Chapter 1020: Flesh Rebirth

When they heard the discussions around them, Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the other t.i.tular disciples had ugly expressions.

Up till now, they had suffered a crus.h.i.+ng defeat!

It was embarra.s.sing enough that everyone joined forces and set up traps to kill Su Zimo but he managed to escape.

Later on, Su Zimo barged into the Three Tribulations Domain.

They were indignant and wanted to follow Su Zimo to get their share of the treasures. In the end, all of them retreated dejectedly and lost all face.

But now, not only did Su Zimo clear the Three Tribulations Domain, he even obtained the recognition of many ancient Mighty Figures!

They were defeated again and again!

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the other t.i.tular disciples could vaguely sense that the situation was out of their control.

After a moment of silence, Dao Being Malevolent Earth suddenly sneered. “So what if you get the acknowledgment of many ancient Mighty Figures? Don’t forget, you can only choose one of the inheritances here!”

“Not bad,”

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder nodded as well.

Generally speaking, cultivators who could obtain the inheritance in the Dao Inheritance Ground would not obtain a second inheritance.

The Conjoint Body Mighty Figures that could leave their inheritance here were all proud and arrogant experts who had once dominated a region. Naturally, they would hope that their successor would wholeheartedly cultivate to the peak using only the inheritance obtained from them!

If everyone could obtain two, three inheritances or more, the inheritances here would have long been s.n.a.t.c.hed away by the former paragons.

“Everyone, don’t worry.”

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper smiled gently. “Even if Su Zimo obtains the inheritance, it’s useless.”

“This is the Dao Inheritance Ground and he can’t comprehend the Heaven and Earth outside. The spirit qi is thin and even if he stays inside for a hundred years, he won’t be able to comprehend or break through!”

After cultivating to the Nascent Soul realm, every breakthrough required the Essence Spirit to comprehend the Heaven and Earth.

This was a separate dimension that was isolated from the outside world. It was impossible for him to break through here.

Furthermore, after obtaining the inheritance, it did not mean that cultivators could comprehend it instantly.

There was no such thing as a free lunch in this world.

The inheritance of an ancient Mighty Figure was something that required a cultivator to comprehend, cultivate and experience personally before they can understand the obscurities within.

However, that was impossible to achieve in this separate dimension of the Dao Inheritance Ground!

Monk Formless and the others nodded.

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper shrugged with a relaxed expression. “Therefore, he has to come out eventually! Otherwise, he won’t be able to do anything if he stays inside!”

Dao Being Malevolent Earth sneered, “We’ll just guard the vicinity and he’ll definitely be the one who can’t afford to waste time!”

“Not bad,”

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder said, “No matter what, that person will lose! He’s at the Nascent Soul realm and has a thousand years of lifespan. We have five thousand years of lifespan! At most, we’ll just wait till he dies!”

The cultivators nearby were shocked.

For the sake of Su Zimo, these t.i.tular disciples were willing to spend a thousand years here!

Of course, that was just a casual remark out of anger – n.o.body could afford to waste a thousand years.

Di Yin looked at the Three Tribulations Domain and pondered for a long time. Suddenly, a killing intent flashed in his eyes and he disappeared from the spot!

If not for Lin Xuanji, he would have killed Su Zimo a long time ago – there wouldn’t have been so many variables!

Di Yin intended to make a move and kill all variables within the Dao Inheritance Ground!

He would not allow any accidents to happen when Su Zimo appeared again!

In the Three Tribulations Domain, Su Zimo finished his last sentence and took another step forward. Suddenly, he felt his vision clearing up – he had already left the boundaries of the lightning domain!

The end of the Three Tribulations Domain was not big. It was like a small cemetery.

There were all sorts of life-like stone statues within. Some of them were wielding all sorts of gigantic weapons that were filled with killing intent. There were also some stone statues with huge tombstones beside their feet.

At that moment, the stone statues emitted a mysterious light that shone on Su Zimo’s shattered body.

Initially, his body was already in a tragic state after the baptism of the wind and fire tribulations. His flesh was shriveled and his skin was dim like a dried corpse!

Many parts of his body were already revealed with white bones.

Although Su Zimo’s Dao heart had already condensed and was unshakable, his body had truly reached its limits!

His lifeforce was weak and his organs were withered.

However, at that moment, after his body was covered by the light, his initially shriveled flesh suddenly shone with endless vitality and was gradually nourished!

The wounds on his organs healed at a visible speed as well!

Flesh and blood regenerated on the bones!

His withered body was filled with vitality once more!

This was a G.o.dly method of regenerating flesh and bones to revive a dead person!

After reaching the Conjoint Body realm, one would be able to regrow their limbs. This glow was clearly a technique left behind by many ancient Mighty Figures.

Initially, a single light from one of the stone statues was enough for Su Zimo to recover completely.

But now that dozens of lights shone down, his body recovered completely within a few breaths!

An immense amount of life essence circulated within his body, nouris.h.i.+ng every single inch of his flesh.

His skin shone with a crystalline l.u.s.ter, tender and fair.

This was almost equivalent to a rebirth.

After experiencing the baptism of the wind and fire tribulations; the bone-piercing Yin wind, tempering of the Karmic Flames and the regeneration of flesh and blood, his body had become even stronger and more terrifying!

Even the injuries on Su Zimo’s black-haired Essence Spirit healed gradually under the shroud of the light.

Essence Spirit injuries were too difficult to heal, let alone recover completely.

But now, with the help of the light of dozens of ancient Mighty Figures, his Essence Spirit had already recovered and its power had increased as well!

Unfortunately, the scar on the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit did not change.

As soon as the light touched the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit, they avoided it as though they could sense the aura of the dragon race.

Su Zimo could understand.

After all, this was a sacred ground of the human race. Naturally, it would not help the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit who was surging with demonic qi.

Dozens of legacy phenomenons flashed in the void.

Suddenly, a mysterious feeling rose in Su Zimo’s heart.

If he wanted to, he could inherit more than a single inheritance of the ancient Mighty Figures!

He could inherit all the dozens of inheritances here!

The feeling intensified.

“Could this be the reward for pa.s.sing the Three Tribulations Domain?”

Su Zimo muttered softly.

He arrived beside a stone statue and touched it gently with his palm. Instantly, countless inheritance information surged into his body!

Releasing his palm, he walked to the side of another stone statue and reached out to touch it. The stone statue did not resist either and endless inheritance information surged into his mind!

Su Zimo released his grip with a shocked expression.

It was not a hallucination!

He could inherit all the inheritances here!

Looking at the dozens of ancient Mighty Figures before him, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up after a long period of silence.

He understood.

The reason why he was able to inherit the inheritances of dozens of ancient Mighty Figures was not because he had pa.s.sed the test of the Three Tribulations Domain – it was because of his Dao heart!

He wanted to establish the martial Dao and impart martial to all living beings!

That was the reason why the remnant consciousnesses of these ancient Mighty Figures wanted to help him fulfill his grand wish – all of them could sense his Dao heart!

Even though they had fallen through the ages and were merely remnant consciousnesses that could vanish at any moment, they were still concerned about the

At that moment, the dozens of ancient Mighty Figures were selfless and unreserved!

Su Zimo was touched and bowed deeply. “Thank you, seniors, for your love. I, Su Zimo, will not let down your trust and your Dao hearts!”

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