Chapter 1019: Alarming the Half-Martial Ancestor

“Who is it?! Who is establis.h.i.+ng a Dao?”

“Desolate Martial wishes to establish a Dao and impart martial to all living beings? How ambitious!”

“This is a stir that can only be triggered after a perfect Dao Heart is established alongside the recognition of many ancient Mighty Figures!”

“There’s going to be a ma.s.sive change in the cultivation world!”

Instantly, countless experts of the sects appeared and lamented.

Gla.s.s Palace.

A middle-aged man in a rainbow-colored Daoist robe looked in the direction of the Middle Continent with a dark expression, his eyes filled with endless rage.

The void around him trembled!

This was the power of the Conjoint Body realm, shaking the void!

The surrounding cultivators, including Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords, were silent out of fear of disturbing the sect master of Gla.s.s Palace who stood before them.

Ever since Dao Being Gla.s.s pa.s.sed away in the Dao Inheritance Ground a day ago, the entire Gla.s.s Palace had fallen into this stifling atmosphere.

A t.i.tular disciple killed by a Nascent Soul was something that had never happened in history!

t.i.tular disciples were the face of the super sects and possessed terrifying combat strength. It was rare for them to die prematurely.

They were almost invincible among their peers.

Even if t.i.tular disciples were to clash against one another, while victory could be determined, it would be way too difficult for them to kill one another.

As for cultivators with higher cultivations, they were wary of the super sects behind the t.i.tular disciples and would not dare to attack them.

Therefore, it was extremely difficult for t.i.tular disciples to die!

But now, a variant had appeared in the cultivation world – a monster incarnate!

As a Nascent Soul, he killed Dao Being Gla.s.s in the Dao Inheritance Ground without giving Gla.s.s Palace any face!

Dao Being Gla.s.s was the personal disciple that Gla.s.s Palace’s sect master valued the most!

“Su Zimo isn’t dead yet?”

Gla.s.s Palace’s sect master’s voice was cold and chilling.

“Sect master, according to the news from the Dao Inheritance Ground, Desolate Martial should be Su Zimo’s Dao t.i.tle!” A Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord said in a deep voice.

Gla.s.s Palace’s sect master was truly enraged. Gritting his teeth, he said, “If he manages to escape from the Dao Inheritance Ground alive, gather all the Mighty Figures of the sect and follow me to the Middle Continent to kill our way into Hundred Refinement Sect! I want to see if Extreme Fire can stop me!”

“Not bad,”

Another Conjoint Body Mighty Figure nodded. “That lad is way too much of a monster incarnate. He has already taken on a huge grudge with us and we can’t let him continue growing. We have to kill him! No matter the cost!”

“Don’t worry, sect master. Even if that lad were to establish his Dao, it would be useless.”

A Dao Lord said, “Don’t forget that there are still t.i.tular disciples like Di Yin in the Dao Inheritance Ground. This lad won’t be able to escape even if he has wings!”

At the same time.

In Poison Sect, an old man with withered yellow cheeks sat beneath a gigantic poisonous python and held a jade green staff in his hands.

“Sect master, I just received news that Su Zimo is not dead yet. He escaped into the Three Tribulations Domain and has already established his Dao heart, causing the world to tremble!”

A cultivator came before the old man and knelt on the ground, speaking in a deep voice.

Poison Sect’s sect master’s expression turned cold as he said with a sinister gaze, “That lad isn’t dead yet? Let’s see how long more he can live!”

Chaos Essence Sect.

Many Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were awakened by the voice in the firmaments and walked out of their cave abodes.

“Firmament Arrival, come here!”

Suddenly, an authoritative voice sounded from Chaos Essence Sect.

Firmament Arrival was the Dao t.i.tle of Chaos Essence Sect’s sect master. There were only a few people in the entire sect who dared to order a sect master like that!

Before long, a middle-aged Dao Being arrived before an ancient cave abode and bowed respectfully.

The existence in the cave abode was the Grand Elder of the sect, Di Fan. His cultivation had already broken through the Conjoint Body realm and he was now at the Half-Martial Ancestor realm!

Breaking through from Conjoint Body to Mahayana was extremely difficult.

Even in the ancient era where the human race rose to glory and there were many Conjoint Body Mighty Figures, there were very few Mahayana Patriarchs.

Above the Conjoint Body realm and below the Mahayana realm, there was another minor realm – the Half-Martial Ancestor realm. It was also known as half-step Mahayana!

Although one had not fully broken through to the Mahayana realm at this point, they were qualified to be referred as ‘Ancestors[1]’.

This was the origin of the Half-Martial Ancestor!

Even though he was only a Half-Martial Ancestor, his combat strength was enough to suppress all Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!

In Tianhuang Mainland, Mahayana realm patriarchs had broad horizons and pursued the Great Dao wholeheartedly. They had long broken free from the restraints of the sect and rarely appeared.

The only time Mahayana Patriarchs might appear is if the sect is in danger of being destroyed.

This meant that the Half-Martial Ancestor was almost the strongest existence in Tianhuang Mainland!

For the sake of advancing further, the Half-Martial Ancestor would enter seclusion all year round as well.

If not for the fact that Desolate Martial established the Dao and shocked the world, Di Fan would not have woken up from his seclusion.

Chaos Essence Sect’s sect master whispered, “Elder Di, even you were alarmed?”


Within the cave abode, a pair of eyes opened slowly and shone with a divine light. It was like a bolt of lightning that tore through the night sky and could not be avoided!

“What’s going on?”

Di Fan asked slowly.

Chaos Essence Sect’s sect master hurriedly recounted the situation of the Dao Inheritance Ground in detail.

“That’s him?”

Di Fan frowned slightly.

Di Yin was his grandson!

Part of the reason why Di Yin was so famous in the cultivation world was also because he was backed by a Half-Martial Ancestor!

A hundred years ago, Di Yin suffered a crus.h.i.+ng defeat in Myriad Phenomenon City and his Protection Dharmic Weapon was shattered, almost resulting in his death. Di Fan knew about it as well and was extremely furious.

However, there was no news of Su Zimo later on and things were left unsettled.

Di Fan asked, “Are you sure that he’s at the Nascent Soul realm?”

“Yes, he just broke through to perfected Nascent Soul realm at the Thousand Crane Tea Party more than a month ago,” Chaos Essence Sect’s sect master replied.

“Yes, there’s nothing to worry about then.”

Di Fan replied indifferently, “Di Yin is already at the Void Reversion realm. No matter how much of a monster incarnate he is, there’s no way he can be a match for Di Yin.”

“He won’t have a chance to break through in the Dao Inheritance Ground either,” Chaos Essence Sect’s sect master added.

Di Fan said in a deep voice, “Alright, you may leave. I’m going to continue my seclusion. Don’t disturb me unless something major happens.”

Chaos Essence Sect’s sect master bowed and retreated.

The Dao Inheritance Ground.

Di Yin had just left the Three Tribulations Domain and had yet to take a breather when he heard a deafening voice!

“Desolate Martial wishes to establish a Dao and impart martial to all living beings!”

He turned around suddenly and his gaze froze.

The cultivators of the Dao Inheritance Ground looked over with widened eyes in shock.

“Could it be…”

“Su Zimo actually cleared the Three Tribulations Domain!”

“The number one in history!”

“Who can match such a Dao heart?!”

The crowd roared and the cultivators were shocked.

Suddenly, a bedazzling light burst forth from the end of the Three Tribulations Domain!

A sword came from the west and tore through the void!

A spear stood tall and shattered the world!

There was an indomitable figure holding a horsetail whisk with an immortal aura. He looked like a peerless immortal king with a domineering demeanor!

A great Buddha descended and golden light shone endlessly. Sanskrit echoed endlessly!

There were also demonic infants that shrieked in a soul-stirring manner!

A series of shocking legacy phenomenons burst forth like volcanoes at the end of the Three Tribulations Domain. There were dozens of them!

The entire Dao Inheritance Ground was trembling!

“Ah, this is…”

“Su Zimo’s Dao heart was acknowledged by all the ancient Mighty Figures!”

This meant that Su Zimo could choose any of the dozens of ancient inheritances within!

[1] The term patriarch has two words, the second being ancestor

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