Chapter 1015: The Only Lifeline

“Brother Lin, you’re here too.”

Lying on the back of the gray robed cultivator, Su Zimo consumed a large amount of elixirs and the medicinal effects surged into his body. He was in a better state now and spoke softly.

The successor of Enigma Palace was none other than Lin Xuanji!

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Ever since Su Zimo started cultivating, he did not have many friends.

Among these people, some of them were cynical, some were honest, some were cold and murderous, and some were just happy-go-lucky.

Their personalities were different and the Dao techniques they cultivated were different as well – immortal, Buddhist, fiend and heretical. However, there were similarities between them – every single one of them was true and loyal!

Demoness Ji, Ming Zhen and Lin Xuanji were the same.

Even Solitary Cloud was the same!

For Demoness Ji and Ming Zhen, it was a blessing in disguise since they managed to obtain the inheritance of a Mighty Figure. As for Solitary Cloud…

Su Zimo’s heart ached at the thought of Solitary Cloud.

Lin Xuanji asked with a worried expression, “Brother Su, how are you?”

“Not bad.”

Su Zimo forced himself to focus and replied.

Actually, he was in a bad state.

His organs were already ruptured and his Essence Spirit was severely injured. The Bone Corrosion Poison on his legs had already seeped into his marrow and was spreading gradually!

Su Zimo’s spirit consciousness stirred and he retrieved a small bottle from his storage bag, pouring out an elixir.

Lin Xuanji glanced at it from the corner of his eyes with a delighted expression. “Life Preservation Elixir! That’s a good thing! Swallow it quickly and you’ll at least be able to preserve your life. We’ll talk about it after you escape!”

Su Zimo did not say anything and placed the Life Preservation Elixir carefully into Solitary Cloud’s mouth instead.

The Life Preservation Elixir could keep Solitary Cloud alive for a month at least!


Lin Xuanji’s eyes widened and he was so anxious that he nearly stomped his feet as he shouted, “Are you stupid?! You can’t hold on for much longer and you’re still going to care about that wyrm?!”

“I am fine,”

Su Zimo’s lips twitched as he smiled. “But he can’t die!”

“How are you fine?”

“How much longer can you last in your current state?”

“How are you going to neutralize the Bone Corrosion Poison in your body?”

“The reason why they’re called the Seven Lethals of Poison Sect is because even Poison Sect doesn’t have an antidote for those seven poisons and one will definitely die if they’re poisoned!”

If not for the fact that he was being hunted down by Di Yin, Lin Xuanji really wanted to throw Su Zimo down and bash him up!

“The injuries are a little serious but I’ll probably survive them.”

Su Zimo could still smile.

Although his bloodline was suppressed and could not be circulated, it was still within his body and was still terrifyingly strong and invulnerable to poison.

It was impossible for the Bone Corrosion Poison to poison him to death.

However, it was almost impossible for him to remove the Bone Corrosion Poison from his body as well!

At the very least, given his current condition and methods, there was no way he could do it!

“Brother Su, you have to hold on!”

“I’ve already offended Di Yin now. If you die, I’ll be in deep sh*t and this will be a wasted trip!”

Lin Xuanji muttered as he carried Su Zimo on his back, as though he was afraid that Su Zimo would faint and not wake up.

“My master divined that you’re going to face a calamity this time round, so I hurried over.”

“Honestly, that old man is getting more muddle-headed as he ages and spouts useless nonsense. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! Even if I think with my a.r.s.e, I can tell that you’re going to face a calamity by entering the Dao Inheritance Ground to face so many t.i.tular disciples. Who the h.e.l.l even needs to divine it?”

Initially, Su Zimo was about to fall asleep. However, he could not help but chuckle when he heard how amusing Lin Xuanji was.

He knew that Lin Xuanji was thinking of ways to save him and keep him awake.

Lin Xuanji turned back to take a look and was so scared that his face turned pale as he scolded, “F*ck! Di Yin is chasing us so closely like a mad dog! This is deadly!”

His movement technique could not compare to Di Yin.

If he had not used that tattered bag earlier to delay Di Yin for a while, the latter would have caught up to him long ago!

“Brother Lin, listen to me!”

Su Zimo perked up and raised his arm slightly, pointing in a direction. “Go there!”


Stunned for a moment, Lin Xuanji was delighted. “Brother Su, you’ve got a backup plan over there? Impressive, brilliant!”

Without hesitation, Lin Xuanji changed directions and sprinted.

After escaping for a while more, Lin Xuanji gradually realized that something was amiss and frowned. “Brother Su, what backup plans do you have here? We seem to be headed for the Three Tribulations Domain?”

“It is the Three Tribulations Domain,”

Su Zimo said, “Throw me into the Three Tribulations Domain and leave this place. Di Yin wants to kill me, not you.”

“Are you crazy?!”

Lin Xuanji shouted, “You still want to challenge the Three Tribulations Domain in your current state? What’s the difference between challenging the Three Tribulations Domain and killing yourself right now?!”

“The Three Tribulations Domain tests a cultivator’s Dao heart. Although I’m severely injured, my Dao heart is still present!”

Su Zimo’s tone was resolute as he said slowly, “I’ll definitely be able to obtain an inheritance within the Three Tribulations Domain!”


Lin Xuanji was still worried.

Su Zimo continued, “Furthermore, I’m currently poisoned. Given my current condition and methods, there’s no way I can neutralize it.”

“Ah, you want to borrow the power of the Three Tribulations Domain!”

Lin Xuanji’s eyes lit up.

“That’s right!”

Su Zimo replied, “The only way I can purge the Bone Corrosion Poison that has already seeped into my bones is with the use of external force!”

“But, that’s too painful!”

Lin Xuanji shuddered at the mere thought.

Su Zimo said, “Brother Lin, the Three Tribulations Domain is my only chance!”

Sensing Su Zimo’s determination, Lin Xuanji grit his teeth. “Let’s go, I’ll take you to the Three Tribulations Domain! If you die in there and turn into a wandering ghost, don’t come looking for me for revenge!”

“Don’t worry.”

Su Zimo smiled gently.

Since he had already made that decision, he no longer hesitated. Lin Xuanji took a deep breath and sped in the direction of the Three Tribulations Domain.

Before long, a ma.s.sive frost region appeared on the horizon in front of them. Cold winds howled from within, connecting the heavens and earth, sweeping up gales with a terrifying might!

“Where are they going?”

“Are they going to barge into the Three Tribulations Domain? Isn’t that just courting death?”

“I reckon that Su Zimo would rather die in the Three Tribulations Domain than be killed by Di Yin.”

The cultivators discussed and gathered over.

Before long, Lin Xuanji arrived at the borders of the Three Tribulations Domain.

“Brother Su, I can only send you here.”

Lin Xuanji stopped in his tracks and panted slightly; there was a layer of sweat on his forehead after all the sprinting.

He knew that this farewell might very well be their last!

“Send me in.”

Su Zimo endured the pain on his body and smiled. “Don’t worry, we’ll meet again!”

“Brother Su, farewell!”

Gritting his teeth, Lin Xuanji pulled Su Zimo off his back and tossed him into the Three Tribulations Domain.

Instantly, Su Zimo was drowned by the cold wind and disappeared!

The cold wind inside was laced with frost that could isolate spirit consciousness and vision.

Cultivators on the outside would not be able to tell what was going on inside.

Even inside, visibility was extremely low.

Lin Xuanji tossed Su Zimo into the Three Tribulations Domain and fled to the side.

“Challenging the Three Tribulations Domain?”

Di Yin arrived at the borders of the Three Tribulations Domain and ignored Lin Xuanji who was beside him. He merely sneered. “It’s just a momentary delay. I want to see how long you can last in the Three Tribulations Domain!”

After a moment of hesitation, Di Yin charged into the Three Tribulations Domain as well!

Immediately after, Dao Being Heavenly Dipper, Dao Being Zephyr Thunder, Monk Formless and Dao Being Malevolent Earth arrived as well. Even Dao Being Hidden Death had appeared!

The five t.i.tular disciples exchanged glances and with a tacit understanding, entered the Three Tribulations Domain at almost the same time!

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