(Mrs. Mu's granddaughter is "Luojia". She has a wrong number...)

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"I didn't expect that you were the perfect cultivation in the highest Holy Land!"

In the void, Mingzi was surprised. It was obvious that in the past few years, not only his accomplishments had improved by leaps and bounds, but also Lintian's enemy's strength had increased.

"Unfortunately, that's all."

When the cold voice rang out, Mingzi's body unfolded.


A bloody lightning as thick as a tree trunk cuts through the void.

Almost instantly, Mingzi moved again, holding the blood colored glass seal, like an evil spirit, smashed out of the air.

A glass seal is only the size of a fist, but when it appears in the void, there are thirty-six bloody purgatories.

In every heavy purgatory, there are thousands of ghosts roaring like gods and demons. They are ferocious and terrifying. In a trance, on that day, on the earth, it's like coming to the underworld!

"Da Ming prison seal!"

An old monster breathes cold air. It's a great evil treasure. It contains 36 kinds of purgatory. It has the power of suppressing heaven and earth and refining Zhou Xu.

"Get up!"

It is different from the fierce attack of Mingzi.

Lintian stood in the same place. With a wave of his sleeve and robe, a lot of sword Qi appeared in the void. Each sword Qi gathered 18000 swords, shining like a vast ocean of swords.

At that moment, the sky seemed to be covered with sword Qi.

33 Epee!


With Lintian's mind moving, a torrent of sword Qi swept away.

Bang bang!

Countless sword Qi collide with a lot of purgatory.

Lintian's sword spirit was so overbearing that he had refined a sword emperor's "three inch sword spirit" not long ago and condensed his sword spirit, which was enough to make any great sage scared.

In a series of deafening blasts, the sword's momentum broke through the purgatory.

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The big hell prison seal in Mingzi's palm suddenly glows.

A lot of purgatory world re evolved, and more powerful, emerged a head of ghost like virtual shadow, each one is powerful, ferocious and terrifying.


In the end, the thirty-three sword Qi was blocked and scattered, and turned into light and rain in the void.

A group of old monsters all show different colors.

Although it was just the beginning of the fight, the strength of the two men's performance surprised both of them.

Mingzi holds the ancient treasure, and is fierce enough to sweep the same generation.

Lintian's sword was like a vast sea. It was so powerful that it made the world turn pale.

But this is just the beginning of the fight.

When they really do their best, what terrible power should they have?

"It's a good treasure. I'll take it."

All of a sudden, Lintian came forward laughing and stepped on the gangdou, just like a real dragon flying in the air.

At the same time, he punched.

The combination of the surging Shengyuan and the power of the law makes this simple fist present a grand momentum that causes the collapse of heaven and earth and the disorder of yin and Yang.

The void was blasted, collapsed and cracked, tearing open a shocking crack.

Shake the sky!

In the dark son scarlet eye also in this moment pan up a silk coagulate color.

Only when he really started, did he realize that his opponent, whom he hated so much, had such powerful fighting power.

In the heart, the original rage then turned into calm, and the murdering chance of Hades then soared.

No matter how powerful you are, what about Lintian?

This time, I will let you kneel down and hit yourself in the face!

Mingzi took a deep breath and looked cold and solemn.

The seal of Daming prison rises from his hands.

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This treasure is made of the iron "xueliu", which contains 36 purgatory boundaries. It is carved with 3600 double lines. It was once refined in the "boundless blood well" by the dark blood Ming emperor for 8000 years.

Since Mingzi awakened from the silence, he sacrificed this treasure day and night with his own essence and blood. Now, his power is far beyond comparison.

At this moment, with Mingzi's real means, the great hell was printed in the void and suddenly opened up to light up the universe. Thirty six purgatories, like bloody worlds, were located in the void of heaven and earth.

For a moment, the nether son is just like the master of purgatory, and is defended by the emperor!

This scene made the old monsters on the scene feel a little surprised, and they had to sigh that this Mingzi was really worthy of being the direct descendant of the dark blood Emperor Ming. Not only was the inside information terrible, but also the treasure in his hand was extremely terrible.

At this time, Lintian's shaking the sky fist had been broken.


The strength of the fist blows, the current surges, and the world vibrates.

Lintian's fist power was like a dragon Python rushing into the thirty-six purgatory. It collided and rolled fiercely, setting off a torrent of light.But, in the end, it was blocked.

"It seems that you are not as brave as you used to be!"

Mingzi laughed and his blood flew.

The thirty-six purgatory was like a cage that sealed the sky and locked the earth. It was suppressed from the void. It wanted to trap Lintian in it and complete the purgatory.

All the old monsters had a look.

"Don't say that too early. Be careful to hit yourself in the face."

But Lintian gave a long smile and stepped in the air. He was as powerful as an ancient demon. He raised his fist to kill again.

Boom! Boom!

In the battle field of gods and demons, it's like thunder.

Lintian's fists broke through the void one by one, whistling away, sinking the void, producing a deafening explosion.

However, no matter how powerful the fist was, it could not break the thirty-six purgatory.

In the eyes of outsiders, Lintian seemed to have fallen into a bad situation.

But the eyes of those would-be emperor figures on the scene were so hot that they could see at a glance that with each blow of Lintian's fist, his fist strength would produce a terrible shock force, and the thirty-six purgatory also suffered a terrible impact. It seemed intact, but in fact it was about to collapse.

Sure enough, there will be changes in the next moment.

"Ninth punch!"

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Lintian's fists were clumsy and simple in the air, but there was a way to be simple, and the charm of returning to nature after being washed away.

It was the great ability that created "shaking the sky and collapsing the road" in those years. It was amazing to see Lintian's fist.

Lintian has already deduced his own power and true meaning of shaking the sky!


The thirty-six purgatories of Mingzi were smashed.

Instead of being crushed one by one, the thirty-six purgatories collapsed and disappeared in this instant.

The terrifying strength of the fist is like the fury wave attacking the air and forcing it to the hell!

"This son is so strong?"

At last, Mingzi was moved, and his eyes were startled. At this moment, he did not hesitate to summon all the powers of Daming prison seal.

However, no matter how he changed, Lintian's fist strength seemed to be unmatched. He broke through many attacks, and his strength was in a mess.

This makes all the old monsters dumbfounded. Now the young people are so fierce?

It should be noted that when they were in the true holy land, they were far from so powerful!


Finally, Lintian punched on the seal of the big hell prison. In the roar, the void under Mingzi's feet exploded directly.

But Mingzi was so shocked that he staggered backward, and his life and blood were all rolling. When he looked at Lintian again, his eyes were angry.

This blow, at a disadvantage, hurt his face.

"It seems that you haven't made much progress these years."

When Lintian spoke, his figure had already moved. He was about to take in the prison seal.

"You dare!"

Mingzi drank and killed. This guy really wanted to win the treasure. It's clear that he didn't pay attention to himself at all!


His figure was surging and bloody. He stormed up and fought with Lintian.

For a moment, in the fight field of the gods and demons, the sound of the Tao is rolling, the blood light is surging, and the strength of the fist is surging, which makes the heaven and earth turn pale, the clouds collapse in all directions, and the void collapse!

There are many miraculous visions, such as the roar of gods and demons, the torrential rain of blood, the collapse of the earth, the falling of stars and the moon The incredible fighting scene is enough to shock the world.

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"We used to It's not as much as they are... "

Shun Ji sighed.

Other old monsters also have feelings, mood ups and downs.

What surprised them most was Lintian, because it was the first time that they saw Lintian fight. The strength of his fighting power completely overturned their original cognition.

Only then did they realize that this boy was not just a wizard who had the power of a great master in Lingwen.

He himself is an extremely powerful figure!

If the general true saint duel, these old monsters don't want to see it at all.

But this battle in front of them, they are completely attracted, for fear of missing any details!

"Lintian Xiaoyou is certainly not an ordinary person. His role is doomed to be unknown. Even if you look at the whole ancient wasteland, you can be regarded as a rare talent. Now I'm more and more curious. What's his past?"

Lady Mu's beautiful eyes are full of splendor.

"I'm a little worried. There are many secret treasures and Maces in Mingzi."

Shun Ji said.

Lintian's fighting power also surprised him, but at the same time, he knew more about how terrible the inside information of Mingzi, the queen of dark blood.

In the battle field of gods and demons, the fighting intensified. In the end, there was almost no figure between Lintian and Mingzi. There was a clear light and a blood light fighting. Every collision brought up the strong wind and light.Fortunately, it was in the battle field of gods and demons. Otherwise, the Great Wall would be destroyed.


Another collision, the bloody figure retreated suddenly in the void, and was knocked upside down by Lintian, which shattered the void nearby.

"Mingzi, take out your real skills, don't you create your own method, but let me see. With your present means, it's far from enough."

Lintian stood upright in the void, with a brilliant figure. He was like a banished immortal, but he was as powerful as a demon. His demeanor was beyond the imagination of many old monsters, which made them all speechless.

"This is your own death!"

Mingzi was angry, and his face was cold and terrible. Although he had been shaken back before, he seemed to be a bit embarrassed, but he didn't seem to have suffered much damage.

"Over the years, I have endured all kinds of hardships, exhausted all kinds of nature, and finally realized the self method of true knowledge, which is called the lotus terrace of the nether God!"

Mingzi made a voice indifferently.

In his body gradually emerged a universal, invincible style, the whole person's atmosphere, also changed.

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