Chapter 1211: Broken Sword

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“Lin Tian is, unexpectedly, a four-Qi cultivator.”

“At this level, the Constellation Palace’s Qi can decide the outcome of a fight.”

“It seems like Lin Tianjian isn’t a four-Qi cultivator, but he has the Eternal Sword Doctrine. He can use it to make up for his deficiency.”

The Empyrean Goddess’ thirty-six magical techniques could only be cast by people with four Qi, as was the case for many powerful techniques. The number of Qi cultivated in the Constellation Palaces determined one’s level. To rise above many outstanding geniuses, one must have at least three Qi.

Lin Tian’s aura was turbulent, and he didn’t have any weapons in his hands, but he still dared to close in on his opponent. For a moment, it seemed like his limbs had all fused with the world. A destructive aura emanated from Lin Tian when he made any movements.

“A Finger Splits Mountains and Rivers Apart.”

As Lin Tian pointed his finger at his opponent, a light beam shot out of it that rivaled a divine arrow capable of shooting the sun. Jiang Chen pulled out the Heavenly Fault Sword and used it to block the strike. When the light beam hit the sword, its tremendous power forced Jiang Chen back several hundred meters. Jiang Chen maintained the same stance as before. His body’s friction with the air created mist, and black smoke emanated from the place where the Heavenly Fault Sword was hit.

“It’s powerful!”

This was the first time that Lin Tian showed his full power, and he amazed many people.

“Two Fingers Shatter the Dome of the Firmament.”

Lin Tian became engrossed in a special state, and it was apparent that he wanted to defeat his rival in love. As Lin Tian used another finger, the strike’s power was even stronger than before, and Jiang Chen was forced to use the Void Escape Technique to evade it.

“The Finger Pointed at the Sky Draws Earth Technique is related to Divine Immortals.”

“This is one of the most powerful among the thirty-six magical techniques created by the Empyrean Goddess.”

“So, how can you rival me?”

Lin Tian’s eyes flickered like lightning, and they seemed capable of penetrating the void. He looked for Jiang Chen and followed his tracks. The Finger Pointed at the Sky Draws Earth Technique could help a person release his body’s full power and become a great ruler.

“Feet Stepping Upon Heaven!”

All of a sudden, Lin Tian’s kicked the air with his legs. The range of his attack even included the void. A sword appeared in the space where he’d attacked, and an intense confrontation ensued. This caused a great disturbance, and turbulent shock waves radiated. Jiang Chen came out of the void and appeared once again wearing a solemn expression. Lin Tian’s power was slightly more intense than he’d imagined.

“It would be better for you to use your full power. Otherwise, this fight will be quite boring for me,” Lin Tian said coldly.

“I will fulfill your wish.”

Jiang Chen didn’t hide his power any longer, and he activated his Lightning and Fire Divine Body State and used the Lightning Anger Technique. He wielded the Redcloud Sword instead of the Heavenly Fault Sword and attacked with the boundless Alien Flame. Meanwhile, the Solar Golden Flame became restless.

“Divine Void Armor!”

Lin Tian used a magical technique again, and as a bright light emanated from his body, a mystical set of clothes appeared, which he needed to face the lightning and flames. When the lightning and flames came near his body, they were automatically deflected. Both fought intensely, locked in battle. It was difficult to predict who was going to win!

On the other side, the fight between Lin Tianjian and Lu Ping had already started.

“You killed a member of my Lin Family, and I will bury you here. You are just a trifling ant. I only want to kill you as an example and warning to others.”

As Lin Tianjian spoke, he attacked swiftly with his sword. He pulled out his sword and waved it smoothly without any unnecessary moves. His sword shone with a shocking ice-cold glint. Lu Ping also pulled out his sword. But when their weapons collided, the blade in his hand immediately broke apart.

“You are the only one who has used a magical sword among those who have dared to cross swords with me. What is even more laughable is that this sword was a gift to you from my Lin Family. But I have already taken it back now.”

Lin Tianjian didn’t attack anymore, and he laughed in mockery at Lu Ping. The fight had just started, yet the sword in Lu Ping’s hands was already destroyed. It was a funny sight! Many people laughed at him. They wanted to see how Lu Ping would deal with this.

Lu Ping threw down the sword and glared at his opponent. His sharp gaze wasn’t any less piercing than the Doctrine Sword in his opponent’s hands.

“The First Sword Move!”

Lu Ping started using a sword art, and his own body’s Sword Energy seemed more vigorous than his broken sword.

“Well? It seems like this trash isn’t really a total failure. You are also a four-Qi cultivator.”

Upon detecting the aura of Lu Ping’s sword move, Lin Tianjian discerned with a glance that only someone with four Qi could achieve this.

“It’s a pity. You shouldn’t have used a sword.” Lin Tianjian waved the sword in his hand and continued. He said, “It’s because you didn’t join the Sword Tower.”

Then, the confrontation between swordsmen started. Lin Tianjian didn’t only possess excellent fighting prowess, he also had an advantage like the Doctrine Sword. It was obvious that he had the upper hand. As for Lu Ping, all of his sword techniques’ power was extinguished, and it was difficult for him to rival his opponent.

“Only people who have mastered a Sword Doctrine can use a sword art. You don’t have one good point, yet here you are, still acting stupidly.”

Lin Tianjian wanted to break both Lu Ping’s body and mind. While he attacked with his sword, he didn’t forget to criticize him.

“You can’t handle me, can you?” Lu Ping shot back.

Even though all of the sword techniques’ power was extinguished, Lin Tianjian still hadn’t had a single opportunity to retaliate. People assumed that Lin Tianjian was playing with Lu Ping on purpose. But after hearing this, they immediately noticed something unusual. Lu Ping’s sword arts’ moves were constantly changing without any design, and it was difficult to see through them. Even though Lu Ping couldn’t injure Lin Tianjian, Lin Tianjian also couldn’t act rashly due to the sword moves’ great might.


“Ksana Sword Method: the First Move!”

Lin Tianjian became slightly infuriated. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have any means of dealing with this, but this contest was a gamble. He mustn’t expose all his cards or trump card too soon. Still, after hearing Lu Ping’s words, he released the Eternal Sword Spirit, which befitted his status as a chief disciple of the Sword Pavilion. It couldn’t be denied that Lin Tianjian’s mastery had attained a high level that Jiang Chen couldn’t reach. When Lu Ping faced such a move, he closed his eyes. It seemed like he was listening attentively to something.

“Is he doing this on purpose?”

Anyone watching this confrontation couldn’t help but wonder whether Jiang Chen was deliberately trying to infuriate Lin Tianjian. However, they would have to wait and see whether Lu Ping could block this sword strike to get an answer.

“Great Wind, rise!” At such a crucial moment, Lu Ping used his proudest card. “The Wind Rule!”

Lu Ping used the wind as his eyes to discern the path of the Ksana Sword Method’s move, which was even faster than time. Lin Tianjian instantly launched dozens of sword strikes at Lu Ping, and Lu Ping managed to block more than half of them. As for the remaining attacks, they were all neutralized by the wind, and it was only the last two sword strikes that hit two regions of his body, which weren’t vital.


The Sword Pavilion’s disciples drew a deep breath. This was the first time they’d witnessed someone block so many of Lin Tianjian’s sword strikes. Lin Tianjian’s expression was quite unsightly. He managed to injure his opponent, but he still couldn’t accept such an outcome because he looked down upon Lu Ping.

“Eternal Instant!”

Lin Tianjian’s gaze became gloomy, and he wanted to use his Spirit State, which made the geniuses of all the clans tremble in fear.

“If Lu Ping suffers defeat from this sword move, we can consider this a satisfactory end for him,” one of the Sword Pavilion’s disciples said.

Even if Lu Ping suffered defeat now, he would still be considered a great expert in sword techniques, exceeding most of the Sword Pavilion’s disciples. However, they quickly recalled that Lu Ping’s master was also the previous master of the Sword Pavilion. The ambition of such a man was creating a Sword Doctrine to rival the Four Great Sword Doctrines. If they took this fact into consideration, Lu Ping obviously seemed ridiculous.

On the battlefield, the aura of Lin Tianjian’s sword started rising in intensity. It seemed like everything descended into an eternal state and came to a stop. Just as everyone assumed that Lu Ping’s fate would be the same as the others’, something happened that no one had expected. A sword flew into Lu Ping’s hand, and he started using the Wind Rule. Moreover, raging flames were still flying at Lu Ping along with the sword.

“Wind and Fire Sword Realm!”

They all witnessed Jiang Chen use a Foot Apart World Technique, and he broke away from his fight with Lin Tian to come over. Jiang Chen coordinated well with Lu Ping, and their two swords formed the Wind and Fire Swords Wheel. No one had foreseen this.

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