Chapter 1014: Another Wave!

“Does this hurt?”

When Di Yin saw Su Zimo’s current state, he could not help but burst into laughter from the thrill of revenge.

He enjoyed the feeling right now.

The more pain Su Zimo was in, the happier he was!

“Do you remember what I said back in the ancient battlefield?”

Di Yin looked down at Su Zimo from above and said slowly, “I’ve already said that I’ll definitely take revenge on you the day we meet again!”

Su Zimo grit his teeth and remained silent. With reddened eyes, he controlled his spirit consciousness and pulled Solitary Cloud into his storage bag bit by bit.

That simple action caused a tearing pain in his Essence Spirit and he almost fainted!

If Solitary Cloud had not been by his side and absorbed the dragon qi to cultivate, causing his bloodline to become much stronger, Solitary Cloud would have been destroyed in body and spirit by Di Yin’s palm strike!

Right now, although Solitary Cloud was not dead, he could not hold on for much longer.

Di Yin’s palm strike had almost crippled his body completely!

His heart and sternum were shattered and all life in his body was gone. Only his Essence Spirit still had a trace of life and emitted a faint glow.

At this rate, Solitary Cloud’s Essence Spirit would probably dim for eternity within two hours!

Even though Su Zimo’s life was hanging by a thread right now, he had not given up on Solitary Cloud.

Even if there was only a sliver of hope for survival, he had to leave with Solitary Cloud!

It was not just Solitary Cloud’s vow to follow him through life and death.

He made the same promise to Solitary Cloud!

“Sigh, to think that Su Zimo would still die in Di Yin’s hands at the end of the day.”

“Including the fallen Dao Being Gla.s.s and Dao Being Poison as well as Di Yin, he was attacked by a total of eight t.i.tular disciples. Even Void Reversions or Dharma Characteristics would have to die here, let alone a Nascent Soul!”

“Although this battle was way too unfair for Su Zimo, the victors have the final say. There’s nothing much we can comment about.”

“After today, I’m afraid no one will be able to threaten Di Yin anymore.”

At that moment, there were already many cultivators gathered nearby with complex expressions.

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the others arrived nearby as well. They did not step forward and merely watched coldly from the sidelines.

“Actually, you don’t have to suffer.”

Di Yin did not want to delay any longer and walked towards Su Zimo, saying indifferently, “That’s because I’ll fulfill your wishes and send you guys to the netherworld together!”


He reached out and conjured a gigantic millstone that crushed down towards Su Zimo!

All of a sudden!

A dark light tore through the air and expanded rapidly in midair, as though it had transformed into a pitch-black brick. It shone with six Dharmic patterns and smashed towards Di Yin’s palm!

A connate Dao Being Dharmic weapon!


Di Yin’s gaze intensified as killing intent surged in his eyes.

There was someone that dared to attack him?

A series of exclamations sounded from the crowd as well.

Who was Di Yin?

In the cultivation world, he might only be a t.i.tular disciple.

But here in the Dao Inheritance Ground, he was the king and emperor!

If the Emperor was angered, millions of people had to die!

Even Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the other t.i.tular disciples were wary of Di Yin and stopped in their tracks – which cultivator in this Dao Inheritance Ground would be ignorant enough to dare attack him?!

“You must have a death wis.h.!.+”

Even though he was barehanded against the connate Dao Being Dharmic weapon, Di Yin had no intention of stopping. His blood qi surged and his Dharmic powers surged as the might of the Chaos Essence Palm doubled!


The gigantic millstone conjured by Di Yin’s palm collided with the black brick and an earthshaking bang sounded!

At the point of collision, air currents surged and gravel filled the air!

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the other t.i.tular disciples were shocked and their pupils constricted.

Di Yin was even scarier than they had imagined!

Among all the t.i.tular disciples, including the fallen Dao Being Gla.s.s, Di Yin was probably the only one who dared to receive a connate Dharmic weapon barehanded!

Both parties clashed head-on and Di Yin did not retreat at all!

However, the black brick flew back and landed in the hands of a cultivator who was charging over.

The intruder was dressed in a gray Daoist robe. He was fair, beardless and slightly plump, but he was extremely agile.

The moment the intruder blocked Di Yin with the black brick, he rushed forward and flipped Su Zimo on his back. Without turning back, he ran!

“Oh? It’s you!”

Di Yin’s gaze was sinister and he was enraged. In a flash, he sped forward!

His figure tore through the air with a speed that was so fast and ferocious that shuddering, buzzing sounds could be heard!

“Even if you’re the successor of Enigma Palace, I’ll kill you here today if you dare to ruin my plans!”

Di Yin chased after the gray-robed cultivator. His voice was chilling and his eyes were filled with endless killing intent!

He had to kill Su Zimo in the Dao Inheritance Ground and not allow any accidents to happen!

He would kill anyone who stood in his way!

“The successor of Enigma Palace has appeared as well!”

“Is Su Zimo related to Enigma Palace?”

“By the looks of it, the successor of Enigma Palace isn’t Di Yin’s match either. He escaped after a single exchange.”

When they saw that, many cultivators were invigorated and started discussing once more.

Enigma Palace was the most mysterious super sect in Tianhuang Mainland.

Nine immortal sects, eight demon regions… and finally two islands and one palace – that palace referred to Enigma Palace!

The successor of Enigma Palace was equivalent to the t.i.tular disciples of the super sects.

However, they rarely partic.i.p.ated in such battles.

Be it the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking or the Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic Ranking, none of the successors of Enigma Palace would take part.

Therefore, the successors of each generation of Enigma Palace were the most mysterious existences in the eyes of the cultivators.

n.o.body knew their true strength.

However, seniors of the various major sects would remind their disciples to try their best not to be enemies with the successor of Enigma Palace.

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the other t.i.tular disciples frowned and followed hurriedly.

It was already a foregone conclusion that Su Zimo would die. There was no way something could happen because of a successor of Enigma Palace!

As the gray-robed cultivator sprinted, he heard the sound of wind behind him as a powerful and berserk aura approached rapidly!

He glanced sideways.

Di Yin was not far behind him with a grim expression that was filled with killing intent. His movement technique was frighteningly fast and he would catch up in a few breaths!


The gray-robed cultivator jolted in shock.

He swiped his storage bag and took out a dirty and tattered bag. He muttered something and tossed it behind him.

The tattered bag fluttered and expanded continuously, trapping Di Yin who was charging over!

The opening of the bag shrank rapidly!


Di Yin’s furious roar sounded from the bag, causing one’s heart to tremble!

“The successor of Enigma Palace sure has some skills. He seems to have trapped Di Yin!” A cultivator exclaimed.

The gray-robed cultivator grinned and turned to continue running.

That was because he knew that although the tattered bag was a Unique Treasure, it was not enough to trap Di Yin!

Before long, a howl sounded behind him!

“Let’s see where in the world you can escape to!”

Di Yin ripped the bag apart and broke free. Killing intent surged from his body as he chased after the gray-robed cultivator furiously!

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