When the emperor is angry, a little breath can collapse the sky and cross the mountains and rivers!

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"You dare!"

At this instant, Shunji, Madame Mu and others did not hesitate to urge their own strength, and the whole body power was released.


A group of the emperor's swords were drawn to confront each other. The scene was absolutely terrifying, and the void of the nearby heaven and earth was suddenly shattered and disordered.

Yangguan, also at this time sounded I do not know how many exclamations, secretly concerned about all these old monsters, it seems that did not expect that the situation would become so tense in this instant!

Lintian's black eyes were cold. For a moment before, he felt a sharp attack. There was no doubt that he wanted to kill himself.

"Senior, let me come by myself!"

Lintian stepped forward suddenly with a quiet manner, and his eyes became more and more deep and cold.

Shun Ji and others are speechless. Does this boy still not understand the situation? How could he be Qiu Laodao's opponent alone?

"Ha ha ha, can't you see that this son clearly wants to thank him for his death, but you have to stop him. Are you too amorous?"

On the Qinggang chariot, Qiu Laodao looked up to the sky and laughed. His power became more and more powerful.

Lingxiaozi and others look uncertain, but they still stand there firmly!

This is Yangguan. It's their garrison. If Lintian can't protect it, how can they face others?

Seeing this, Lintian was moved and helpless. He couldn't help but said, "senior, I really don't want you to be involved in this matter. I'll bear all the consequences by myself."

Shun Ji said angrily, "little guy, I've never seen you demolish the platform like this. Big guys are all for you!"

Qiu Laodao burst out laughing again: "look, it's true that he is amorous!"

Then, suddenly a roar rang out. In front of the Qinggang chariot, a black dragon lion rushed out like a black cloud. He moved the void and went to kill Lintian.

The speed, the ferocity, the horror beyond imagination.


Shun Ji and others changed a little. The ink dragon and lion were born into a different species. They were subdued by Gu Liangqu long ago and accepted to practice nearby.

Although these ferocious objects are just chariot like characters, each of them is as fierce as a Saint King.

Not to mention the true saint like Lintian, even if the great saint was here, he was not the enemy of the combination of ink dragon, lion and beast!

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"How dare you

Madame Mu is about to start.

The situation is dangerous, before their gas engine and target are locked in Qiu Laodao, who did not expect that the ink dragon lion would suddenly attack.

However, before Madame Mu could make any action, an incredible scene appeared -

the ink dragon lion, who was still in mid air, fell to the ground with a plop. His body crawled, trembled and gave out a cry of horror, like being scared out of his courage.

It's like a fierce object comparable to the Saint King. It's just too bad!

Atmosphere, suddenly become strange silence.

Shunji, Madame mu, lingxiaozi and others were all stunned. What's the situation?

On the Qinggang chariot, Qiu Laodao's smile suddenly solidified, his pupils shrank, and he looked like a ghost.


Mingzi's eyes almost fell out.

You are comparable to the ink dragon lion in the saint kingdom. How the hell are you like a sick cat?

Then they saw that a leaf like ice and snow appeared in Lintian's palm.

The leaves are round and crystal clear, with strange flowing luster. A bronze mole ant the size of a sesame is lying on it.

Bronze ants are so small and unimportant, but when a group of old monsters look past, all of them tremble.

What a terrible smell!

How does this exist?

For a moment, the atmosphere became more and more silent, and everyone understood why the ink dragon lion, which was comparable to the saint Kingdom, was scared like this.

All because the smell of the bronze ant is so terrible!

At this time, Lintian said to the bronze ant like a lesson to his grandson, "well, let you come out to breathe. If you dare to be naughty, I will seal you forever."

The bronze ant seems to be furious, shaking its tentacles, but finally compromises, holding out a word from its lips: "yes."

All the people were stunned.

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This How could these terrible bronze ants completely obey Lintian's orders?

Then Lintian was satisfied with a smile. As soon as he picked his fingertips, the snow like leaves trembled.


The bronze ant flew out. The tiny body like sesame turned into the size of a calf in an instant. The whole body was poured out of divine gold, giving off a gorgeous atmosphere.

Especially a pair of sharp forelimbs, it can be compared to the magic weapon blade.

With the appearance of bronze ants, a cold and violent power also spread out, making the world tremble.It seems to be starving. As soon as it appears, it opens its mouth and sucks. Then it swallows the crawling ink dragon lion into its mouth and chews it hard.

The sound of bone and flesh burst out from the sharp teeth, and the blood flowed, which made the nearby old monsters shiver.

Bronze ant!

This is a rare archaic alien, and has incredible power!

"Damn it..."

The hell son stays, the head is confused, can't speak.

Old Qiu's face sank and he was so angry that he yelled out: "I want to die!"

As soon as he waved his sleeve robe, a matchless sword fell from the sky, like a waterfall falling nine days, white and boundless.

The bronze ant swished and disappeared out of thin air.

The next moment, accompanied by a shrill scream of horror, another ink dragon lion was bitten in the mouth by bronze ants and chewed.

Only the two remaining black dragons and lions were scared to crawl on the ground and did not dare to struggle at all. They were completely awed by the ferocity of bronze ants.

This makes Qiu Laodao angry, and he doesn't hesitate to do it.

A quasi imperial master who can be ranked in the top ten of the great wall of the imperial pass is naturally terrifying.

With the help of Taoist Qiu, the void was in disorder and fell into a kind of collapse and destruction.

But these attacks on the bronze ants only made a bang bang sound, splashed a string of dazzling sparks, and could not break the carapace of the bronze ants.

In this process, the bronze ants ate the two remaining black dragons and lions one after another. The bloody mouth and the ferocious and cruel appearance made all the old monsters panic.

Even Lintian couldn't help but take in the cool air. Bronze ants and other quasi emperor creatures dormant in the mulberry forest were too fierce, right?

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Is Qiu Laodao too weak?


Just because the bronze ant is too strong!

"Evil animal!"

At this time, Qiu Laodao was so angry that his eyes were red.

The Qinggang chariot belonged to Gu Liangqu. The four ink dragons and lions were also kept by Gu Liangqu. Now, they are all eaten!

How can he explain to Gu Liangqu?

As for Mingzi, he was shocked by the bloody scenes in front of him, and almost scared to urinate.

How can a bronze ant be so powerful?

"Old man, why don't you care? It happens that before I have enough to eat, I will take you to eat! "

The bronze ant, who has never fought back, now looks at Qiu Laodao with a pair of ferocious eyes. The fierce breath runs through the world.


His figure was swift and violent, and his sharp forelimb cut through the void, just like a ferocious spirit. He killed him violently.

The powerful power shocked Shun Ji and others.

They finally realized that they had guessed wrong just now. Lintian could not see through the situation, and he could not show off his hero. He had no fear!

There is such a fierce thing to rely on, there is no need to let these old guys fight!

Roaring ~

a battle between the emperor and the bronze ant broke out, and Qiu Laodao and the bronze ant had already killed jiuxiao. Every battle was like a battle between gods, which set off a storm in ten directions. The sky and the earth were dark, and the sun and the moon were dark.

With Lintian's current strength, he could not see the specific situation of the battle.

After all, it was the struggle between the emperor and the emperor, and the means and strength he used were not comprehensible at all.

But he could still see that bronze ants obviously had the upper hand, attacked frequently, and were swift, ferocious and domineering.

On the contrary, Qiu Laodao was killed to be dwarfed, and he was in a passive position. From time to time, he gave out angry drinking.

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Shunji, Madame mu, lingxiaozi and other quasi emperor figures were watching the battle nervously.

This is not a dispute among the younger generation, but a fierce fight among the same generation, which makes them dizzy and shocked.

Qiu Laodao was a famous quasi emperor in the great wall of diguan. His fighting power was obvious to all. Otherwise, Shunji would not have been shaken back by Qiu Laodao in one blow.

But now, when a bronze ant comes out, it shows the terror fighting power that can steadily suppress Qiu Laodao, which is naturally shocking.

Where did it come from? How could it obey Lintian's orders with its fierce power?

This is incredible!

At this time, Lintian looked at Mingzi and said with a smile, "it seems that you just told me to show up. Send treasure boy."

Mrs. Mu chuckled. This boy is too direct.

"What are you going to do?"

On the chariot of Qinggang, Mingzi's body was stiff, and he was fierce.

"A treasure house is in front of us. You say, if it's you What would you do? "

Lintian walked over and looked at Mingzi with a smile. His eyes were really like staring at a treasure house, hot and bright.

Mingzi was so angry that his face turned green. He was surprised, angry, angry and afraid.At present, four ink dragon lions are eaten, and Qiu Laodao is fighting with bronze ants again. He has no time to care about them. How can Mingzi not be afraid?

No matter how angry and angry he was, he didn't have the courage to fight against Lintian again. The last defeat was still fresh in his mind. How could he fight again?


Without hesitation, Mingzi turned around and ran away. It was a crisp one.

However, Lintian had already appeared in front of him. His face was still smiling and he said, "this time, I can't let you go any more."

When he spoke, he did not hesitate to do it, and had no reservation.


One punch is like a big road, a flood furnace, reflecting the void. It has the power of eternal suppression.


(many children's shoes have wittily guessed that the ice and snow leaves left by Emperor Jinchan are one of Lintian's cards, but Why are bronze ants so Diao?

Children's shoes can recall the story of mulberry woodland fighting for the opportunity left by the great emperor ~)

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