Chapter 1025: Heavenly Fiend Scythe

While others did not feel anything when they saw the Creation Green Lotus in its complete form, Monk Formless was shocked!

For the Creation Green Lotus to grow to such a state meant that it had already reached maturity!

It was said in the ancient books of the Buddhist monasteries that when the Creation Green Lotus stole creation from Heaven and Earth to reach Grade 6 and arrive at maturity, apart from a ma.s.sive increase in power, there would also be many other obscurities gained!

Throughout history, only the ancient Buddha Emperor managed to nurture a Grade 8 Creation Green Lotus by relying on great wisdom, opportunities, and immense perseverance – it was comparable to an emperor weapon!

After that, no one even produced a Grade 7 Creation Green Lotus.

During this period of time, there were indeed people who managed to produce Grade 6 Creation Green Lotuses.

However, the Creation Green Lotus required the nurturing of one’s Essence Spirit. Because of that, the cultivation of these cultivators progressed slowly and their lifespans were eventually exhausted, causing them to stop at the Dharma Characteristic realm!

Yet, the cultivator before him was only more than a hundred years old and had managed to nurture a Grade 6 Creation Green Lotus!

“This is way too scary!”

This thought flashed through Monk Formless’s mind.

It was not unheard of for paragons to reach the Void Reversion realm at more than a hundred years old.

However, the fact that someone managed to nurture a Grade 6 Creation Green Lotus while advancing to the Void Reversion realm in less than 200 years was way too terrifying!

It was unimaginable!

The Void Reversion realm had a lifespan of 5,000 years.

A Void Reversion that was more than a hundred years old was way too young!

The young man before him had more than enough time to nurture the Creation Green Lotus and let it advance by another grade or two!

At that time, a Grade 7 or even Grade 8 Creation Green Lotus would reappear!

The entire Tianhuang Mainland would be shaken!

At the thought of that, Monk Formless shuddered!

He could not allow that person to rise!

He had to kill that person here and take away the Creation Green Lotus!

In the blink of an eye, thousands of thoughts flashed through Monk Formless’s mind. However, he did not stop what he was doing. Blood qi surged as he held the wooden fish in his left hand and the wooden mallet in his right, smas.h.i.+ng it towards Su Zimo!

At that moment, Dao Being Heavenly Dipper’s double sabers descended first!

Two cold full moons that were shrouded by the stars descended behind Su Zimo’s head with a sharp killing intent!

Without even turning his head, Su Zimo closed his fingers and conjured a sword art that slashed behind him gently!


A blinding sword beam burst forth with torrential killing intent!

If the killing intent released by the two full moons could be considered as rivers, the killing intent released by the sword qi was like an endless sea!

When the heaven’s killing intent is released, the stars are s.h.i.+fted out of alignment!

The stars in the sky were thrown into chaos by the killing intent. They collided and turned into streams of light that fell one after another.

Without the support of the starlight, the two full moons were sliced into two by the sword qi and dispersed instantly!

The white sword qi did not dissipate and slashed towards Dao Being Heavenly Dipper!

“That sword qi again!”

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper was alarmed.

In the previous exchange, his Dharmic arts were shattered by this sword qi.

Now that Su Zimo was at the Void Reversion realm, the power of the sword qi was clearly stronger!

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper did not dare to be careless and hurriedly slashed out multiple saber intents, wanting to destroy the sword qi.

Because of that, his attacks towards Su Zimo slowed down slightly and could not pose any real threat.

After executing the Heaven Slaying Sword Art, Su Zimo conjured hand seals once more and a pitch-black fiend qi that was chilling to the bones appeared in the air!

The demonic qi looked even purer and more condensed than Dao Being Malevolent Earth’s fiend qi!

No matter what, Dao Being Malevolent Earth was just a t.i.tular disciple.

There was no way his fiend technique could compare to Half-Martial Ancestor Imperial Sky!

Although Su Zimo had cultivated the immortal and Buddhist Dharmic arts for more than a hundred years, right now, his Dharmic powers of the fiend Dao were the strongest!

What he devoured was not only the Essence Spirit of Half-Martial Ancestor Imperial Sky; he also inherited the latter’s comprehension and understanding of the fiend Dao!

The rumbling fiend qi gathered in midair and turned into a gigantic scythe that was pitch black and cold!


When the malevolent head that was floating over saw the pitch-black scythe, its expression changed starkly!

The other cultivators present could not recognize it. However, as a t.i.tular disciple of Malevolent Earth Sect, he quickly recalled some of the legends of the sect!

“Heavenly Fiend Scythe!”

Dao Being Malevolent Earth’s sounded from the malevolent head with a hint of fear.

The Heavenly Fiend Scythe was a top-grade Dharmic art of the ancient fiend Dao. It was extremely ferocious and specialized in reaping the lives of cultivators!

Not many people of the same cultivation realm could defend against the scythe!

That Dharmic art had long been lost and he did not expect it to reappear!

The strongest Dharmic art recorded in the Dao Heart Fiend Seed Sutra was none other than the Heavenly Fiend Scythe!


The gigantic Heavenly Fiend Scythe was raised and streaked through the air like a black shadow, slas.h.i.+ng down fiercely at the incoming malevolent head!

Everywhere the gigantic scythe pa.s.sed, life seemed to be drained clean!

The malevolent head collided with the Heavenly Fiend Scythe without causing any loud sounds.


Under countless gazes, the Heavenly Fiend Scythe split the gigantic head in midair and slashed down slowly!

The malevolent head swayed and its fiend qi could dissipate at any moment.


The head opened its mouth and a sinister bone spear pierced out, landing heavily on the edge of the scythe!


There was a deafening sound.

The malevolent head and the Heavenly Fiend Scythe dispersed completely!

Within the pitch-black fiend qi, a figure fell from midair in a wretched manner. Blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth – it was a frightening sight!

He was injured!

A single exchange had already injured Dao Being Malevolent Earth!

The crowd fell into an uproar.

To think that Su Zimo would be this terrifying now that he was at the Void Reversion realm – he managed to injure one of the t.i.tular disciples, Dao Being Malevolent Earth, with a single Dharmic art!

Furthermore, that was under the premise of him going against four people singlehandedly.

In reality, the Heavenly Fiend Scythe was equivalent to a move that came from a lifetime of enlightenment from the Half-Martial Ancestor Imperial Sky but released by Su Zimo’s hands!

How could Dao Being Malevolent Earth defend against it?!

If not for his swift reaction and timely use of his Destiny Dharmic Weapon to defend, he would have been severely injured by now!


At the same time, Su Zimo chanted Sanskrit and released the Daming Mantra, forming the Immortal Trap Seal!

After entering the Void Reversion realm, the power of that Dharmic art increased exponentially as well!

In midair, a gigantic golden palm descended and crushed down towards Dao Being Zephyr Thunder who was surrounded by layers of hurricanes!

Compared to the Heavenly Fiend Scythe, the power of the Immortal Trap Seal was much weaker.

Although it could not injure Dao Being Zephyr Thunder, it managed to block off his attack!

The moment Su Zimo attacked, he released all sorts of Dharmic arts and blocked all three of the t.i.tular disciples without holding back!

The attacks of the three t.i.tular disciples paused momentarily.

To others, this momentary pause might not amount to anything.

However, it was more than enough for Su Zimo!

In a fight between experts, a single instant made all the difference!

In that instant, Su Zimo was in a one on one situation against Monk Formless!

Monk Formless only realized that when he attacked.

However, it was too late.

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