Chapter 1017: Karmic Flame Incineration

Outside the Three Tribulations Domain.

More and more cultivators gathered and looked inside.

“They’ve been inside for an hour, right? n.o.body’s come out yet. Could Su Zimo still be alive?”

“These t.i.tular disciples are truly terrifying. We can’t even take a few breaths inside. To think that they can last that long!”

“Look, someone’s coming out!”

A figure gradually became clear and walked out of the Three Tribulations Domain. It was Dao Being Hidden Death who was covered in frost!

Dao Being Hidden Death stood at the edge of the Three Tribulations Domain expressionlessly and tried his best to recover his blood qi. He swallowed a few elixirs before letting out a long breath.

After calming down for a long time, his figure swayed and gradually faded before everyone’s eyes.

A wave of shock and astonishment could be heard from the crowd.

It had to be admitted that this concealment technique was absolutely unfathomable and could even deceive the heavens!

Dao Being Hidden Death had not left – he was still waiting for the final outcome.

After another 15 minutes, another figure appeared from the Three Tribulations Domain.

Dao Being Malevolent Earth!

He was not in a good condition either, s.h.i.+vering as though he had suffered quite a bit – even his breath contained frost in it.

He really could not hold on any longer!

The reason why Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the others could persevere was because they had some obsession in their hearts.

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper wanted Su Zimo’s Divine Phoenix Bone.

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder wanted the Purple Thunder Manual.

Monk Formless wanted the Creation Green Lotus and the Daming True Sutra.

As for Di Yin, he wanted to kill Su Zimo personally.

The obsession of Di Yin and the others did not exist in the Dao Being Malevolent Earth’s heart.

He had already established his Dao heart long ago and obtained the inheritance of a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure. He truly did not want to endure such pain anymore.

In the Dao Inheritance Ground, as long as one established their Dao heart and obtained the inheritance of a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure, there would be no more inheritance.

“Two of the six t.i.tular disciples have already come out. To think that Su Zimo is still alive!”

“I’m truly curious how much longer he can last.”

Many cultivators were still waiting patiently.

Within the Three Tribulations Domain.

Su Zimo traveled deeper and deeper through the Extreme North Yin Wind.

His body was already covered in wounds from the Yin wind and his originally delicate and handsome appearance was completely disfigured by now.

Su Zimo was oblivious and his gaze was resolute – he did not waver at all!

The Bone Corrosion Poison on his legs had already been partially removed by the Extreme North Yin Wind.

However, the Extreme North Yin Wind could not penetrate his marrow and could not purge away the Bone Corrosion Poison that had seeped in.

Su Zimo was not worried. He believed that there would be a solution eventually.

Behind him, apart from Di Yin, Dao Being Heavenly Dipper, Dao Being Zephyr Thunder and Monk Formless were walking slower and slower.

The three of them looked at Su Zimo’s blurry figure in the cold wind with hatred and indignance in their eyes!

Not everyone could endure the bone-piercing pain of the Yin wind!

By now, the three of them had already reached their limits!

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder paused with a dark expression.

At this point, he could only give up on the Purple Thunder Manual.

As a t.i.tular disciple, if he were to die here because of a single cultivation technique, he would become the greatest joke in the cultivation world!

He chose to withdraw!

After persisting for a while more, Monk Formless could not take it anymore either and turned to leave.

There were only three people left in the Three Tribulations Domain!

Su Zimo, Di Yin and Dao Being Heavenly Dipper!

Finally, after four hours, the first tribulation was about to pa.s.s!

In Dao Being Heavenly Dipper’s line of sight, there was no longer a howling Yin wind at the front. Instead, there was nothing but a desert.

Arriving at the edge of the desert, Su Zimo strode in without hesitation!

The moment he entered, his expression changed!

Suddenly, his body turned hot and his temperature rose continuously. His entire body creaked as though his bones were about to explode!

The Red Lotus Karmic Flame was triggered by a cultivator’s greed, anger, and obsession, burning from inside out within him.


A ball of flames ignited within Su Zimo’s body and grew larger, emerging from his organs and skin!

His eyes, ears, mouth and nose were spewing flames!

This was due to the sudden change from extreme coldness to extreme heat. The two energies clashed within Su Zimo’s body.

This was ten times more painful than the bone-piercing Yin wind earlier on!

Looking at Su Zimo who had already turned into a flaming man in the desert but had yet to stop, Dao Being Heavenly Dipper had a frightened expression and truly did not want to follow.

This person was definitely a lunatic!

He chose to give up as well.

Di Yin was the only one left among the six t.i.tular disciples!

Standing at the edge of the desert, Di Yin grit his teeth and charged in as well as he gazed at Su Zimo who was blazing with flames!


A ball of flames rose within his body as well!

Cultivators could not avoid greed, anger and obsession during their cultivation. Their bodies were bound to be tainted by karma and karmic returns!

No one could stop the Karmic Flames!


Di Yin grunted.

The pain of the Karmic Flames almost made him turn and leave!

However, right after, he withstood it with his strong endurance and walked forward, following closely behind Su Zimo!

The Karmic Flames purged away the coldness in Su Zimo’s body.

The blood that was initially frozen began to melt as well. Under the scorching heat of the Karmic Flames, his flesh and blood exploded one after another. From afar, he looked like a blood-colored lotus that was shocking!

As Su Zimo traveled through the desert, thousands of red lotuses bloomed on his body.

His flesh and spirit qi were withering and burned to ashes by the Karmic Flames!

Su Zimo’s storage bag was gripped in his right palm.

With the protection of the Divine Phoenix Bone, his storage bag was fine.

Against the endless pain, Su Zimo advanced step by step, leaving a series of blood-colored footprints behind him!

As he ventured deeper into the desert, the Karmic Flames burned brighter!

Su Zimo’s entire body turned into a gigantic fireball that was scarlet red!

The Karmic Flames not only burned his flesh, but his bones as well.

His bones were burned red and almost transparent. Under the calcination of the Karmic Flames, the marrow within them was boiling!

The Bone Corrosion Poison that had seeped into his marrow initially was burned to ashes by the Karmic Flames!

The bone-cutting Yin wind and calcination of the Karmic Flames purged the Bone Corrosion Poison from within Su Zimo’s body entirely!

Sensing the changes in his body, Su Zimo was invigorated and howled into the skies in the desert. The Karmic Flames spewing from his mouth seemed like they were about to transform into a divine dragon that soared into the skies!

The tempering of the wind and fire tribulations strengthened Su Zimo’s determination – he was no longer afraid!

Di Yin’s footsteps gradually slowed down!

He could not hold on either.

His expression was cold as he watched Su Zimo leave. Even the Karmic Flames burning in his body could not burn away the killing intent in his eyes!

“So what if you can survive the wind and fire tribulations? I don’t believe that you can survive the Dao Heart lightning tribulation!”

Di Yin chanted internally and suppressed the indignance in his heart before turning to leave.

Su Zimo was the only one remaining to advance in the Three Tribulations Domain!

After an unknown period of time, it was as though a gigantic lightning pool was suspended in the firmaments ahead. It shone brightly and thunder rumbled in a shocking manner!

Su Zimo had finally reached the final tribulation.

Looking at the lightning pool before him, Su Zimo took a deep breath and strode in without hesitation!

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