Chapter 1003: Chapter 1002 – Feigning Innocence

Lei Zhenyu was delighted to see Xie Yufeng. Looking at his physique, how could this person be stronger than him?

“Kid, you are their man?” Lei Zhenyu thought that when Feng Xiaoxiao mentioned ‘man,’ she meant boyfriend so he went straight to the point and asked if he was the boyfriend.

Xie Yufeng was overjoyed and thought that this guy was pretty quick-witted. He had decided to show him mercy and reduce the kicks and punches on this guy. Initially, he had wanted to permanently handicap him but now staying in the hospital for half a year should be more than enough!

“Who are you? Xiaoxiao, Shu, is he harassing you two?” Xie Yufeng didn’t deny the claim, in fact he was happy with the new title Lei Zhenyu had given him.

“Kid, we are done with you already, Lei bro has taken a liking to your girls, you can f*ck off now!” The baldie almost burst into laughter after looking at Xie Yufeng’s face- he had the classic pretty boy face. This type of face was obviously just for show, it was surely not for fighting! He was confident that he alone was able to beat up three to four people like Xue Yufeng!

“Xiaoxiao, Shu, come behind me, let me handle this!” Xie Yufeng was afraid that the trio would flee when he arrived, and then chasing them would be pointless- it wouldn’t show how strong he was!

However, these three were acted like they were doing him a favour, not only did they choose not to escape, they even provoked him with their senseless brains- this made Xie Yufeng so happy until he didn’t know what to say! This trio appeared at the right time so perfectly and they were so willing to stay back, of course, Yufeng would cooperate with them otherwise he would feel sorry for himself!

“Kid, are you sure you’re not backing off?” Lei Zhenyu froze when he saw Xie Yufeng didn’t have the intention to leave after seeing three of them here.

“Abandoning the women behind is an act of cowardness!” Xie Yufeng smiled faintly, “You three, if you guys don’t want to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of your life, better get the f*ck out of my sight!”

“Aye?” Lei Zhenyu was amazed by Xie Yufeng’s tone, “Kid, are you dumb? You dare to threaten me? Why don’t you go around and ask about my big name, Lei Zhenyu! I couldn’t wait any longer to play with these girls, so I was going to let you off the hook, but you have to come find troubles yourself, don’t you?”

“Sure, no more bullshit, three of you come all at once!” Xie Yufeng said faintly.

Xie Yufeng was no match to three of them if he didn’t use his pure qi- after all, he was no experienced fighter, he always fully relied on his spiritual practice on a battle. However, he was able to tell that these three were just ordinary gangsters, even if he used his true power, they wouldn’t even know what happened to them so he was cocky enough to ask them to attack him all at once!

Feng Xiaoxiao and Chen Yushu only frowned and eyed each other, both of them were looking at Xie Yufeng with doubtful eyes. Xie Yufeng actually came to them himself and even asked them to come at him all together, this made Xiaoxiao and Yushu realise something was wrong!

Who did he think he is? Could he be a professional fighter? If that was the case then their plan was a big failure, not only did they fail to kick Xie Yufeng out of sight, they even provided him with an opportunity to show off!

“Lei bro, since this kid is looking for a death wish, let’s finish him off!” the baldie stared at Lei Zhenyu and advised.

“Okay, let’s go, I’ll play with the girls after killing him!” Lei Zhenyu nodded- he never put Xie Yufeng in his eyes as he charged at Yufeng with big steps with his hand stretched towards his hair!

“F*ck off!” Xie Yufeng cursed lightly and sent a kick to Lei Zhenyu’s chest- it sent him flying backwards! Of course, Xie Yufeng only used a very small part of his pure qi, he wasn’t ready to permanently injure him just yet, the process had to be slow or else the impact wouldn’t be there! He had to torture Lei Zhenyu little by little, only then could he build a heroic image in Chen Yushu’s and Feng Xiaoxiao’s mind!

It’d be too boring to send Lei Zhenyu unconcious with one kick, Chen Yushu and Feng Xiaoxiao wouldn’t know his true power if the opponent was being defeated too easily, it couldn’t show how strong he actually was!

After all, the opportunity didn’t come all the time so Xie Yufeng would hold onto it very preciously- he had to present his qualities in front of Yushu and Xiaoxiao properly!

“F*ck! This kid must be a practitioner, go beat him up together!” Lei Zhenyu called out as blood rush up to his mouth from his lungs. He crawled up from the ground, pissed off as he pointed at Xie Yufeng and ordered the baldie and the guy with the aquiline nose to charge at Yufeng!

Lin Yi, who was still in the room, felt uneasy when Xie Yufeng left the room with Xiaoxiao and Yushu and had yet to return.

Lin Yi hadn’t figured out Xie Yufeng’s real intention yet, so he wouldn’t let his guard down that easily. Xie Yufeng was trying to hit on Feng Xiaoxiao and Chen Yushu, he knew that Yufeng probably wouldn’t do anything bad to harm them but who knew what would happen? What if there was an accident?

Lin Yi hesitated for a while and followed Xie Yufeng out of the room after a few seconds. He couldn’t allow Feng Xiaoxiao and Chen Yushu out of his sight for too long, especially when there was this uncertain factor, Xie Yufeng, existing around him!

Lin Yi saw Xie Yufeng sending Lei Zhenyu flying with a kick when he stepped out of the room. Meanwhile, Chen Yushu and Feng Xiaoxiao were both standing behind Yufeng!

Lin Yi couldn’t help but frown at this scene. Could it be that Chen Yushu and Feng Xiaoxiao faced some difficulties on their way to the washroom and this Xie Yufeng was trying to help them?

“Xiaoxiao, Shu!” Lin Yi shouted as he walked towards them.

“Lin Yi!” Xiaoxiao was surprised to see Lin Yi as she cheered. She couldn’t believe Lin Yi was already looking for her when she just left the room not long, it was obvious that he still cared and worried about her, this made Xiaoxiao over the moon.

“Shield bro!” Chen Yushu had almost the same thought as Feng Xiaoxiao, it seemed like Shield bro did care about the safety of his second wife!

“Eh?” Xie Yufeng froze at the name.

What was Lin Yi doing out here? He could have come out earlier, but he had to choose this timing, the time where he’d just offended the gangsters and the time where he could build a heroine image within the girls’ heart, could it be that Lin Yi was trying to snatch the merits away from him?!

At this moment, Xie Yufeng regretted his previous actions- he shouldn’t have bullshitted with Lei Zhenyu so long and should have straight away given him permanent damage with that kick! If he defeated the opponents without so much bullshit, things like this wouldn’t even happen, would it?

No, he had to finish them off quickly, he couldn’t allow Lin Yi to interfere!

At the same time, Lei Zhenyu, baldie and the aquiline nosed guy were charging at him already. Xie Yufeng got into a fighting posture, ready to strike an ultimate skill defeating them all at once but when he was about to attack, his body tensed up suddenly!

Pure qi! He couldn’t afford to use pure qi now! He had almost gotten busted by showing his true strength to Lin Yi himself!

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