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Mingzi's slender body is full of blood light. If it is the master of this situation, his blood and hair are full of light.

It is indistinctly visible that at its feet, a lotus terrace emerges, red as blood, which is made of overlapping wings covered with dense and obscure inscriptions.

Based on it, Mingzi is like a god!

At this moment, the eyes of a group of old monsters burst out, showing their startled looks. What a powerful way. This is the invincible way to the true holy land. It belongs to Mingzi.

All the true saints who can do this step are peerless figures who are able to open up the past and shine the present. Their fighting power is so powerful that it is not difficult to cross the border!

Meanwhile, Lintian was surprised in his black eyes.

Mingzi had never entered the battlefield of the nine regions, but he was able to become a saint at Jueming, and even create his own body method. His talent is much better than many "Qingming bajue" characters.

But immediately, Lintian was calm again.

When it comes to creating one's own law, looking at the current world, looking at the nine regions, who has ever led to the "disaster of crossing the law" because of creating one's own law?

Almost none!

Even if there is, it can't be Mingzi!

Only looking at the breath of Mingzi at the moment, Lintian had judged it.

"Nine broken, broken stars!"

Mingzi set foot in the air, the whole person a bloody rainbow, with the earth shaking roar, he pressed out.

The palmprint condensed into the shape of the lotus terrace, flowing blood, showing the terrible vision of the collapse of ten thousand stars and the destruction of Zhou Xu.

If so.

Before the underworld, the combat power can be regarded as the top in the supreme holy land.

At this moment, he has a kind of invincible trend. He can walk with the law. The Tao and the body are in line with the power of heaven and earth. It is too powerful to imagine.

"That's interesting."

Lintian was scattered in the dark. He was hunting in his clothes and hit with one blow.

It was just like a child scribbling.

But as soon as this fist is put out, everyone has a feeling, as if witnessing the appearance of the road, gathering in this fist.

The main road is nameless, and its strong name is "Dao".

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And Lintian's fist showed a kind of primitive sense of returning to the truth, which was full, comfortable and mysterious.


There was a bang.

The bloody Palmprint and fist force collide and spread in the field of gods and demons, just like the battle of the sun, which shows the scene of destroying the heaven and the earth.

Lintian's body shook slightly, and his heart was clear. "It seems that the self method you created is just like this."

It's in the way!

A group of old monsters took a cool breath. Today's young people are much more fierce than they used to be. The power they showed makes them feel incredible.

"Lintian, you really deserve to be a peerless person. You have taken care of three ways of cultivation, and you have done it. Now you have tempered the general trend of true knowledge in the juetong holy land. If you were a general character, you would not be your opponent."

At this time, Mingzi's face was indifferent and calm, but his eyes were even better:

"it's a pity that when you meet me, it's just a sharpening stone at best. Today, I'll take you to practice my Dharma!"


At this time, Mingzi made another move.

His figure unfolds like an evil spirit, stretching his arms and condensing an obscure handprint in the empty air.

All of a sudden, the power of the Zhou Tian seems to be drawn, and all of them are boiling and surging. They blend into the palm print and reflect the lotus platform of the God of the underworld. Its light is like the sun and reflects the sky!

"The second break of Hades, the sun

Press out with one palm, just like the God of the dark swings the sun and kills the world.

"This is the law of oneself, the fusion of law and Tao, and the harmony of God and will, which is enough to release all the power of oneself unprecedentedly, and has the invincible potential of" I am the top at the end of the road. "

There is the feeling of the old monster.


Lintian was not afraid. He was as powerful as a dragon and as powerful as a demon. He moved the void and raised his fist to kill. It was simple and direct.

The fist strength intersected with the palmprint, and finally broke up in the void one after another. The terrible wave of destruction made the magic arena shake violently.

In the light and rain, Lintian stepped back a few steps and made a sound of hunting in his clothes.

In the eyes of outsiders, he was obviously at a disadvantage in such a confrontation.

Many old monsters are nervous.

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"The third break, zhengu!"

At this moment, Mingzi was powerful, and his whole body was full of bloody light. He pressed it out with one hand. If heaven and earth were imprisoned, he wanted to refine all things in the world.

Lintian didn't look sad or happy. His whole body was like a raging wave. He pointed in the air and hit the palm print that came down from the sky.


Lintian's figure retreated suddenly.

And Mingzi's momentum was like a rainbow, and he didn't hesitate to kill him. His look was cold and murderous.

The fourth is to divide Yin and Yang.The fifth is to break the five elements.

The sixth is to kill ghosts.

The seventh break

With each stroke, the lotus platform of Hades presents a different power, which evolves into a terrifying power. It has the potential to strike nine days and be invincible.

This is the self method of Mingzi. Based on the lotus platform of the God of the underworld, nine handprints are formed. Each blow contains endless miracles.

All the old monsters were dazzled. If Lintian had the power to confront and suppress Mingzi before, then it was the opposite.

In this way, Lintian was completely passive, and was steadily suppressed by Mingzi, and his figure was shaken back from time to time.

Shun Ji, Mrs. Mu and others can't help worrying.

A moment later, Mingzi's momentum was like a rainbow, and he suddenly gave out a violent drink: "Ninth break, eternal sorrow!"


This time, a handprint turned into a lotus terrace, which covered the sky and covered the earth. It thundered down in the empty air. The power of this attack was more than twice as powerful as before!

Many old monsters are slightly discolored, ready to move.

Because this palm is too terrible, the power is so strong that the huge GOD Devil fighting field is suddenly buzzing and shaking up!

But to everyone's surprise, Lintian didn't dodge. He didn't look flustered. Instead, he showed a touch of ridicule.

Self law may be the way to the invincible.

But this kind of method, also has the high and low division!

At least, after the previous battles, Lintian completely understood that Mingzi's own method was just like this.

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It should be noted that before fighting, Lintian had already blocked all kinds of attacks of Mingzi without using the mystery of "Da Dao Hong Lu Jing"!

Sooner or later, Mingzi's ninth break had come, and his power was all over the sky. The breath of destruction disturbed the void.

Lintian didn't keep it any more. He just punched it.

However, compared with before, the artistic conception and true meaning of this boxing are completely different. It is like a furnace of heaven and earth, which can contain all kinds of methods and ways.

Boom ~ ~ the earth shaking roar resounds. In the battle field of gods and demons, there are chaos, turbulence, and disillusionment like scenes. Countless streams of light sweep away. Just the aftershocks are enough to kill any ordinary saint.

What made the old monsters gape was that when the smoke and dust were dispersed, Lintian, who was regarded by them as in a desperate situation, was standing in the same place at the moment, undamaged. His figure was like a big flood furnace across the ages, fearing no attack from the eight winds.

On the other side

Mingzi's body was swept by a hurricane. He staggered back in the empty air until he was more than ten feet away.

But his face was full of horror and he said, "it's impossible!"

In the voice, it's unbelievable.

Not long ago, he created his own Dharma. He believed that he had entered the threshold of invincibility in the absolute holy land. Looking around the world, he could be respected in this land.

In fact, in the previous fight, it really made him very happy. He suppressed Lintian so fast that he couldn't lift his head!

Especially when he made the ninth break, he was ready to divide the victory and defeat and suppress Lintian to his knees.

But it happened that an accident happened in his most proud strike!

This unexpected blow made Mingzi feel confused.

He was not the only one. All the old monsters on the scene had planned to rescue him. They were worried that Mingzi would kill Lintian because of his heavy hand.

But who ever thought that such a scene was staged!

"That's all you have to do Well, today, Lin will give you a chance to see what the real self method is. "

In the magic field, Lintian's indifferent voice sounded.

In a word, the stone breaks the sky!

This boy has created his own body method?

The old monsters were stunned.

The next moment, they saw that Lintian stretched out in the void.

Hualala ~

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there was a roar like a vast ocean in his body, and his whole body's Qi mechanism was like a burning boiling, showing a kind of overwhelming momentum.

Just like a furnace in the air, can suppress the ancient and modern future!

As soon as the terrible power was released, there was a layer of terror in heaven and earth, which made the old monsters tremble in their hearts.

What kind of law is this?

How can its breath be so obscure and terrifying?

Looking at Lintian again, his figure was out of thin air, overlooking the mountains and rivers and taking charge of the universe. It was totally different from before.

"This boy, it's so hidden!"

Shun Ji smacks his tongue.

"The more like this, the better. It's not difficult to be a saint. It's too difficult to be a saint. This son can do whatever he wants in the real holy land."

Mrs. Mu youyou comments.

At this time, Mingzi in the field of gods and Demons was like a great enemy, with an unprecedentedly dignified look.

The change of Lintian's breath made him feel extremely depressed. Almost out of instinct, he didn't hesitate to go out with all his strength, as if he was desperate, and his whole strength was released unprecedentedly.Whoo!

Mingzi took a deep breath, palmed his fingers in an instant, and sent out nine handprints, each of which reflected a lotus terrace of different gods.

Once the nine palms are printed, heaven and earth tremble together, and all sides lose color.

How vast was the general situation of Zhou Tian, but now he was used by Mingzi himself, and his heart and soul were all devoted to this attack.


With a loud drink from Mingzi, Jiuchong's palmprint suddenly came back to one, and turned into a glowing blood colored lotus stand, just like the polished blood colored jade, which covered the dense Ming text and was magnificent.


His heart read a move, this square lotus terrace immediately like find vent target, soar into the air, toward forest seek town kill and go.

This is no doubt the means for Mingzi to press the bottom of the box, and it is the strongest blow for him to gather all his strength. The power is strong enough to shake the world!

Seeing this, everyone held their breath.


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