Chapter 1027: Killing Formless

Suddenly, the tides changed on the battlefield!

Initially, many of the surrounding cultivators were still guessing if Su Zimo could escape alive.

But now, when the four t.i.tular disciples used their Essence Spirit secret skills, there was a looming sensation of death that was suffocating!

There was no trick to a fight between Essence Spirits.

Many cultivators believed that Su Zimo, who had just entered the Void Reversion realm, might be able to defend against the Essence Spirit secret skill of a t.i.tular disciple. However, there was no way he could defend against four t.i.tular disciples!

On the battlefield, Su Zimo could sense the spirit consciousness fluctuation coming from behind him. His expression was calm and there was not a single ripple in his eyes!

All of a sudden!

The green lotus platform that was initially smas.h.i.+ng down swayed and a green glow burst forth from it with a boundless sharpness!

The green lotus seeds!

After the Creation Green Lotus reached Grade 6, the number of green lotus seeds had reached 54!

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

Su Zimo willed.

The 54 green lotus seeds were divided into four groups and shot out. There were 13 in each group and the remaining two floated around Su Zimo.

Every green lotus seed galloped in midair and the glow that enveloped its body vaguely resembled a sword – it was extremely sharp!

This was also a change brought about by the advancement of the Creation Green Lotus to Grade 6.

The sharpness of every green lotus seed was condensed and it would vaguely take on the shape of a sword!

13 green lotus seeds meant that there were 13 swords that slashed towards the four incoming spirit consciousnesses!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The 13 green lotus seeds struck the Formless Finger repeatedly, causing the entire finger to be riddled with holes.

The light on the green lotus seeds dimmed while Monk Formless’s Essence Spirit secret skill was neutralized by the former as well!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The spirit consciousness bone spear that came from behind was silent. However, the green lotus seeds seemed to have eyes as they turned into long swords and slashed at the bone spear.

In the blink of an eye, the bone spear dissipated!

The stars tore through the air with a heavy pressure!

The 13 green lotus seeds turned into rays of sword qi and struck the center of the star in succession, penetrating the star spirit consciousness directly!

The divine hammer condensed by Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s spirit consciousness suffered the same fate as it was smashed by the green lotus seeds into nothingness!

This was the Creation Green Lotus!

By stealing the creation of heaven and earth to exist eternally, it was even more terrifying now that it had matured!

Initially, when the Creation Green Lotus was at Grade 5, Su Zimo was still at the Nascent Soul realm and could only defend pa.s.sively against the Essence Spirit secret skill of the t.i.tular disciples.

But now, he could use the Creation Green Lotus’ seeds to fight against the Essence Spirit secret skills of the t.i.tular disciples!

The four Essence Spirit secret skills were blocked by the Creation Green Lotus!

The moment Dao Being Hidden Death appeared, he hesitated for a moment before vanis.h.i.+ng into the void once more.

It was not that he did not want to attack, but he did not have the chance!

In his original plan, it would be best if Su Zimo was killed by the Essence Spirit secret skills of the four t.i.tular disciples.

If not, he would definitely be able to shatter the barrier of Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit Dharmic weapon.

He could then seize the opportunity to land a fatal blow!

However, Dao Being Hidden Death had not expected that Su Zimo did not even have to use the Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads to defend against the four Essence Spirit secret skills!

Furthermore, there were two extremely sharp green lotus seeds floating beside Su Zimo!

If Dao Being Hidden Death attacked, he would not pose any threat to Su Zimo and would only expose himself for nothing!

Although he was indignant, he still hid himself.

As an of Hidden Death Sect, he had to be patient.

As long as he was willing to wait patiently, there would definitely be a perfect opportunity to strike!

For Dao Being Zephyr Thunder, Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and Dao Being Malevolent Earth, they were merely shocked that the four Essence Spirit secret skills were useless!

However, for Monk Formless, it made his face turn ashen and his heart sank instantly!

The fight between Essence Spirits seemed to be slow but it happened in an instant.

Throughout the entire process, Su Zimo was not affected at all. The green lotus platform was the same as before, smas.h.i.+ng down on Monk Formless’s head!

This time round, no one could save him!

“Formless Dharmic Seal!”

Monk Formless gave a final push and roared furiously. He closed his hands and conjured a gigantic Dharmic Seal at the fastest speed, colliding with the Creation Green Lotus!


It did not stop at all.

The Dharmic seal was destroyed instantly!

Flesh and blood splattered everywhere as Monk Formless’s hands were crushed by the green lotus platform!

The green lotus continued to descend and smashed onto Monk Formless’s head!


Like a watermelon shattering, Monk Formless’s head was smashed by the green lotus and his brain juices splattered all over the ground. However, the green lotus platform was not tainted at all!


Before the green lotus platform landed on his head, a small, glowing figure flew out from the back of Monk Formless’s head.

His Essence Spirit had exited his body!

Monk Formless was a t.i.tular disciple and had cultivated for more than 2,000 years. Naturally, this body was incomparably precious and would not be abandoned unless it was absolutely necessary.

However, losing his body was better than having his spirit destroyed!

As long as his Essence Spirit was still around and he returned to the sect, regardless of a.s.similation or through the purchase of a Dao Being physical body, he could continue cultivating.

Of course, it was probably impossible for him to recover his former combat strength.

His t.i.tle as a t.i.tular disciple would definitely be replaced by the sect as well.

At the thought of that, he felt a surge of resentment towards Su Zimo once more!

‘You caused my body to be destroyed and my t.i.tle to be lost. One day, I’ll definitely make you pay for this!’ Monk Formless thought to himself.

He had yet to realize at that moment that Su Zimo was not going to let him leave the place alive!

The moment his Essence Spirit left his body, the two green lotus seeds that were initially revolving around Su Zimo flew out and transformed into two rays of sword qi that slashed towards Monk Formless’s Essence Spirit.

A beam of light blocked the path ahead.

A beam of light chased from behind!

Monk Formless did not manage to escape far before he felt a sharp stab. A throbbing pain came from his Essence Spirit and he could not help but tremble.

“Su Zimo, what are you doing?!”

Noticing that he could not escape, Monk Formless panicked and could not help but shout in a fierce manner, “I’m a t.i.tular disciple of Formless Monastery! Are you really going to kill me?”

Even if he was a monk of Formless Monastery and a t.i.tular disciple, he could not maintain his composure in the face of death.

“t.i.tular disciples are the ones I’m going to kill!”

Su Zimo’s voice was cold and merciless without any hesitation.

Poof! Poof!

The two green lotus seeds penetrated Monk Formless’s Essence Spirit and endless sharpness surged into his Essence Spirit, mincing it into pieces!

His Essence Spirit was destroyed!

The t.i.tular disciple of Formless Monastery had fallen in the Dao Inheritance Ground!

The surrounding cultivators shuddered when they saw that.

Looking at the green figure on the battlefield, everyone felt as though they were looking at a G.o.d of death that had walked out of h.e.l.l!

Right now, three t.i.tular disciples had already died in Su Zimo’s hands in the Dao Inheritance Ground!

Some cultivators gradually realized.

When Su Zimo walked out of the Three Tribulations Domain once more, it was not to escape but to kill!

He was going to kill all the t.i.tular disciples!

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