Chapter 1013: Di Yin’s Appearance

The Dao Inheritance Ground.

Now that Ming Zhen had obtained the inheritance and entered deep underground, he was naturally safe from danger and Su Zimo was relieved.

The sound of thunder could be heard from afar.

That single delay had allowed Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the others to catch up!

Gritting his teeth, Su Zimo determined his direction and sped towards the Three Tribulations Domain.

Right now, he could only resolve the crisis by entering the Three Tribulations Domain!

Once inside the Three Tribulations Domain, cultivators could not engage in fights. This was because the ancient Mighty Figures wanted to prevent cultivators from being disturbed as they transcended the tribulations.

However, Su Zimo did not know if he could make it to the Three Tribulations Domain.

The poison of the Armor Bursting Bone Corrosion Nail had already taken effect!

If not for his strong and shocking physique, the poison would have corroded his bones and he would have died long ago!

In reality, if Su Zimo could use his blood qi, there was a high chance he could neutralize the poison by was.h.i.+ng it away continuously with the power of his blood qi.

But now, his blood qi was condensed within his body and could not be activated at all; he could only watch as the poison spread continuously and corroded him!

At that moment, his legs were already numb.

If his legs were numb, it meant that the Armor Bursting Bone Corrosion Nail’s poison had already seeped into his bones. Even if he recovered his blood qi, he might not be able to save them!

Before long, a figure appeared before them.

He wore purple robes and had shoulder-length black hair. His back was facing Su Zimo and his face could not be seen clearly.

However, that mere back view stood there like an insurmountable mountain, towering and majestic as it blocked Su Zimo’s path forward!

Su Zimo’s heart sank.

Although he could not see the purple-robed cultivator’s appearance clearly, he was all too familiar with the aura of a ruler overlooking the ages.

It was Dao Being Chaos Essence, Di Yin!

To think that Di Yin would appear at the final moment!

This was akin to someone who had gone through a lot of hards.h.i.+ps and was about to climb out of the abyss only to find out that he had merely crawled into a deeper pit.

There was an even larger abyss above him!

Even when he had just entered the Dao Inheritance Ground, Su Zimo had no confidence against Di Yin.

Furthermore, both his Essence Spirits were injured and his body was in intense pain right now with his legs gradually losing sensation!

“Fellow Daoist Su, how have you been?”

Di Yin turned around slowly and smiled at Su Zimo who was covered in blood and looked wretched.

Su Zimo’s expression was cold and he said nothing.

With a chuckle, Di Yin walked towards Su Zimo slowly, saying leisurely, “It’s truly unbelievable. This was the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking who was all famous and mighty back in Myriad Phenomenon City? Why have you been reduced to such a state?”

“Where’s your Illumination Dragon Eye? Why are you not undergoing dragonification with your demon blood?”

Di Yin laughed.

At that moment, he was smiling from the bottom of his heart.

It felt good to be in control of everything.

This was especially the case when the great enemy that had brought him endless humiliation and almost killed him was standing right in front of him – a single thought of his was the difference between the latter’s life and death!

“Throughout history, there have been countless paragons and monster incarnates. However, there aren’t many who managed to reach the end.”

Di Yin said indifferently, “Su Zimo, you’re destined to die prematurely!”


The killing intent in Di Yin’s eyes intensified as he opened his palm and crushed down on Su Zimo’s chest like a gigantic millstone!

The Great Chaos Essence Palm!

Chaos Essence Sect’s exclusive secret skill!

Just as Su Zimo wanted to defend, he realized that his legs were numb!

It had finally come to this!

There was no sensation in his legs and therefore, he no longer had support for his strength – he would not be able to withstand the Great Chaos Essence Palm with the pure burst power of his physical body.

In a flash, Su Zimo wanted to form a Dharmic art.

However, a tearing pain came from his Essence Spirit within his consciousness!

Before the Dharmic art was formed, it dissipated!

Di Yin’s eyes flashed with mockery.


He pressed his palm against Su Zimo’s chest and released mincing force that was berserk and violent!


Instantly, Su Zimo’s green robes were torn.

The perfect-grade inner armor on his body could only hold on for a moment before it was crushed into pieces by the power of the Great Chaos Essence Palm and fell shard after shard!

A perfect-grade Dao Being Dharmic weapon could not withstand the power of Di Yin’s palm!

Di Yin was even more terrifying than a hundred years ago!

Not only that, the remaining power of the Great Chaos Essence Palm converged and surged into Su Zimo’s body, shattering the power that Demoness Ji gave him!

Su Zimo fell not far away and coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. His organs were already ruptured by Di Yin’s palm!

“It’s over for you,”

Di Yin strode towards Su Zimo leisurely.

Right then, a figure barged in, grabbed Su Zimo who was on the ground and sprinted into the distance!

Di Yin had already caught sight of that figure a long time ago.

However, he did not expect that someone would dare to s.n.a.t.c.h away Su Zimo from right beneath his nose!

“Master, hang in there! I’ll take you away!”

Solitary Cloud hugged Su Zimo and with the burst of his physical body, sprinted on the ground, looking clumsy and pitiful.

“Master, let’s return to Howling Moon Mountain! There’s monkey, the spirit tiger and Little Fox there. n.o.body will dare to hurt you there!”

Gazing at Su Zimo who was coughing out blood repeatedly, Solitary Cloud’s eyes were bloodshot and his expression was sorrowful.

Su Zimo’s consciousness was starting to blur by now.

“Solitary Cloud, you… let go of me… I… I’ll escape by myself.”

His gaze was slightly unfocused as he spoke intermittently. The blood in his mouth flowed continuously in a frightening manner!

“Master, stop talking. I won’t leave!”

Solitary Cloud said loudly, “I’ve once sworn to follow you through life and death. I’ll do what I say and never leave!”

“You don’t know… don’t know who Di Yin is.”

Su Zimo tried his best to perk himself up so that he would not faint. Panting, he said, “If he wants to… to attack, you won’t be able to escape. You can only… only survive if you abandon me.”

“You’re mistaken.”

Di Yin’s voice suddenly sounded in Solitary Cloud’s ears. That aura sent a chill down his spine!

“Even if he leaves you now, he won’t be able to escape!”

With a sinister smile, Di Yin struck and slapped Solitary Cloud heavily on the back!


Solitary Cloud’s chest was penetrated by Di Yin’s palm and an arrow of blood spurted out!

The scarlet, boiling blood splattered on Su Zimo’s face, startling him and clearing his mind a little!

“Solitary Cloud!”

Su Zimo shouted and reached out in a panic, wanting to block the blood on Solitary Cloud’s chest.

However, he could not stop the blood from gus.h.i.+ng out.

Solitary Cloud’s heart was already shattered and his Essence Spirit was filled with cracks!

The bones in Solitary Cloud’s chest were all broken. However, he still widened his eyes and staggered forward with whatever willpower he had left.

Right from the beginning, he did not let go of Su Zimo’s arms!

One step after another…

Finally, Solitary Cloud’s body swayed as he lowered his gaze and murmured, “Master, I… can’t hold on anymore. I can only… bring you… here.”

“Solitary Cloud!”

Su Zimo’s voice trembled and he could no longer hold it in as tears streamed down his clothes.

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