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In the end, Mingzi was beaten so hard that he hit the hard ground of the magic field and gave out a miserable cry, and could not get up any more.

His sixteen pairs of wings were all broken, blood was flowing, and his huge body was full of holes and holes, full of fist strength, sword marks and finger force.

In the void, Lintian's black eyes were cold and heartless.


There was no hesitation. He went down.

But in the middle of the journey, he was stopped by an invisible force.

It was Shun Ji. He frowned at Lintian and said, "I know you want to kill him, but you can close the great wall here. If you do that, what will you bring to yourself?"

Lin xunchu was still a little unwilling at the beginning. Hearing the words, he could not help but pick his eyebrows: "do you want to pay for your life?"

"It's not enough to pay for your life, but it can imprison you for a thousand years. Maybe it won't kill you, but can you accept it?"

Shun Ji said quickly.

He knew very well how precious time was for such young people as Lintian.

Because they still have great potential and the opportunity to fight for the peak. Let alone delay for a thousand years, even if they delay for a hundred years, they may miss too many opportunities!

The so-called big road fight, a wrong step, is likely to cause irreparable regret.

"I see."

Lintian took a deep breath and tried to restrain himself.

He could not tolerate being imprisoned for a thousand years, which was more torture than killing him.

"That's it. He's lost, and you We've got a lot of benefits. "

At last, Shun Ji looked strange. Although this guy didn't kill Mingzi, he got a lot of good treasures.

For example, a bi sword, Da Ming prison seal, and the ten thousand Holy Blood talisman.

Lintian looked at Mingzi. At this moment, he had recovered, his body was bleeding, his face was bleak, and he was lying on the ground.

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"According to the gambling agreement, should you kneel down and slap yourself?"

Lintian opened his mouth.

Mingzi's body suddenly trembled and hissed angrily: "if you have seed, you will kill me!"

"Dare to gamble, dare not recognize, ha ha."

Lintian's lips were full of ridicule, and suddenly said, "otherwise, take out the alchemy pot, and I'll let you go this time."

Mingzi was so angry that he vomited blood. This damned bastard, it's not enough that he robbed so many of his treasures, and he never forgets his alchemy pot!

Shun Ji's face was strange, and he quickly said: "little friend, you can't ask for the spirit refining pot. The cause and effect of this treasure is too big. It's left by the dark blood Ming emperor. As long as the dark blood Ming emperor doesn't die, you can't use it even if you seize it."

The God refining pot!

Inside the Great Wall, who doesn't know how incredible this treasure is?

But so far no one dares to pay attention to this treasure!

One reason is that Gu Liangqu, the first person to pass the Great Wall, is here. The other reason is that this pot of alchemy is so hot that it has cause and effect that it can't get rid of in my life.

"Really not?"

Lintian was not willing.

The pot of alchemy has saved Mingzi many times and made him "come back from the dead" many times. The magic power is far beyond imagination.

If you can take it as your own, you will have several more lives!

"No way."

Shun Ji shook his head.

Are you kidding me? If you lose the alchemy pot, regardless of the cause and effect of the contamination, Gu Liangqu will kill you immediately after he gets the news, and the consequences will be serious.

"Lintian, I remember this hatred. I will give it back a hundred times in the future!"

Mingzi got up from the ground, a face of resentment.


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Lintian kicked it away. He didn't know how many bones were broken. He fell more than ten feet away and made a dog eat excrement.


Mingzi was so angry that he almost fainted, and his teeth were about to break.

Lintian's voice was cold: "if you didn't kneel down and slap yourself, it was kindness. How dare you threaten me? Do you really think I dare not kill people?"

Mingzi trembled violently all over his body. He was so ashamed, angry and resentful that he didn't say a word. At last, he climbed up and plundered to the outside of the fight.

This time, he lost his face. He was not only defeated, but also disgraced. How could he have the face to stay.

Lintian wanted to stop him. Even if he couldn't kill Mingzi, he had to search more treasures from this guy.

After all, this guy is a gift boy.

But he was stopped by Shun Ji: "boy, stop. It doesn't matter if you offend Mingzi, but at least you have to worry about the backer behind this guy. A long time ago, the dark blood hell emperor once served the great wall of this emperor's pass and made great contributions to the ancient wasteland. Up to now, many old monsters still remember his old love. Gu Liangqu, the first person of the Great Wall, is just one of them. "

Lintian's black eyes twinkled and finally gave up.

If you think about it, Mingzi is indeed a man with profound fortune. His identity is the direct descendant of the dark blood Ming emperor, and his talent and heritage are amazing.There are many treasures on his body. Even after the dark blood emperor has been away for so long, there are many old monsters in the world who have become the backers of Mingzi.

This aura is enough to make the world envious and envious.

It's a pity that this guy met himself, and he deserved to have bad luck!


The hall of Miluo.

This is Mrs. Mu's residence. It's a palace built before a lake. It's elegant and quiet.

When the battle between Lintian and Mingzi came to an end, everyone gathered here.

Shun Ji took out the treasure brew "snow gushing River" which had been kept in private for ten thousand years, and Ling Xiaozi took out a jar of liquor which was originally carried by the emperor.

Other old monsters, some take out all kinds of exotic fruits, some personally cook delicious.

People sitting on the ground, tasting good wine, eating delicious food, tasting fruits and vegetables, talking and laughing, just like a group of old friends, the atmosphere is harmonious and pleasant.

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As a younger generation, Lintian became the target of many old monsters to drink wine. Before long, he drank very well.

All these wines are rare in the world. They are treasures hidden in the territory of the emperor. They are not only powerful, but also contain amazing medicinal power.

Even Lintian's cultivation had a feeling of fullness after drinking so much wine, which seemed to be over replenished.

in addition to this, dishes, fruits and vegetables at banquets are not rare treasures. They contain abundant essence.

For example, the "Zuixian chicken" is a kind of heaven and earth bird named "Qiling Sanmiao chicken", which is stewed in a special cauldron.

The cauldron and cauldron is a holy treasure of extraordinary quality, and the fire source used for stewing is Qinghongdao fire, which is one of the "nine fires in heaven and earth".

It's no exaggeration to say that a "drunken fairy chicken" can be compared to the best medicine. Of course, the taste is absolutely wonderful.

Another example is the "chixiahuozao" and "xingluan Qingtao", which are known as the "shengyuanbaotai" naturally raised. The value of each one is enough to make the sage and King covet.

These became the things in Lintian's stomach. How could he digest them in his present state?

Before long, the whole person had the feeling that he wanted to take advantage of the wind to go back, and all kinds of turbulent and terrifying forces began to ferment in his body.

Mrs. Mu originally planned to have a private chat with Lintian after the banquet and introduce her granddaughter to Lintian.

It can be seen that in such cases, we can only give up.

Finally, when the banquet left, Shunji took Lintian and sent him to the bronze palace owned by Mr. Shen.

When he left, Shun Ji suddenly said, "little friend, as I can see, Mingzi will not give up after such a defeat. Recently, you don't have to walk around. Just stay here and avoid the wind. When Mr. Shen comes back, everything will be solved."

After hearing the words, Lintian woke up half drunk and said, "more money, master."

Shun Ji smiles and waves: "you'd better practice earlier and melt the power in your body. This banquet is also the intention of the old people. You should not waste it."

Then he turned away.

Lintian was warm with a smile.

Of course, he knew how valuable the banquet was, whether it was delicious food or rare fruits.

"This is the real talent style..."

Lintian sighed.

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Without delay, he went into the hall and began to meditate with his knees crossed, refining the power of the impending rampage in his body.

As time went by, Lintian soon immersed himself in deep practice.


At the same time, the news that Lintian and lingxiaozi won the "nine palaces game" and that they were suppressing Mingzi in the field of gods and Demons also spread in the huge "Yangguan" like wings.

"When did such a prodigy emerge from the ancient wasteland?"

"Lingxiaozi is defeated? It's incredible... "

"Ha ha, that Mingzi has been punished at last. Since he came to the great wall of the imperial pass, he relied on Yougu Liangqu to support him. But he always had his eyes above the top. He didn't see us all in his eyes. Now that he was defeated, he didn't hide in disgrace?"

All the old monsters who got the news were surprised and remembered the name of Lintian.

At the same time, most of the old monsters showed a schadenfreude smile on Mingzi's defeat. Over the years, Mingzi's arrogant and domineering attitude has offended many people.

No one will like a younger generation to show their teeth.

"Mingzi has a surly and ferocious temperament. How can he bear to be humiliated? I don't know What action will he take. "

Others realize that things are likely to get serious.

These have nothing to do with Lintian for the time being.

Two days later.

When Lintian woke up from meditation, his whole breath became more and more simple, ordinary and plain.Only from the appearance, there is no air that a monk should have, and it is no different from ordinary people.

But when he opened his eyes for a moment, it was like two bolts of lightning tearing the night away, tearing the void apart.

Its pupil is deep, reflecting the image of Taixu abyss!

An invisible power also spread out in the empty hall, which reflected that he was like a master. Although he sat cross legged, he had the power of looking down at the mountains and rivers and overlooking the nine heaven and ten earth.

Juetong, the holy land of great perfection!

At this point, Lintian could not make any further progress in this situation unless

Break through and go up!

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