Chapter 1016: Bone-piercing Yin Wind

When they saw that, the cultivators were shocked!

“Six t.i.tular disciples are barging into the Three Tribulations Domain just for Su Zimo. This is an unprecedented sight!”

“Su Zimo’s death is a foregone conclusion. The only reason why the six t.i.tular disciples followed him in was to split the treasures!”

Although cultivators were not allowed to fight within the Three Tribulations Domain, if the cultivators inside died, the treasures that fell would naturally become ownerless.

Anyone who saw them could take them away at any moment.

Some cultivators who could not contain their curiosity entered the Three Tribulations Domain as well. However, most of them walked out trembling the moment they entered.

Some of the cultivators were pale and their beards were filled with frost as their bodies trembled uncontrollably.

Some cultivators were already injured and the blood they coughed out was filled with ice shards!

The Three Tribulations Domain was not a place where everyone could attempt!

Even so, there were still more and more cultivators gathered here. Most of them stood outside, awaiting the final outcome.

Middle Continent, Hundred Refinement Sect.

A Void Reversion retreated from the Dao Inheritance Ground in advance and recounted everything that happened within in detail.

The entire hall was silent.

Poisoned and severely injured by Di Yin, he entered the Three Tribulations Domain with his current fate unknown!

None of those news were beneficial to Su Zimo.

Everyone had grim expressions and remained silent.

All of them knew that by entering the Three Tribulations Domain at that moment, it was equivalent to Su Zimo declaring his death!

Throughout history, no one had been able to pa.s.s through the Three Tribulations Domain.

However, Su Zimo had no way out.

Behind him were six t.i.tular disciples!

He would die whether he advanced or retreated.

Extreme Fire’s expression was terrible and his eyes burned with endless rage!

A moment later, Shangguan Zi sighed softly. “Now, we can only leave it up to fate.”

At the same time, news of what happened in the Dao Inheritance Ground spread to Tianhuang Mainland one after another.

The entire cultivation world was in an uproar!

“Di Yin did not manage to kill Su Zimo and the latter managed to escape to the Three Tribulations Domain?!”

“This Su Zimo sure is lucky.”

“There shouldn’t be any unforeseen circ.u.mstances this time round. Once he enters the Three Tribulations Domain, Su Zimo will have no way out. He can only continue forward.”

“That’s right. Throughout history, there have been countless paragons and monster incarnates, but no one has been able to clear the Three Tribulations Domain. Furthermore, I heard that he’s already poisoned and is severely injured.”

“The strongest monster incarnate in history failed to create a legend in the end and will soon vanish into thin air.”

The moment Su Zimo entered the Three Tribulations Domain, he felt a piercing chill and a layer of frost formed on his body.

Oo! Oo!

A cold wind blew in his face.

The wind was even more powerful than divine weapons and pierced through Su Zimo’s flesh and organs like steel needles!

His face was pale as he grit his teeth and curled up in pain.

His internal organs were already severely injured to begin with. At that moment, frost started forming on them as the Extreme North Yin Wind blew against them!

Su Zimo could not feel his legs. He could only rely on his arms to support himself as he crawled forward bit by bit. His body was s.h.i.+vering but his gaze was resolute!

The deeper they went, the more vicious the Yin wind became!

Initially, the Yin wind resembled steel needles.

Towards the end, the Yin wind was like a saber and a sharp blade that slashed across Su Zimo’s body repeatedly.

The Yin wind was as sharp as a knife and caused the pain of death!

The pain was not something that anyone could endure!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Su Zimo’s body was already riddled with wounds by the Yin wind. Before blood could be seen, his wounds were already frozen!

He was right – the original intention of the Three Tribulations Domain was to test a cultivator’s Dao heart.

However, the first two tests – the Extreme North Yin Wind and the Red Lotus Karmic Flame – tested the cultivator’s body and will!

Without a strong physique and a will that could endure endless pain, n.o.body would be able to gain the acknowledgment of the ancient Mighty Figures!

The further inside, the stronger the Yin wind was!

In the end, the Yin wind had already penetrated Su Zimo’s flesh and blood, slicing against his bones with an ear-piercing sound!

The Yin wind was bone-piercing!

Su Zimo was in so much pain that his body was convulsing!

Even so, he did not make a single sound!

Suddenly, his eyes lit with joy.

Initially, his legs were corroded by the Bone Corrosion Poison and he could not feel anything.

However, as the Yin wind continued to blow against his bones, his legs began to feel pain. It became clearer and fiercer!

Su Zimo was in so much pain that his facial features were distorted. However, he still smiled.

This meant that he could indeed purge the Bone Corrosion Poison with the help of the Extreme North Yin Wind!

Su Zimo endured the pain and struggled to stand up from the ground. With a resolute gaze, he headed deeper into the Three Tribulations Domain!

Behind him, six figures were advancing with difficulty.

Although Di Yin and the others were t.i.tular disciples, they had to endure the torture of the Yin wind as well after entering the Three Tribulations Domain!

The wind sliced them a cut after another!

Every single slash struck the bone!

Every single step they took caused the six of them to tremble.

However, they continued to persevere and stared intently at the figure that was crawling forward.

They waited for the figure to stop!

They did not believe that they would not be able to outlast a Nascent Soul who was poisoned and severely injured!

However, before long, under their watchful gazes, the figure stood up amidst the surging cold wind and walked forward step by step!


Dao Being Malevolent Earth could not hold it in any longer and wanted to curse out loud. However, a Yin wind blew into his mouth instantly, causing wounds to appear!

He had to swallow his remaining words!

“What a lunatic!”

He hollered internally.

Dao Being Hidden Death walked slower and slower and was already thinking of retreating.

His original goal was to Su Zimo.

The reason why he entered the Three Tribulations Domain was because he wanted to see if he could fish in troubled waters and s.n.a.t.c.h one or two of Su Zimo’s treasures.

But now, he no longer wanted to persist.

If he continued, he might even die in the Extreme North Yin Wind before he could get his hands on Su Zimo’s treasures!

No matter what, Su Zimo’s death was absolute.

His goal could be considered accomplished.

At that thought, Dao Being Hidden Death stopped in his tracks and retreated slowly.

When Dao Being Malevolent Earth saw Dao Being Hidden Death retreat, he was swayed as well.

Among the six t.i.tular disciples, Di Yin was the only one who did not waver and continued advancing!

Getting his hands on Su Zimo’s treasures was only one of the reasons.

More importantly, he had to witness Su Zimo’s death before he could feel at ease!

This time round, he managed to lure Su Zimo into the Dao Inheritance Ground. If he could not kill the latter here, he would not get another opportunity as such in the future!

The Yin wind howled with a chilling aura as the number of wounds on Su Zimo’s body increased in a shocking manner.

The pain in his legs intensified!

However, it was as though Su Zimo could not sense it as his footsteps became firmer!

If he wanted to establish a Dao, he was bound to endure endless suffering and danger!

These sufferings and dangers would temper his Dao heart continuously.

It would eventually transform him and allow him to be reborn, forming a supreme Dao heart that did not fear heaven and earth, ghosts or fiends!

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