Chapter 1032: Great Void Spirit Refinement Section

This was the first time Su Zimo had used the Soul Searching Art after devouring the Essence Spirit that was reborn from Half-Martial Ancestor Imperial Sky and cultivating the Dao Heart Fiend Seed Sutra.

Although there was no offensive Essence Spirit Dharmic formulation in the Dao Heart Fiend Seed Sutra, this Essence Spirit secret skill was extremely terrifying as well!

If used properly, it would be extremely useful!

A transparent ball of light appeared in Su Zimo’s palm and Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s Essence Spirit was within it, filled with fear.

Black fiend qi appeared on the surface of the ball of light and coiled around Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s Essence Spirit as though it possessed spirit consciousness!

In the blink of an eye, Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s body was shrouded by a large amount of pitch-black fiend qi. Like chains, he was rooted to the ball of light and could not move at all!

Immediately after, a large amount of unfamiliar memories surged into Su Zimo’s mind.

The Soul Searching Art was not without restrictions.

If he were to search through all of Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s memories, it would be the memories of a cultivator’s entire life – thousands of years were too many and complex for Su Zimo to handle!

Furthermore, the Soul Searching Art might fail midway.

The best way was to browse quickly.

Insignificant memories were viewed fleetingly.

He only stopped when there was useful information and took out that portion of memories to memorize.

Su Zimo held the Creation Green Lotus in his left hand and shook it gently. Lowering his head, memories flashed through his mind.

As time pa.s.sed, Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s Essence Spirit within the ball of light withered at a speed visible to the naked eye!

While his lifeforce was still present, the light on his Essence Spirit was dimming!


Dao Being Zephyr Thunder let out a tragic cry within the ball of light.

He felt as though something that originally belonged to him was being extracted bit by bit, irreversibly.

It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

While the Soul Searching Art extracted memories, it would also cause irreversible damage to the Essence Spirit!

Therefore, even if the Essence Spirit survived, it would definitely lose its memories or turn into an idiot.

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up.

The memory fragments that were initially flas.h.i.+ng through his mind suddenly stopped and began to flow slowly.

It was a secret inheritance chamber in Zephyr Thunder Palace. An old man with a dignified expression handed a slightly yellowed ancient book to Dao Being Zephyr Thunder.

There were three words written on the ancient book – Green Thunder Manual!

“Remember, this Green Thunder Manual is not a complete cultivation technique. You have to fuse it with the Purple Thunder Manual in order to create the Great Void Spirit Refinement section.”

“In the Great Void Spirit Refinement section, there’s an Essence Spirit secret skill known as the Fury of Thunder and it’s extremely powerful! In the ancient era, there were countless experts from foreign races who died under the Fury of Thunder!”

The old man from Zephyr Thunder Palace said sternly.

The scene continued.

“Cultivate this Green Thunder Manual here. After memorizing it, I’ll return it to its original spot,” said the old man from Zephyr Thunder Palace.

In the scene, as Dao Being Zephyr Thunder browsed through the Green Thunder Manual, Su Zimo memorized its contents as well!

It was an extremely mysterious feeling.

He had obtained a top-tier cultivation technique by absorbing another person’s memories!

If it was in the past, Su Zimo would not have dared to even think about it – such treacherous methods were completely beyond his knowledge!

After memorizing the Green Thunder Manual, Su Zimo wanted to browse through Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s other memories to see if there were any powerful cultivation techniques or secret skills that he could retrieve.

However, he suddenly felt the scene before him blur.

Immediately after, the fiend qi within the ball of light in his palm snapped.

The Soul Searching Art had ended!

Thankfully, he browsed through it quickly and found an important part like the Green Thunder Manual.

Otherwise, if he were to look at it bit by bit, the Soul Searching Art might have ended before he even got through the teenage memories of Dao Being Zephyr Thunder.

Within the ball of light, Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s gaze was unfocused and he looked like he was in a daze.

There was no pity in Su Zimo’s eyes as he exerted strength in his palm and crushed Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s Essence Spirit.

If he were to fall into Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s hands, his outcome would be even more tragic!

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder was dead!

At this point of the battle, the dust had already settled.

Outside the Three Tribulations Domain, four t.i.tular disciples tried to kill Su Zimo but were completely annihilated. None of them survived!

Many cultivators looked at the battlefield with conflicted expressions.

“Sigh, I truly did not expect this to be the outcome of this battle.”

“As expected of the strongest monster incarnate in history. I heard that his strength is even greatly restricted in the Dao Inheritance Ground. It’s hard to imagine how strong he would be outside!”

“Desolate Martial wishes to establish a Dao and impart martial to all living beings… it might not be a bad thing for the cultivation world to have someone with his ambition and boldness.”

“Fufu, how can the six super sects allow Dao Being Desolate Martial to continue growing after suffering such a huge loss? They will definitely kill him!”

“Agreed! If not for the fact that the power of a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure could not penetrate the Dao Inheritance Ground, there might have already been some Mighty Figures who could not sit still!”

Many cultivators did not disperse and discussed softly.

In reality, they were not wrong. Dao Being Heavenly Dipper, Dao Being Zephyr Thunder and the other few t.i.tular disciples were dead and the cultivation world outside had long exploded!

Gla.s.s Palace, Formless Monastery, Heavenly Dipper Sect, Malevolent Earth Sect, Zephyr Thunder Palace and even Poison Sect were making huge moves, preparing to kill their way into Hundred Refinement Sect!

Ever since the end of that catastrophe 10,000 years ago, while the bloodshed in the cultivation world had never ended, there were rarely any major events that required a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure to make an appearance.

However, this time round, more than one Conjoint Body Mighty Figure had appeared!

Instantly, Tianhuang Mainland was in turmoil!

Middle Continent, Hundred Refinement Sect.

News of the Dao Inheritance Ground had already spread to Hundred Refinement Sect.

Everyone in the sect was shocked!

As for Thousand Crane Sect’s spirit cranes, they covered Tianhuang Mainland.

The movements of Heavenly Dipper Sect, Malevolent Earth Sect, Formless Monastery and other super sects were also spread to Hundred Refinement Sect.

In the Hundred Refinement Main Hall, the expressions of Extreme Fire and the others were extremely grim.

“What should we do?”

Although Dao Lord White Flames knew that Su Zimo was the disciple of Grandmaster Extreme Fire, he was a little anxious right now.

As the sect master of Hundred Refinement Sect, he naturally had to think for Hundred Refinement Sect and said in a deep voice, “Grandmaster Extreme Fire, please forgive me for being blunt, but we can’t protect Uncle-Master Su! He’s in big trouble this time round!”

Extreme Fire frowned slightly and asked coldly, “Is he to blame for this?”

“How do you expect him to face the combined attacks of those t.i.tular disciples?”

“Should he have stood on the spot and allowed them to slaughter him?”

The three consecutive questions stumped Dao Lord White Flames, causing him to sweat profusely.


Dao Lord White Flames was extremely anxious and wanted to speak, but stopped.

“Extreme Fire, White Flames is also thinking for Hundred Refinement Sect.”

With a calm expression, Shangguan Zi said in a deep voice, “He’s right. Hundred Refinement Sect won’t be able to protect Su Zimo. Even if the four unorthodox groups join forces, we won’t be able to.”

The four unorthodox groups specialized in weapon refinement and talisman crafting. In terms of combat strength, they were far inferior to the experts of the nine immortal sects, seven fiend sects and six Buddhist monasteries.

Even in a hundred thousand years, the unorthodox groups might not be able to produce another expert the same level as Extreme Fire!

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