Chapter 39. You're in charge of the household

These words made Da Wa puff out his little chest and got Er Wa to stop drooling and his eyes shone instead.

But Zhou Qing Bai persisted on dividing the ribs between the mother and sons, and he drank the soup.

Da Wa and Er Wa's expression displayed how touched they were.

Father was reluctant to eat it and gave it to them!

Lin Qing He: ... you really know how to dote them.

This soup's rib meat was simply heavenly!

Still, she accepted his goodwill. She shot him a glance. Zhou Qing Bai was also watching her.

"Quickly eat it. Once you finish, go to rest on the kang. The weather is pretty cold." Lin Qing He pretended to not mind and look away.

After the whole family ate, Zhou Qing Bai was about to clean up the tableware, but Lin Qing He passed San Wa to him. She cleaned it up herself.

It was still that phrase. There were so many days to work in the future, no need to be anxious about this moment.

However, it was obvious that Zhou Qing Bai was someone who couldn't sit still. He couldn't stand it if he were to rest all day. After taking a nap, he went to sort the backyard.

Seeing that he really didn't want to lie down, Lin Qing He decided not to stop him.

In the afternoon, Mother Zhou came again. Lin Qing He had already thrown a tantrum when required. So naturally, she couldn’t stay being in the right and not forgive. She declared, “I can stay. But if I hear you guys ever pick on me, then I will pack up and leave immediately! "

Mother Zhou was in a bad mood today. Father Zhou was also in a low mood at home. Of course, Father Zhou didn’t think Lin Qing He would leave. He was down cause of his son's retirement. But after listening to his wife saying that his son was injured, he couldn't care about that anymore. He instantly asked Mother Zhou to bring some money over.

Mother Zhou had yet to take out the money when she heard her talk. She quickly reacted: "You can rest assured. You have separated off now, meaning were two families. How you live here, old Zhou Family won't intervene. No one will say you are in the wrong! ”

"Judging by the injury on Da Wa's Father, if it's not properly maintained, it will probably leave a root of a recurring illness. I don't want to be widowed while I'm still young. And in the future, I'll need to boil medicine and serve him. Can you look around and see if anyone wants to sell chickens? If there is, help me buy two.” Lin Qing He said. And then with a resentful face: “I don’t know what sin I committed in my last life. This life, I have to follow this kind of man. First, serve his sons, now wait on him. I'm born with a hard life! "

Although she was listening to her complaints, the stone pressing in Mother Zhou's heart was put down.

Let her complain if she complains. In the end, she was still willing to catch chickens to nourish her son. Wasn't this good?

"But I don't want old Zhou's family's. Now Third Sister-in-law is about to give birth. Don't say that she can't even eat chicken during her post-natal confinement as it will be eaten by my family." Lin Qing He pointed out.

Mother Zhou initially wanted to catch two from her family. Old Zhou family had eight big egg-laying hens. At this time, the chickens were raised per headcount, and one chicken per two-person.

Old Zhou family, including grandchildren, had a total of 17 people. So they can raise eight chickens.

Eight chickens seem a lot, but in fact, they were not enough to eat. And the eggs should be kept for selling to buy salt and the like.

Therefore, eggs were precious to the old Zhou family, who lived so prudently.

Mother Zhou, who planned to harden her heart to catch two old hen at first, threw it out of her mind after hearing Lin Qing He said that.

Thankfully, Mother Zhou was very popular in the village. It was not a big deal to buy two hens. She quickly returned with two tied-up old hens.

In order to not cause her character to fall apart, Lin Qing He didn't give Mother Zhou a penny. Zhou Mu didn't even say a word.

Because she knew that these two chickens were just used to nourish her youngest son's body. And her three grandsons could eat it too. As for Lin Qing He, she was only one person. How much can she eat if she did eat?

She secretly took two hundred yuans out of her pocket again, which were all in a big bundle of ten yuans.

"What are you doing?" Lin Qing He froze before uttering.

"We saved this from the time when Fourth sent it over. After building two rooms for Eldest and Second, only this much was left. Please keep it. Later, when Da Wa and his brothers grow up, they'll need to spend money everywhere.” Although Mother Zhou was reluctant, she still took out this small fortune of two hundred yuan.

During the time, when Fourth's wife was separating off, they decided use Zhou Qing Bai's remaining money to build single rooms for the other three, so she can block their mouths.

At that time, the bricks and tiles were much cheaper than now. The starting price of one square meter was four or five yuan then. And it wasn't big. Lin Qing He’s two single rooms and a hall was only 50 square meters. No labor cost was spent then. Father Zhou had called people including the Zhou brothers to help, so it didn't cost much.

But now it was almost ten yuans per square meter, which was more than doubled. It wasn't possible to build a spacious brick house without one to two thousand.

At that time, only after using Zhou Qing Bai's money and let the other three have their own single room, did they have no objection.

This was what is left now.

The two old couples still have their own retirement fund, which they won't touch no matter what.

Other benefits have been claimed by Lin Qing He. So this two hundred yuan, Lin Qing He decided to leave it.

"If Da Wa's father knew I took both of you old people's money, he'll have a big argument with me." Lin Qing He came up with this.

"This was originally earned by old Fourth. I was keeping it for him back in those years. Now he's back, the money should naturally be returned to him. No one can say anything. These two chickens were also bought with this money." Mother Zhou pressed on.

Lin Qing He have no intention of accepting it. But Mother Zhou insisted on giving it to her, so she hesitated a little and then received it. She promised, "I won't take it back to my maternal family. I will keep it for our living expenses."

Mother Zhou was satisfied with her statement. She wanted to advise a few other things like living more prudently and don't be act so extravagantly. She estimated that she wouldn't listen, so she made no comment.

When Mother Zhou went back, she told her other daughters-in-law that Fourth's wife paid the chickens.

She couldn't hide the fact that she helped catch the chickens. It would be better to say it openly.

Eldest Sister Zhou and Third Sister-in-law said nothing. Actually, the two of them were a little relieved, especially Third Sister-in-law. She roughly calculated the baby was to be born next month. The family could only give one chicken for her to supplement her body. If it was gifted to Fourth Brother-in-law's house, she was most likely going to eat some eggs.

Eldest Sister-in-law was the same. She was due to give birth in March next year. She also wanted to keep the chickens for nourishment.

Second Sister-in-law pouted. Her mind wondered how much money the old madam shelled ut to Fourth's family!

She kept it locked in her heart, not daring to say it out loud. The old madam can really tolerate Fourth's wife. As for them, the old madam was so strict.

At Lin Qing He's side, she went to the backyard at once to confess to Zhou Qing Bai.

"I didn't want to accept old madam's money at the start but judging by her appearance if I didn't take it, who knows what she would think in her mind. I was thinking about how the future would be long, so I collected the money." Lin Qing He admitted.

Zhou Qing Bai was setting up a chicken shed. Responding to her, he looked at her and said, "You're in charge of the household."

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