On the Qinggang chariot, Qiu Laodao was tough.

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With a little silence, lingxiaozi said, "it's just the dispute between the younger generation. If you interfere, you're going too far."

Qiu Laodao said coldly: "I'm not talking about reason. If you want to stop me, don't blame me for being rude."

In short, he didn't intend to reason at all when he came here this time!

Lingxiaozi, Shunji and other people's faces were heavy, while Mingzi, who was standing on the Qinggang chariot, laughed and was very proud.

What about a fox pretending to be a tiger?

As long as you can get revenge, who cares?

If you have the ability, do you want to show me one?

"Get out of the way!"

Qiu Lao Dao's voice was cold, with only two words, and his power was overwhelming.

He is also a quasi emperor, but he can be strong or weak. For example, Gu Liangqu is known as the first person to pass the Great Wall.

And Qiu Laodao's fighting power can be ranked in the top ten of the great wall of the imperial pass, and his power is naturally not small.

The faces of the old monsters changed again.

Qiu Laodao's attitude is more than tough, even they are not in the eye!

"Unreasonable, deceiving others with power, right? OK, if you want to do something, I'll play with you!"

Shun Ji was furious.


As soon as his voice fell, with a wave of his sleeve robe, the world was in turmoil, and everything turned pale. A matchless sword swept out and fell in the air.

From the beginning to the end, there is no nonsense at all. If you want to fight, it will help you!

In the deafening roar, Shunji's body suddenly shakes, and staggers back several steps. With each step, the void collapses.

His face turned pale as he held his figure.

The power of a knife is so terrible!

All the old monsters turned pale. They realized that old Qiu was determined to deal with Lintian, and even Shunji didn't want to face him.

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"Come again!"

Shun Ji's face was livid. He was about to rush up, but he was stopped by lingxiaozi and said, "you are not his opponent. Let me come."

Lingxiaozi stepped out, looking old and calm. He looked straight at Qiu Laodao and said with no expression: "the emperor passes the great wall and forbids internal fighting, but if you really want to ignore anything, I'll play with you."

Qiu Laodao's eyes narrowed slightly and said: "lingxiaozi, you should know that I didn't come here to fight against you. As long as I hand over Lintian, I will go immediately."

Lingxiaozi is the first master of the Great Wall. He has made a lot of achievements in the past few years. Maybe his fighting power is only ordinary, but he is an indispensable role.

Even if it's Gu Liangqu, it's comity!

"Wishful thinking!"

Lingxiaozi had a tough attitude and did not give in.

"Old man, are you going to be totally hostile to us?"

The hell son can't see to go down, big shout out a voice.

This makes Shunji and Mrs. Mu look ugly. A younger generation thinks that if they find Mr. Qiu as their backer, they dare to speak rudely. What's wrong?

Qiu Laodao also can't help frowning and scolding Mingzi: "lingxiaozi is the predecessor of the Great Wall. You can't be rude because of your hard work."

Then he looked at lingxiaozi and said, "this time, I came at the command of Mr. Gu Liangqu. If you stop lingxiaozi, you will not give Mr. Gu Liangqu face."

He took out a black jade token, "if you don't believe it, you can have a look at this order."

Buzzing ~

the token glows, and a tall figure emerges. He is dressed in hemp, with long hair scattered. His appearance is clumsy and resolute, and his eyes are as deep as the vast ocean.

Lingxiaozi and other people's eyes, this man in hemp is the first person of the Great Wall, Gu Liangqu!

Hua La ~

as Qiu Laodao put away the token, the shadow of Gu Liangqu disappeared.

However, the face of lingxiaozi and others was very gloomy.

In order to deal with a younger generation, not only Qiu Laodao but also Gu Liangqu came forward. This is obviously bullying people!

The atmosphere is depressing.

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Everyone did not expect that the first person who closed the great wall of Qutang in Guliang would take out his own token for such a small matter.

"Ha ha."

Mingzi sneered.

All this was expected by him. He knew that with these old monsters, even if Qiu Laodao came out, it was difficult to deal with Lintian.

So he took great pains to get a token from Gu Liangqu, in order to frighten these old people and make them dare not protect Lintian again!

"Where is Lintian? Get out of here

Just at this time, Qiu Laodao suddenly gave out a big drink. The sound was like thunder in nine days, stirring in ten directions, reverberating endlessly in the huge sunshine.

For a time, the huge Yangguan was startled, and many old monsters stationed in it were also startled.

Lingxiaozi said angrily, "Mr. Qiu, you're deceiving people too much! Even if Gu Liangqu came in person, he didn't dare to be so presumptuous as youThe others were angry and gloomy.

But he said calmly, "you guys, I'm just following orders. If I offend you, I'll make it up later."

"Lintian, are you a turtle? Get out of here

At the same time, Mingzi also roared, fearless, as if no one else, did not care about the anger of lingxiaozi and others.

For a time, more and more strong people in Yangguan pay close attention to it.

"Mr. Qiu!"

Lingxiaozi was completely angry. His hair was flying. He pointed to Taoist Qiu and said, "I'm here today. I'd like to see who dares to do harm to Lintian!"

Shun Ji and Mrs. Mu nodded.

They all knew that the enmity between Mingzi and Lintian was a dispute between the younger generation.

But old Taoist Qiu didn't care about his face. He wanted to deal with Lintian under their eyes. How could they tolerate it?

Qiu Lao Dao can't help frowning. He never thought that these old guys would insist so much.

As far as he knew, Lintian was just a young man who had just arrived at the Great Wall. He was not a direct descendant of any big power, and had nothing to do with lingxiaozi, Shunji and others.

Originally, dealing with such a young person was a trivial matter, but I never thought that I would encounter so many obstacles.

After a moment's silence, Qiu Laodao said: "don't worry, I won't die this time. As long as Lintian gives up the treasure he took from Mingzi and apologizes to Mingzi, I can let bygones be bygones."

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This is already his concession!

But Mingzi was not happy, and said: "I want Lintian to die! If he does not die, where is my face

"Don't worry, there will be opportunities in the future. This time, I didn't expect that these old people would be so partial to a younger generation. If you tear your face with them, today's affairs will be serious, and the consequences will be bad for everyone. "

Mr. Qiu's voice was heard fast.

Mingzi's face was changeable. After half a sound, he gritted his teeth and said, "OK, I promise! However, I must ask Lintian to kneel down and apologize! "

Qiu Laodao immediately agreed to come down.

Let a junior just kneel down, just move your mind, you can suppress it on the ground, too simple.

When they heard Qiu Laodao's proposal, lingxiaozi and others became more and more angry. It's OK to hand over the spoils and ask Lintian to apologize?

How can there be such a funny thing in this world?


Also at this time, a light suddenly appeared in the distance, breaking through the air.

If you look carefully, it's Lin Xun's figure!

Before, he was meditating in the palace, but was startled by Qiu Laodao's voice and woke up.

In a moment, he heard Mingzi's loud cheers full of complacency and resentment, which made him realize in an instant.

The Revenge of the boy who sent treasure is coming!

This is Yangguan. There are a lot of old monsters in town, but Mingzi dares to shout so fearlessly. It's certain that he must have something to rely on.

Almost without any thought, Lintian decided to take the initiative.

It's very simple. He won't let lingxiaozi, Shunji and others get involved because of this. It's the grudge between him and Mingzi after all.

Sure enough, before long, Lintian saw the Qinggang chariot from a distance, as well as Qiu Laodao and Mingzi standing on the chariot.

"Lintian, you dare to stand up at last!"

When he saw Lintian's moment, Mingzi's new and old hatred came to his heart. His face was ferocious, and he yelled, "this time, no one in the sky and the earth can save you!"

"Xiaoyou, how can you be so confused!"

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Seeing Lintian take the initiative to appear, lingxiaozi, Shunji and Mrs. Mu are all in a hurry. If Lintian hides, these old monsters can fight against it, but now

There is no more room for maneuver!

"Dear elders, this matter arises from the younger generation and should be solved by the younger generation."

Lintian said with a calm smile, "in addition, I would like to thank you for your kindness. But this time, please just stand by."

Everyone was in a daze.

Mrs. Wood is anxious and unhappy, no good way: "little friend, what do you take me as? If you are bullied here, won't you beat us in the face? "

Others nodded.

Suddenly, Qiu Lao Dao laughed and said: "everyone, don't be so sentimental. Since this son dares to stand up, he has a responsibility. I won't embarrass him too much. I'll give up the treasure and apologize to Mingzi, and let bygones be bygones!"

Speaking of this, he looked at Lintian like electricity and said, "little guy, what do you say?"

"Ha ha."

Lintian sneered and said, "if you two want to leave alive, it's better to be restrained, so that you won't cry when you are suppressed."

Shun Ji, Ling Xiao Zi and Mrs. Mu are all stunned. Is this boy forced to go out completely?But Mingzi was so angry that his face was black, and his forehead was blue. He said to Qiu Laodao, "master, you can see that this little bastard is dying, and you don't know how to repent. If you don't kill him at this time, when will you wait?"

"It's really rampant!"

Qiu Laodao's face was cold. He was offended by Lintian, so he pointed to his nose and yelled, which made him angry.

How many years, even the general emperor to see him, is also respectful, dare not slight!

But now, it's just a junior who dares to challenge his dignity. Obviously, he doesn't know what to do!

Boom ~

there was a breath of terror, which diffused from Qiu Laodao.

A saint's anger is enough to make a river of blood.

Not to mention a quasi emperor?

In a flash, the world changed!

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