Chapter 42. Got misled

Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law remarked that Fourth Sister-in-law was too polite. Between brothers, there was no need for so many gifts.

This move of Lin Qing He had shut Second Sister-in-law up as she had murmured the other day about her dissatisfaction with the three apples.

Now she got face slapped. Lin Qing He sent two buns, which wasn't a light gift.

"Once Fourth Brother-in-law retired, she knows how to behave. However, her life is soon going to go bad, why pretend to be a big bad wolf (like from red riding hood?)! Using buns for human relations!" At night, Second Sister-in-law grumbled to her Second Brother.

"If there is anything they need help with in the future, I'll still go." Second Brother couldn't care less about the women's thoughts as he indulged in the aftertaste.

This bun was so delicious that he can have a good dream at night.

"I had thought when Fourth Brother-in-law retired, she will cause a lot of trouble. But there's nothing at all. Say, how much much money did Fourth Brother-in-law bring back?" asked Second Sister-in-law.

"It doesn't matter how much money he brings back, it got nothing to do with us," Second Brother stated.

Second Sister-in-law shoved him: "I'm not eyeing it. I just want to ask. Wonder if there are five hundred?"

"Five hundred? You think too much. The last guy in the outer village who retired only got three hundred." Second Brother pointed out.

"Doesn't Fourth Brother-in-law often gain merits? So they can give him more?" Second Sister-in-law said.

"I say you shouldn't care about these things. I believe no amount of money is not enough for Fourth's wife to waste." Second Brother waved his hand.

Even though he was satisfied with the lunch from two days back, he was even more satisfied with today's two big white buns. But still, no matter how you look at it, Fourth's wife doesn't know how to live.

"And no matter how much money old Fourth brings back, with a swoop of a shopping trip, there'll be no income in the future." Second Brother declared.

Hearing this, Second Sister-in-law finally dropped it. This was indeed true. The old saying was right. A mountain of treasure at home can't beat daily entry of penny. With Lin Qing He's prodigal nature, how much was enough for her?

Even if a lot of money was brought back this time, it certainly wasn't enough to use.

"She used to love cleanliness so much and disdain this and that. Now, isn't she raising pigs in the backyard?" Second Sister gloated in delight.

It wasn't easy to tidy up after two piglets. It was physically taxing. And also stunk like hell.

In the future, arrogant Lin Qing He had to face the pressure of real life, which caused Second Sister-in-law to have a thrilling feeling of trampling down the phoenix.

Third Sister-in-law was pretty far along with her pregnancy, so she didn't go out. Eldest Sister-in-law came over.

Although their relationship wasn't great in the past, she was still her sister-in-law. So Eldest Sister-in-law came over to persuade her, telling her that with family, there's no need to be polite. If they need help with something, it was fine to just let them know in the future. She doesn't have to make these resource-consuming food.

Lin Qing He's impression of Eldest Sister-in-law was still pretty good. As she was an understanding person, naturally Lin Qing He was willing to get closer to her.

Third Sister-in-law was also the same. Among the sisters-in-law, it was only Second Sister-in-law she doesn't want to interact with.

"I promised Mother that I would get Third Sister-in-law two pig's trotters for breastfeeding during her post-natal confinement. When Eldest Sister-in-law gives birth, I will also grab two for you to stewed with peanuts." Staring at Eldest Sister-in-law's obvious baby bump, Lin Qing He said.

"Then I won't be shy with you." At these words, Eldest Sister-in-law's heart moved and felt Fourth's wife was very nice.

"During this stage, you should eat more apples, Eldest Sister-in-law. Don't be reluctant to. Wait for when the baby is born, then you'll be delighted." Lin Qing He advised.

"What do you say this?" Eldest Sister-in-law paused.

"Look at my boys. How do they look like? Pretty, right?." Lin Qing He said while knitting the sweater.

This sweater was for Zhou Qing Bai. He doesn't have a lot of clothes. She had to step up the pace for him. This weather was really chilling to the bones.

Fortunately, she got Zhou Dong to bring so much firewood, otherwise, the Kang doesn't have enough to burn.

"Da Wa and his brothers are really pretty." Eldest Sister-in-law couldn't help but say. This was not flattery.

Zhou Qing Bai grew up quite well. He was tall and handsome, let alone Lin Qing He. She was a flower within and outside the village when she was still at her maternal home. And it hadn’t changed much since she was married. Going out now, and say she was unmarried, people would believe it.

Don’t know if she was seeing things, but Eldest Sister-in-law felt Fourth's wife had become more good-looking. Especially in recent days. She can’t pinpoint which part looks good. It was just a feeling.

Da Wa, Er Wa, and San Wa all picked up their parents' best features. It can be said that they couldn't find such good-looking brothers out of the whole village.

And because of this, Father Zhou and Mother Zhou extremely doted on them.

Especially now that Fourth's wife gave them special care. All of them look so handsome, her eyes could drool.

"Pretty is right. Then do you know what I ate when I was pregnant with them?" Lin Qing He said.

"What did you eat?" Eldest Sister reacted.

"The thing that I have eaten the most was this apple. One a day. Buy more after finishing it. That's why the brothers are born with very good skin. Immunity system. This immunity system is their physical fitness. It's also very good. The brothers rarely catch a cold or fever." Lin Qing He explained.

"This cost a lot." Eldest Sister-in-law heard the words, exclaimed.

"It does. But why do we work so diligently in our life? It's all for the sake of the children. Can we possibly let our children lose at the starting line? At this time, one person eats, two people get nourished. And you serve the whole family. Now, what's wrong with you eating some apples while pregnant?" Lin Qing He continued.

Now that she mentioned, the words spun around Eldest Sister-in-law's mind. How difficult pregnancy is? Even if the people in this era are strong, they basically do not take this matter seriously. But if they can, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this time to live a good life?

But Sister Zhou didn't have the courage to spend her money. She felt pained for every penny she spent and couldn't spend so much money on food like she did without blinking.

"Apple doesn't cost much money. One coin can buy a lot back. You have worked hard for so long. It's no problem to give yourself a treat." Lin Qing He coaxed: "You can go back and explain to Third Sister-in-law about eating more apples during pregnancy."

She had said what needed to be said. As for whether she listened or not, it was up to them.

After Eldest Sister-in-law went back, Mother Zhou came over and asked her: "Did you tell the Fourth's wife?"

Elder Sister-in-law had been instructed by Mother Zhou to go over. Zhou Mu felt that if she went over, she would definitely annoy Fourth's wife. So she could only send Eldest Sister-in-law.

"Mother, don't worry. Fourth Sister-in-law knows." Eldest Sister-in-law said.

"If she had kept it in mind, would I have to worry about it? Now that old Fourth has retired, there's no income at home. If she keeps eating like this, how can it be possible?" Mother Zhou lamented.

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