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Lin Xun thought, and the terrible power that covered the whole temple disappeared in his body like a tide.

At the moment, he is ordinary, just like the true after prosperity, without modification, naturally.

"This trip to the Great Wall benefited me a lot..."

Lintian was filled with emotion.

On his way here, he saw all kinds of incredible scenes. It was like opening a new door, making his heart wide and his experience and insight sublimated.

This kind of experience, feeding back on the cultivation, makes its cultivation tend to the perfection of the later stage of the true holy land.

In addition, the "three inch sword Qi" presented by Yin Lao made him integrate into his taixuan sword Qi and successfully gather his true sword spirit.

This is also a big harvest.

Until he arrived at the great wall of the imperial pass and played chess in the nine palaces, he got a lot of old monsters' experience and insights on the impact of the great holy land.

If he defeats Mingzi, he will win three treasures, namely a-bi sword, Da Ming prison seal and all saints' blood spirit talisman.

At the banquet two days ago, a group of old monsters brought out exotic fruits, immortal wine, and all kinds of delicious food, which provided Lintian with the source of strength to achieve the goal of perfection!

How could Lintian not feel when he thought of these?

This is nature!

Without his visit to the Great Wall, his accomplishments would not have been completely completed in such a short time.

Similarly, it is impossible to gain the experience and experience of many old monsters in the great holy land.

"Next, we need to prepare for the impact of the Great Holy Land!"

Taking a deep breath, Lintian gave up his thoughts and took out jade slips. This is what those old monsters learned when they attacked the holy land.

The so-called three person line must have my teacher.

The experience and understanding of the ancients is like a mirror, which can be used for reference and avoid going astray.

For Lintian, with these experiences, he can draw inferences from one instance and learn by analogy, so as to find a new way and create his own path.

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Only by following the experience of the past can we develop our own future.

This is the meaning of "carrying on the past and opening up the future".

From a very early time, what Lintian sought was a path different from the ancients and the current world.

Ask for a "all heaven, I am the only way"!

"I don't know when Mr. Shen will come back..."

This was Lintian's last thought before cultivation. Next, he was completely immersed in enlightenment.

The experience and experience of a group of old monsters in the great holy land are like different paths to the great holy land.

Each of them is different. When they are promoted, the danger and opportunity they experience are totally different.

This made Lintian's eyes wide open. He often had the feeling of seeing the sun through the clouds.

occasionally, he would also frown, and discard some of his experiences and feelings which are not suitable for him, and extract the essence and discard the dross.

In this kind of enlightenment, Lintian didn't realize the passage of time, and his understanding of the impact of the great holy land also increased.

Vaguely, I'm about to touch the road I long for!


"Lao Shun, there is no news from canghaiguan?"

On this day, Madame mu, Shunji, lingxiaozi and others gathered together to discuss some matters concerning the Great Wall.

Shun Ji shook his head and said, "no, it's nearly half a year. If there's a big crisis, Mr. Shen and Gu Liangqu will surely light the" beacon fire of emperor's rest "and send out a message for us to know at the first time."

"I hope everything is OK."

Murmured Mrs. Wood.

Canghaiguan is an "important stronghold" of the Great Wall.

About half a year ago, the foreign enemies of the eight regions united and concentrated all their forces before canghaiguan, launching a massive attack.

But up to now, there is no news to convey to this "Yangguan", so that many old monsters also know nothing about this battle, and they will inevitably worry.

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"Don't worry. Since Mr. Shen arrived at the front battlefield three years ago, he has shown his talent and the means to cover the earth. He has killed the foreign enemies in the eight regions and swept away the decadent scene in the Great Wall."

Lingxiaozi said with emotion, "now in the Great Wall, who doesn't know that as long as Mr. Shen is there, the overall situation can be decided, and the front line can be carefree?"

All of them could not help nodding their heads.

Mr. Shen was born in Shenji Pavilion. No matter his wisdom, strategy, skill, or even fighting power, he can be regarded as the top giant in the quasi imperial realm. He is incredibly powerful.

It is said that Mr. Shen has stepped on the threshold of the imperial realm, which can be called "half step emperor"!

"I heard that some of the decisions and strategies made by Mr. Da Shen after he arrived at the Great Wall often clashed with Gu Liangqu. They had quarreled with each other for many times. Up to now, there is a trend that water and fire are incompatible."All of a sudden, a would-be emperor sighed.

"I've also heard that in the great wall of the imperial pass, Gu Liangqu was regarded as the first person in the imperial pass. No one could reach him in terms of combat power or prestige."

An old monster said, "but with the arrival of Mr. Shen, in the past three years, Mr. Shen's prestige has been above Gu Liangqu. With the pride of Gu Liangqu, how can he tolerate being surpassed by Mr. Shen?"

Lingxiaozi thought for a moment and said, "as we all know, Gu Liangqu is unquestionably powerful in fighting. He is also decisive in fighting. He wants to win, but his shortcoming is obvious. That is, he is too arbitrary."

"The higher the prestige of Mr. Shen, the more he will inevitably cause the conflict between Gu Liangqu. It's just like one mountain can't tolerate two tigers."

"Well, I just hope they don't completely tear their skin, otherwise, it will not be a good thing for the whole front battlefield."

Many people sigh.

"By the way, Lao Shun, has Lintian been practicing these days?"

Suddenly, Mrs. Wood asked.

Many old monsters showed strange colors. They all knew that Mrs. Mu's most unforgettable thing these days was to lead the red line for Lintian and introduce her granddaughter to Lintian.

"Not bad."

Shun Ji nodded, "at the beginning, I have warned him to avoid the limelight recently, so that he won't be bothered by that Mingzi again."

"It's been almost a month. I don't know if the boy is bored when he stays there alone."

Mrs. Mu bit her full and moist red lips with a faint sigh.

Everyone can't help laughing. It's you who are so bored in Madame Mu's heart!

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Shun Ji couldn't help but say: "children have their own happiness. I advise you not to get involved. The fate in this world is not something you can force."

"You've been a bachelor for thousands of years, and you know the fate of fart. I've seen it for a long time. No matter how high your virtue and accomplishments are, no woman can look up to you."

Mrs. Wood rolled her eyes and laughed.

, Shun's face is red. What's wrong with a bachelor's voice? "What's wrong with a bachelor? What qualifications do you have to despise a bachelor? Don't you know that on this road of seeking truth, only a bachelor can seek truth wholeheartedly and cut off love without being confused by love? "

Arguing with women is doomed to be a mistake from the beginning.

Hearing this, Mrs. Mu laughed out with a loud smile. She was gorgeous, charming, and had amazing fighting power.

She said: "old bachelor, you are wrong. Do you forget the unintentional devil? How ruthless he is, but in his heart there is a wife who will never forget his death. Is it that the devil emperor is not as good as you in his quest for help? "

After a pause, she said, "in my opinion, the reason why you, an old bachelor, have not grasped the chance to impact the imperial realm for thousands of years is that you are not loved, and you don't know what men's love and women's love are, and you don't know what family happiness is."

Shun Jiru was attacked violently, his face turned red, and almost choked in one breath.

Everyone could not help laughing.

Without giving Shun Ji any chance to fight back, Mrs. Mu stood up and said with a smile, "I'll go to see Lintian. You talk ~"

but just as the voice fell, a pair of pretty eyebrows suddenly picked up and looked at the entrance of Yangguan.

Almost at the same time, a group of old monsters also seemed to notice and stood up together.


In the distance, the void roared, and a bronze chariot with the flavor of vicissitudes rolled the void like a flash.

In front of the chariot, it was pulled by a black dragon lion with four huge bodies, four hooves like iron pillars, and a rolling mane.

Every ink dragon and lion has the horror of Saint King!

Now, they can only play the role of pulling cars.

"Qinggang chariot, this is Gu Liangqu's car!"

Shun Ji's eyes coagulated.

Other old monsters are also in a moment in mind a tight, aware of the situation is not right.

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And when you see the two figures on the Qinggang chariot, the old monsters fully understand and know the problem.

Because one of them is Mingzi!

He looked cold and had long, bloody hair. A month ago, he was defeated and retired. Now, he's back.

There's no need to ask. He came for revenge.

Beside Mingzi, there was an old man with a high crown and a wide sleeve xuanpao. He was thin and strong, and he looked thin and cold.

He stood with his hands down, and his eyes opened and closed, reflecting the image of the sun sinking and the moon falling, and the rainbow penetrating the sky.

"Mr. Qiu, it's him..."

Lingxiaozi had some accidents.

Shun Ji and others also breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Gu Liangqu didn't come in person. Otherwise, the situation would be serious.

But even so, people dare not be careless.

Qiu Laodao, a strong man who had set foot in the realm of zhundi as early as 8000 years ago, was cold-blooded and cruel in means. He could not kill the enemy.In the whole great wall of diguan, Qiu Laodao's fighting power is enough to rank in the top ten!

At present, Mingzi asked Qiu Laodao to move. It's self-evident that he came here to revenge Lintian.


The Qinggang chariot roared and stopped before Shun Ji and others. On the chariot, Qiu Laodao looked indifferent and swept the crowd, saying:

"you must have guessed the origin of me. Here, I have a word to tell you. Whoever dares to block me today is my enemy!"

His voice was cold and fierce, and his power was incomparable. It stirred the world, and made Shun Ji and others' faces change slightly.

Sure enough, it's not good for those who come!


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