Chapter 1006: Chapter 1005 – Underground Arena, Part 1

Xie Yufeng crawled up from the floor. Although a few gangsters couldn’t really deal him any serious harm, scratches and bruises were inevitable!

Lin Yi! Lei Zhenyu! If I, Xie Yufeng don’t kill you both, I swear I won’t become a human anymore!

“How pitiful is this person, how did he offend those gangsters from the underground, is he really alright?” A passenger sighed as he saw the ugly sight.

“Yeah, will he die? He should better go to the hospital and do a full body checkup, who knows if there was any internal damage!” Another passenger added.

“What are you guys looking at!” Xie Yufeng clenched his teeth and glared daggers at the people before moving away from the spotlight.

He no longer had the face to return Lin Yi’s room now, he could only go back to his own room.

Xie Yufeng came into the room to see everyone in puzzlement! In this room, Xie Yufeng was the main character, he was the one who invited the class to KTV, after all. Naturally, the whole class also put him as the centre of attention, they were all stunned when Xie Yufeng came back with a green nose and swollen face!

Meanwhile, Li Panghu and Wang Congli quickly walked towards Xie Yufeng as they asked hastily, “Master Xie, did something happen? Your face…”

“Nothing, I just accidentally slipped over on the slippery floor!” Xie Yufeng waved his hand as he impatiently explained.

“Slipped?” Li Panghu and Wang Congli knew how strong Xie Yufeng was. How could a peak early phase mystic class master fall down from a slippery floor? However, it seemed like Xie Yufeng didn’t want to further explain himself so they didn’t insist either.

On Lin Yi’s side, he had only said what he said to frighten Xie Yufeng, he never stepped out of the room ever after that. This guy was hiding his true strength, then he had to bear all the consequences from hiding it.

In the room, Chen Yushu and Feng Xiaoxiao were quarrelling again, fighting over nothing. Lin Yi could only smile bitterly, both of them were evenly matched, and neither of them were willing to admit defeat. Hence, there was no winner from all their fights.

However, their topics were from the south of the sky to the north of the sea- it was very far apart. At first, they were both fighting for Lin Yi, then things took another turn to who was stronger!

“I previously had Yaoyao sis’s admirer, Zhong Pinliang, ran an errand for me- he went all the way one-kilometre from school to buy me grilled squid!” Yushu boasted.

“Pftttt lame, I had someone treat me to a dinner worth a few hundred million!” Xiaoxiao didn’t want to lose.

Chu Mengyao saw that both of them were enjoying themselves very much, so she didn’t bother them and passed the mic to Tangyun after she was tired of singing, “Do you want to sing?”

“I…. Never mind?” Tangyun had neve came to places like this before, nor did she sing regularly at home. She did listen to some pop songs, but it was just listening. Asking her to sing well was impossible.

“Why don’t you give it a try? Otherwise, I’ll be the only singer in this room…” Chu Mengyao eyed Shu and shook her head as she lowered her voice, “This Feng Xiaoxiao…. What’s wrong with her?”

“Have Lin Yi explain it to you guys tonight, it’s not good to say it here…” Tangyun was a careful person, she didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag.

“I see… okay,” Chu Mengyao nodded. Since Tangyun said that Lin Yi should explain then she must have her own reason to let Xiaoxiao do whatever she liked.

“Aren’t both of you tired?” Lin Yi asked Chen Yushu and Feng Xiaoxiao, “You guys are so in sync, why not form a team instead, who knows whether you guys might triumph in the competition?”

“No thanks, I don’t like people that are similar to me,” Chen Yushu shook her head and rejected.

“One mountain cannot accommodate two tigresses, do you think that I will like you?” Feng Xiaoxiao rejected too.

“He…..” Lin Yi smiled, “Then do you guys want to sing? If not, let’s go back to sleep!”

“Sing, why not!” Chen Yushu jumped up from her seat when she heard Lin Yi and eyed Feng Xiaoxiao, “Now it’s my time to perform….”

Under the dazzling sky was Songshan city, neon lights flashed in the city’s hustle and bustle. The car lot outside the entertainment buildings were filled with cars as people came and left, it was lively! However, under this ambient atmosphere, the was a place enclosed with darkness and blood!

“Good beating! Kill him! Purple Wolf sure win, Purple Wolf do your best!”

“Left hook right hook, kick his brain! Kill the Purple Wolf! Black Bear sure win!”

This was an abandoned factory but it was transformed into an underground boxing arena. The arena was surrounded by circles by circles of audience seats, and on the seats were crazy young teens shouting. Infront of the teens were the VIP seats, people who were sitting at the front had the faces of a boss, their auras were dense and steady. Cigars could be found hanging from all the bosses’ mouths, they were all staring at the bloody scene with a faint smirk on their face….

“Boss Li, who did you bet on today?” A fat guy who had a cigar in his mouth asked a middle-aged man with sunglass beside him.

“Obviously Purple Wolf? They won three times straight in a row today. I bet three million on them today!” Boss Li smiled. Although three million sounded like a lot, he never seemed to put the three million in his eyes at all- it was just a sneeze to him.

“Hehe, me too I bet Purple Wolf but not that much, only two million!” The fat guy smiled as he replied, “It was just for the mood, losing an amount only equal to a few red wines doesn’t really matter to me.”

“You’re right, I enjoy the blood boiling process very much! This arena is good, it has my blood pumping, they are different from those fake ones. In this place people are really killing each other for real! Their punches have the intention to kill!” The guy with the sunglasses nodded in agreement.

In the middle of the arena, there were two people fighting, both were wearing helmets with different images on them and were fighting hand combat!

One was wearing the purple wolf image helmet- he was obviously from the Purple Wolf gang. On the other hand, the other one was wearing a black bear image helmet- he was none other than the fighter from the Black Bear gang!

The Black Bear representative was injured by the Purple Wolf person until his whole body was covered in blood. The Purple Wolf fighter sent a final heavy punch towards the Black Bear opponent, sending him flying and landing on the platform heavily!

“Wooo——” the crowd cheered at the final blow, some were overjoyed but some were crying at the result! Naturally, the overexcited ones were the one who bet on Purple Wolf and while the crying ones were on the loser side! Also, there were people who didn’t involve themselves in the gambling and were just there to watch the adrenaline-pumping boxing fight!

Spending two hundred yuan just to seek excitement was not cheap yet while this abandoned factory could hold up to ten thousands of people, there were only empty seats on the first few days. Word spread very quickly after that, one to ten, ten to hundred and hundred to thousand, more and more, people were introduced to this place, resulting in a full house every night. All the tickets were sold out!

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