The void is turbulent, and its sound is like thunder. The palm print of a scarlet and bloody nether God liantai has set off a terrible storm of Daoguang, which is rampant in the field of gods and demons.

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With this move, many old monsters can't calm down.

Is this the power of a true saint?

It's shocking.

Lintian didn't look sad or happy, so he punched.

In a flash, the boundless and grand Shengyuan roared out of its body, and the endless divine light shone on the sky!

It is just like the flood furnace, showing the image of troubled times.


The sky is shaking, the sun and the moon are not shining.

It can be seen from the naked eye that Lintian's fist strength was everywhere. Everything was unbreakable, unstoppable, and unmatched.

The most powerful blow of Mingzi was so terrible and rebellious, but in front of this blow, he was blown away.


That scarlet as blood of the God lotus, all burst open suddenly, like paper paste.

And under the shocking gaze of many old monsters, the power of this fist blasted the whole man away.

With a puff, Mingzi's mouth and nose gushed blood, and his chest clothes were smashed, revealing a pair of dark blue secret pattern armor.

It was supposed to be an ancient treasure with astonishing defensive power, but at this time, a fist seal collapsed on the armor, and there was a sign of cracking.

It can be predicted that if there is no such armor to resist and dissolve, the injury of Mingzi will be more serious this time!

That is to say, Lintian not only defeated Mingzi's strongest blow, but also shocked him and hurt him!

In the silence, Shunji, Madame Mu and others were all in a trance.

Although they are quasi emperors and have rich experience, how can they ever see such an invincible duel on the top?

The invincible methods that Mingzi had shown before were terrible enough and unimaginable. Who ever thought that Lintian would have more!

"Lin Xun, little friend It's really a wonderful one. "

"Mingzi just created his self body method recently, and it's certain that Lintian Xiaoyou should have stepped into this situation earlier!"

"Compared with them, we were much inferior then."

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For a time, the old monsters were in ups and downs, or with emotion, or exclamation.

Two younger generations, one stronger than the other, one more fierce and powerful than the other, make them eye-opening, the past inherent cognition is about to be overturned.

"Impossible, how can there be such a self law in this world?"

At this time, Mingzi looked pale and ferocious, and his look was unbelievable.

Lintian's blow was just like a heavy hammer, which broke Mingzi's pride and self-confidence.

He couldn't imagine that Lintian had already set foot on the road of true saint invincible before him, and the self method he created was so terrible!

"Ignorance, the creation of self Dharma, only has its own invincible details. You are not qualified to be invincible among all the supreme sages under the heaven."

Lintian's voice was calm and his black eyes were cold.

When he spoke, he had already left by virtue of emptiness and started to kill.

Up to now, he has thoroughly found out the inside information of Mingzi, and there is no need to delay this battle any longer.


Lintian's body was like a flood furnace. He pointed to the sky and hit the earth. Every blow had the power to melt all the ways.

"Fart, what do you have the right to tell me?"

Mingzi was furious and rushed away.

His power is still as terrible as before, but unlike before, the situation has been completely reversed.

allowed him to do all kinds of tricks. He was crushed like a bubble, and the feeling was that he could shake the tree.

Because at this moment, Lintian seemed to be invincible. Every move carried the general trend of suppression.

The flood furnace is like the body, and the power can suppress all the enemies in the ancient and modern times!

After ten breaths, Mingzi couldn't lift his head and coughed up blood. His face turned pale and his hair was covered.

After 30 breaths.

With the deafening roar, the dark blue armor in front of Mingzi suddenly burst open and turned into pieces.

In this process, Lintian pushed his way across the sky!

Those old monsters had already looked at each other and breathed cold air. Only then did they deeply realize that this young man, who was sent to the Great Wall by Shenji Pavilion, was so amazing.

The funny thing is that at the beginning, they didn't pay attention to him and ignored him

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"I'll fight with you!"

In the battle field of the gods and demons, Mingzi, who had a hairless head, was completely crazy, and his eyes were about to crack, so he rushed to kill him regardless of everything.

Many years ago, in the realm of juetong, he was defeated by Lintian many times in succession. Every time, he trampled on his dignity. He had no face, and his shame was extreme.

Had it not been for the alchemy pot, he would have fallen many times.

Because of this, over the years, he practiced madly in the Great Wall for revenge, to get back his dignity and face.But who ever thought that in this fight, even though he had already created his own body method, he was repeatedly frustrated. How could he bear it?


The dark and turbulent a-bi sword comes out like a magic fog, and the sword Qi runs through the bullfight, reflecting the horrible scene of purgatory in all ten directions.


Mingzi roared and looked ferocious and twisted.

"This is my booty. How can it be used by you? Take it."

Lintian's words were arbitrary. As soon as he raised his hand, the secret of the ban spread between heaven and earth.

With a whoosh, ah Bi Jian was imprisoned. He was put away by Lintian.


Mingzi was so angry that he almost vomited blood. Suddenly, he let out a long roar, just like a crazy evil god, with the big hell prison seal in his palm.


Thirty six times of purgatory world condenses out of the void, and the weather is grim.

In a flash, he was hit by Lintian's fist, and his strength was in a mess.

"This seal is good. Take it, too."

In the sound of laughter, Lintian suddenly grabbed it. If the real dragon was out of the clouds, it would have a terrifying power to swallow it.

In a flash, Daming prison seal was also taken away, cutting off the connection with Mingzi, and was taken away by Lintian.

He walked in the void, his eyes were like staring at a cash tree, and he said with a smile, "come on, come on, let's make it out!"


Mingzi was so angry that he coughed up blood directly. His body was trembling. He gritted his teeth and roared: "Lintian, you deceive people too much. I want you to die!"

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With a wave of his sleeve and robe, a bloody sign came out.

This talisman is very strange. It looks like gold but not gold. It looks like jade flying jade. It's only half a foot long. The surface is full of dense blood color patterns like earthworms.

As soon as it appeared, a strong and bloody gas that was enough to make the gods hate ghosts spread out and dyed the void into a repressive blood color.

"Holy Blood talisman!"

An old monster surprised, issued a drink, "little friend, quickly hide!"

Other old monsters are also disgraced.

This Fu Zhao is a taboo of the blood River underworld people. To refine such a Fu Zhao, you need a complete skin of great saints, the heart and blood of 3000 saints, and tens of thousands of ancient spirits.

The skin of great sage has the essence of "greatness". After refining, it can be turned into a blank imperial edict.

The heart and blood of saints and the spirit of ancient heroes are the source of strength to draw the Fu Zhao!

It seems that this kind of treasure is the treasure of evil spirits. It is too bloody and cruel to be tolerated by the world.

After the dark blood hell emperor went to the ancient star road, the refining method of this treasure was also taken away, and it was not handed down.

But no one thought that in the hands of Mingzi, there would be such a terrible imperial edict that could make the saints talk and turn pale!

Some old monsters can't help it.

But at this time, he saw that Lintian was not in a hurry, and suddenly offered a pagoda, which was just like the pagoda made of divine gold.

Buzzing ~

the pagoda is in the sky, the breath is vast and ancient, and the lights of dark gold burst out like ropes.

There is no end to the road!

Before the bloody imperial edict had time to be powerful, it was suppressed and sealed by a lot of Xuanjin Daoguang, and immediately came into the endless tower.

At first, Mingzi was stunned, his eyes were wide open, and he couldn't believe it. Then he was so angry that he was about to go crazy.

This is the blood spirit talisman of all saints, which was left by the dark blood emperor of the underworld. This is the only one in the vast ancient wasteland, and there will never be another.

Who ever thought that even the power was taken away before it was released!

The old monsters were also dizzy. When the blood spirit talisman appeared before, they were all startled and felt that the situation was serious.

But in the twinkling of an eye, he was taken away by Lintian.

This is incredible!

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"There are many treasures in Mingzi's hand, but it's obvious that Lintian's hand is also full of mysterious treasures, just like that pagoda. The mysterious breath, the magnificent weather, and the lofty momentum are far from the holy treasures in the world. I even doubt that it's not a holy treasure at all!"

Lingxiaozi's eyes were bright and moving.

"Anything else? Go on. "

In the magic field, Lintian put away the pagoda with a smile and said that he was still in his mind.


Mingzi was so angry that Venus appeared in front of his eyes, and his face was green. What did Lintian regard himself as, money boy?

"I remember that you still have a pot of alchemy. Take it out quickly, or you will kneel down and smoke your face this time."

Lintian had a warm smile. He was a kind of earnest and sincere teacher.

All the old monsters looked strange. Lintian looked modest and polite. He was harmless to people and animals. He didn't want to be so black hearted.

He was clearly planning to slaughter Mingzi as a fat sheep!

"Lintian, this is your own death!"Boom ~

suddenly, Mingzi's body suddenly expanded and turned into a blood mosquito with 16 pairs of wings.

A ferocious and ferocious air also diffused out.

This is the essence of Mingzi. Obviously, he had been forced to work hard with Lintian regardless of everything.

However, this struggle is doomed to be futile.

Just for a moment, under Lintian's continuous killing, Mingzi's huge body was beaten bloody and scarred. From time to time, his lips screamed bitterly.

That and so on miserable situation, let many old monsters can't bear to see down, feel flesh ache for Ming son.

Why bother?

If I had known that, how could this battle have happened with these old monsters?

But you are so arrogant that you don't listen at all. Now it's better. It's no different from looking for abuse.


make up! Children's shoes, goldfish don't owe more, scatter flowers and clap ~

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