Chapter 41. Brothers helping out

The whole family was content after the meal.

Then they brushed my teeth, wash their face, hands, and feet before getting into the land to sleep.

"You sleep by yourself. I'll sleep with the three boys." Lin Qing He said and brought her sons back into the room.

Zhou Qing Bai watched her slim back depart with a pursed lip. He hadn't care this morning, but only after a day of effort, he pondered if he agreed too early?

Lying in the warm blanket, Zhou Qing Bai was a bit unable to sleep. This day was a bit different from what he expected before he returned.

He thought she would make a lot of ruckuses, but she didn't.

Not only did she not, but she had also taken care of the food aspect well. The food was particularly good.

He never knew her culinary skills were so good. Although she would cook when he returned previously, she only gave him a bowl of noodles for the whole day. Nothing else.

Don't know if he was overthinking, but she seemed enthusiastic about him returning home.

At this time, the sound of children's playing transmitted from the next room. And also her peals of laughter. Zhou Qing Bai's expression eased. He believed that even though she was a little angry, she probably wasn't repulsed by him.

Cluelessly to the man's pondering in the next room, Lin Qing He played with her three sons for a while and then dozed off with them.

Sleeping early at night, she would wake up early in the morning without anyone waking her. It's just that, the bed was too warm, she doesn't want to get out.

But the thought of a wounded next door needed nutrition bugged her. Last night's chicken soup should have been long digested and such a big guy, his appetite was really large.

So Lin Qing He got up. Now it was only about 6:30. When she got up, she found him just returning from the outside. It seems like he had gone out for a morning jog.

"Gone for a run?" After a pause, Lin Qing He enquired.

"En." Zhou Qing Bai glanced at her: "Go to sleep some more. I will make breakfast."

"No need. If you don't want to rest, go fix up a pig shed. The earlier its built, the earlier we can pick up piglets." Lin Qinghe said.

Zhou Qing Bai nodded, then went to work in the backyard, Lin Qing He cooked millet porridge, and a plate of cold fungus as a side dish, which was soaked last night. Perfect to eat today.

It was almost time, so she roused up the three boys. She poured hot water out for them to wash their faces and applied the vanishing cream on them before coming out.

She fried five sunny sides up eggs, one per person. This one should be eaten while it is hot, otherwise, it won't be tasty.

Zhou Qing Bai said nothing about her using oil to fried eggs. After eating a simple and nutritious breakfast, Zhou Qing Bai continued to work in the backyard. Today he can complete the pig shed.

Lin Qing He said to Da Wa: "Go call your Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle and Third Uncle to come and help your father."

Zhou Qing Bai insisted there was no need. Lin Qing He brushed it off: "You still have injuries. It's no deal to call them to help. In two days, I plan to make buns. I'll give them a few then."

With this, Zhou Qing Bai had nothing to say.

The three Zhou brothers came over. There was a lot of friction between the women, but there was not so much between the brothers.

Naturally, they would come over to give a hand especially now that Zhou Qing Bai, this younger brother who needs help.

Moreover, the single room they live in now used the allowance that Zhou Qing Bai had previously sent home, otherwise everyone would have to squeeze together.

Especially since a single room needed a lot of money now. It used to be cheaper when they hadn't had enough to eat, so they have benefited a lot.

Many people in the village currently had their first branch, second branch, and third branch stuffed into one room. Normally, their days were lively and noisy, and a lot of siblings turned against each other.

Because of the contrast, even Second Sister-in-law's mind felt comforted. At least it was one family in one room for them.

The few brothers came to help, so Lin Qing He had them stay for lunch.

Lunch was boiled sweet potatoes. Although the main dish was a little simpler, the side dishes were still okay. A bowl fried egg and shredded potatoes, a plate of stewed pork belly with starch noodles, stewed ribs and mushrooms, and a pot of seaweed rib soup.

Even Second Brother and Third Brother were extremely satisfied with their food. They concluded that they haven't worked for nothing today.

Eldest Brother was kind-hearted, said repeatedly: "We're brothers. No need to treat us like this! It's only a small matter."

"It's okay. Eldest Brother, eat ba." Lin Qing He responded.

Eldest Brother was a little worried about the Fourth's family's living condition. How much money was required to eat like this?

While Zhou Qing Bai didn't say anything. The gaze toward his wife had a hint of appreciation. Lin Qing He secretly shot a glare at him- What are you looking at? Eat!

They came to work, of course, she had to make some food. Do they think she was so petty?

She ignored him and busied away feeding San Wa.

This meal was contained some careful planning. Although every dish seems to have meat, the actual amount put in wasn't much. She only put four eggs in the pot of fried egg and potatoes. It was fried with lard, making it delicious. The plate of stewed pork belly with starch noodles had at most three jin. Stewed pork ribs and mushrooms, and seaweed ribs soup was made with one portion of pork ribs.

With this, it looked like the oil content was sufficient.

At least the three Zhou brothers were very satisfied. It was adequate for Zhou Qing Bai and the children.

Because the three Zhou brothers came over to help, the pig shed was built in a day. In the evening, Lin Qing He did not keep the three for dinner. She settled it by giving three apples each to bring home.

"Sent you away with only three apples?" Once Second Brother returned, Second Sister-in-law's response was dissatisfaction.

After a day of work, there wasn't any brown sugar. Just apples? Was this how you send someone away?

"Noon meal was pretty good." Second Brother didn't say anything. After all, the meal at noon was enough compensation.

And because the three brothers went over, how much work can each one do? With Fourth's wife's temperament, to not create trouble this time and still cook these dishes, Second Brother felt it was worth it.

Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law had no comment after learning about the lunch. They were delighted about the apples as both of them were pregnant with their children.

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou were relieved. From the look of it, the youngest son's wife can be considered to be settling down and will no longer act up.

"Fortunately, we gave her two hundred yuans, otherwise she wouldn't calm down so quickly," Mother Zhou remarked.

"Don't talk about this. As long as they can live well, it's enough. Since Fourth's family will raise pigs, their future won't be bad." Father Zhou said.

Mother Zhou sighed, but said nothing.

She just hoped that Fourth's wife can be more prudent with their living style.

Not even two days, Fourth's family got Da Wa and Er Wa to deliver eight buns.

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou each got one. While the other three families had two. It was filled with pork, fungus, and mushrooms. So tasty that one can nearly swallow their tongue.

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