes were cold.

He doesn't want to miss this opportunity either!

"Well, Shun Ji, you can open the arena of gods and Demons and let them fight each other."

Mrs. Wood sighed and said.

Shun Ji nodded and suddenly rose out of thin air. With a wave of his sleeve robe, a violent ripple suddenly appeared in the void.

In a short time, a huge challenge arena emerged, glowing, filled with obscure and strange forbidden fluctuations.

This is the magic arena.

In the great wall of the imperial pass, if there are disputes and disputes that cannot be mediated, they will choose to solve them in the field of gods and demons.

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However, in the battlefield, life and death are not allowed to be separated. This is the rule set by Emperor Guan at the beginning of the Great Wall.


Without hesitation, Mingzi rushed to the magic arena for the first time, and his figure stood in it, with the scarlet Cape hunting.

His eyes were cold. He looked down at Lintian below and said, "don't you roll up to die?"

The sound is like thunder.His wanton and arrogant attitude made all the old monsters very uncomfortable. This Mingzi It's lawless!

"Xiaoyou, are you sure you want to fight him?"

Mrs. Mu was worried. Even if Lintian had defeated Mingzi before, it was in the past. Now Mingzi was different from the past.

"He couldn't do it before, but now Neither can I! "

After that, Lintian got up in the air and entered the magic arena with a calm look, just like a banished immortal.

A group of old monsters see this, no longer persuade.

Anyway, with them in charge, death is doomed to be impossible.

But they all have some worries. Over the years, Mingzi has been practising hard on the Great Wall. They all know how powerful Mingzi is now.

But they didn't know about Lintian's strength. They could only see that he had also set foot on the top of the holy land.


In the battle field of gods and demons, Mingzi was about to start at the first time. He couldn't help it, and his killing intention was boiling.

"Wait a minute."

But Lintian suddenly made a sound.

Mingzi's figure stagnated, his face was cold, and he said, "why, are you afraid after going to the challenge arena? I haven't seen you for many years, and you have become less daring? "

Lintian said with a smile: "you should know in your heart that no matter who wins, it's impossible to tell the difference between life and death. Of course, it's very unpleasant. I have a proposal. Before the duel, why don't you and I bet something?"

Mingzi's eyes flashed and said, "good!"

How can he refuse such a good thing?

Hua La ~

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with a wave of Lintian's sleeve robe, a yuan Tu sword like a bloody River Styx and a mottled bronze shield stained with blood appeared.

Then, he said with a smile, "if I lose, these two treasures will belong to you. If I win, I will give you the pot of Hades, how about it?"


Mingzi almost blew up. The yuan Tu sword and bronze shield were his treasures, but they were taken away by Lintian when he was at the top of the world.

Now, the other side shamelessly wants to take this as a gamble, how sinister is the intention!?

What made him most intolerable was that this guy was still staring at his alchemy pot, which was the biggest card and reliance in his hand!

"Yuan Tu sword and Blood River shield are the treasures that the dark blood emperor of the underworld wore before he set foot in the emperor's territory. Ha, I finally believe that Lintian once defeated Mingzi."

Shun Ji was suddenly happy.

Other old monsters also looked strange. Of course, they couldn't have known Yuantu sword and xuehedun.

"Why don't you dare?"

Lintian's words were casual, but with contempt.

Mingzi took a few deep breaths, turned his palm, and a black sword appeared. There was a voice of crying and roaring, which showed the scene of a forest purgatory.

He said coldly, "what a treasure the hell emperor's Alchemy pot is! It can't be used as a gamble at will. However, with this sword, it's enough!"

Nose sword!

Shun Ji, Madame Mu and others were moved.

This sword, like Yuantu sword, is a sacred treasure. It's mysterious and terrible. It's said that it was born in hell. It's powerful enough to frighten ghosts and gods.

The enemy killed by this sword will be trapped in the "Purgatory" inside the sword body forever, suffering endless torment and suffering!

Similarly, a bi sword is also the sword of the dark blood Ming emperor.

Lintian's eyes brightened, and he felt that Mingzi didn't have too many treasures on him. For himself, this guy was more like a baby boy, and he could bring some surprises to himself every time.

"Well, bet on the sword."

Almost without thinking, Lintian agreed.

"Well, I don't think it's enough."

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Mingzi said coldly, "no matter who loses later, you have to kneel down and kowtow and slap yourself. Do you dare to gamble?"

Obviously, he also knew that there were those old monsters. If he wanted to kill Lintian again this time, he was afraid that he would not be able to do so.

However, if he could step on Lintian's feet and suffer endless humiliation, he could barely have a bad breath first.

"Are you sure? I'm a little worried. If you lose, you won't admit it. "

Lintian looked calm.

"With so many people watching, do you think I will default?"

Mingzi's face was cold and his teeth itched.

Before the words came down, he couldn't restrain his intention to kill, so he launched a fierce attack.

Its momentum is like blood, with a kind of publicity, rampant, violent unparalleled power, breaking through the shackles of the void and killing!

Boom ~ ~

in an instant, heaven and earth turned pale and were covered by the terrible blood color killing intention. At this time, the nether world was like a peerless evil god coming out of the nether world, with the momentum of heaven and earth.

In his palms and fingers, a bright seal like blood colored glass roars and collapses the void.The eyes of all the old monsters shrank together. What a powerful force. Is this the power of creating the supreme true saint of self body method?

Lintian couldn't retreat and avoid. His figure was ethereal and ethereal. He pressed it lightly.


The deafening collision, the roar of heaven and earth, and the surge of Daoguang.

An amazing scene appeared. Lintian's palm power seemed simple and casual, but in an instant, he shot the bloody glass seal.

And the figure of Mingzi, who came quickly, seemed to be pushed by the mountain. He suddenly shook in the void and almost staggered back out.


Shun Ji and Mrs. Mu were surprised, and their eyes were full of color.

It's just the first fight, but it's so powerful. Doesn't it mean that Lintian is not an ordinary absolute saint?


PS: I have something to do tonight, but I can't make up for it. I'll make it up another day ~


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