Chapter 1030: Pursuit

Although Dao Being Heavenly Dipper was a t.i.tular disciple with rich experience and knowledge, he knew nothing about the Creation Green Lotus.

Or rather, not many people in the cultivation world knew about the Creation Green Lotus.

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper had not expected that the thin and crystalline lotus leaf would possess such a terrifying lethality.

This method of killing was truly unconstrained and unreasonable.

However, the outcome was extremely cruel – his head was severed and his body was crippled!

A small glowing human flew out from the head. Dao Being Heavenly Dipper’s Essence Spirit had a frightened expression and wanted to escape like a stray dog.


Su Zimo chanted Sanskrit and the Daming Mantra descended!

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper’s Essence Spirit shuddered and the light that surrounded it dimmed significantly.


The Daming Mantra sounded again!

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper’s body shuddered once more and the light on his Essence Spirit became almost negligible.



Su Zimo did not pause at all and released four Sanskrit words of the Daming Mantra consecutively, not giving Dao Being Heavenly Dipper any chance to catch his breath!

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper’s Essence Spirit paused in midair step by step!

He had just taken four steps when cracks appeared on his Essence Spirit.

Without the protection of his body, his Essence Spirit could not withstand the repeated attacks of the four Sanskrit words of the Daming Mantra and his lifeforce vanished as he fell from midair.

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper was dead!

The initially restless crowd had already quietened down and was silent.

All the cultivators held their breaths and focused, as though they were oppressed by an indescribable aura. None of them dared to speak, afraid that a catastrophe would befall them!

Including Dao Being Heavenly Dipper, there were already five t.i.tular disciples who died in the Dao Inheritance Ground!

Furthermore, all of them died in the hands of a single person!

What was even more frightening was that the number might increase further!

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder was retreating.

A look of panic finally appeared in his eyes.

He did not want any treasures or the Purple Thunder Manual anymore.

It did not matter even if he was disgraced.

Right now, he only wanted to leave the Dao Inheritance Ground alive.

This place was a nightmare for the t.i.tular disciples!

Right then, Su Zimo turned around slowly and his gaze landed on Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s face. It was as cold as a knife and chilling to the bones!

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder realized that he might not be able to escape.

“Desolate Martial, you’ve killed way too many people this time round.”

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder suddenly spoke.


Su Zimo raised his brow and asked, “So what?”

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder said, “t.i.tular disciples have an extremely high status in the super sects. While the super sects might not be bothered if normal cultivators in the sect were killed, they will definitely not let you off if the t.i.tular disciples are killed!”

“By now, there are already five t.i.tular disciples that have fallen in your hands! This means that you’ve already offended five super sects!”

“Hundred Refinement Sect alone won’t be able to protect you! If Extreme Fire is stubborn, the only outcome will be for Hundred Refinement Sect to be destroyed along with you!”

Su Zimo’s expression was calm as he asked with a fake smile, “So?”

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder was enraged.

He had said so much but Su Zimo did not take it seriously at all!

Given his status and reputation in the cultivation world, who would dare to be so rude and look down on him?

However, he suppressed his anger very quickly.

Given the pressing circ.u.mstances, he could only swallow everything!

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “Therefore, you’ve already killed enough t.i.tular disciples. If you attack me as well, you’ll have to face the revenge of the six super sects. You won’t be able to take it!”


Su Zimo replied indifferently and said in a nonchalant manner, “So what? I’ll kill as many as they come! The reason why I’m at this level today is because I’ve trampled on the corpses of countless paragons!”


Dao Being Zephyr Thunder laughed as well. “Desolate Martial, I don’t think you understand what I mean. If the six super sects want to take revenge, they won’t send Void Reversions after you. They’re going to send Dharma Characteristics and Conjoint Bodies!”

The crowd stirred.

Many cultivators knew that Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s words were not meant to scare Su Zimo.

The death of a t.i.tular disciple was definitely a major event for the super sects!

It was normal for Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords or Conjoint Body Mighty Figures to appear.

“There’s something that I’ve never understood.”

Su Zimo smiled faintly and asked, “In the Dao Inheritance Ground, you guys were the ones who ganged up on me but were killed instead. How can the sects behind you have the cheek to seek revenge on me or even send forth Dharma Characteristics and Conjoint Bodies?”

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder felt a burning sensation on his face.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, in the cultivation world, even if someone was killed in a fight between cultivators of the same cultivation realm, experts of the sect would not show themselves.

That was because the escalation of the conflict might result in a chaotic battle between two major sects or even multiple factions and the situation would get out of hand.

Throughout history, there have been countless such painful lessons.

Therefore, generally speaking, if cultivators of the same cultivation realm were to fight, even if one of them were to die, it would only be because their skills were inferior and no experts of the sect would seek revenge.

However, Su Zimo’s situation was different.

Behind him was a declining Hundred Refinement Sect!

However, Hundred Refinement Sect was only one of the unorthodox groups. Even if there was an expert like Extreme Fire, there was no way he could stop super sects like the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects!

Most importantly, Su Zimo had already formed a feud with the super sects.

They would definitely not allow such a terrifying monster incarnate to grow!

Out of fear, the super sects would definitely take action!

If such a monster incarnate were to enter the Dharma Characteristic realm, there wouldn’t be many people in the cultivation world who could subdue him!

“No matter what, you’ve already offended so many sects. It’s not good for you to incur the wrath of my Zephyr Thunder Palace as well,” Dao Being Zephyr Thunder said in a deep voice.

Although he said it beautifully, many cultivators could tell that Dao Being Zephyr Thunder was begging for mercy!

Su Zimo sneered internally.

Even if he wanted to stop, Zephyr Thunder Palace would not let him off!

As long as he did not hand over the Purple Thunder Manual, Zephyr Thunder Palace would continue to hunt him down!

“There’s something you didn’t get right,”

Su Zimo looked at Dao Being Zephyr Thunder and said slowly, “Since I’ve already offended so many sects, I don’t mind adding your sect in as well!”


In a flash of lightning, Su Zimo had already vanished from the spot and was charging towards Dao Being Zephyr Thunder!

“Zephyr Thunder Escape!”

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder seemed to be prepared for this. Without saying a word, he swept his body with a violent gust of wind and burst forth with lightning before turning to flee!

The two cultivators were extremely fast and pa.s.sed through the crowd instantly!

Suddenly, a gigantic pair of Dharmic power wings grew from Su Zimo’s back!

Ethereal Wings was a secret skill comprehended by an ancient Mighty Figure through observing the Rakshasa race.

Although its speed was far from the frightening speed of the Rakshasa race, coupled with Lightning Escape, Su Zimo’s speed doubled once again!


He roared and Thunderclap Kill burst forth!


Dao Being Zephyr Thunder felt as though a thunderclap had exploded in his ears and the blood qi in his body churned. It was extremely uncomfortable and his movement technique slowed down.

That delay allowed Su Zimo to catch up from behind. Waving the Creation Green Lotus in his hands, it shone brightly and smashed down towards Dao Being Zephyr Thunder!

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