Chapter 1033: He’s Desolate Martial

“That’s right.”

Elder Gu nodded as well. “We all understand that this child is decent and even saved your life. You may not want him to die, but the reality is right in front of you. Hundred Refinement Sect can’t protect him!”

Elder Ge suggested, “Why don’t we send the child away after he comes out?”

“To where?”

Shangguan Zi frowned. “Who in Tianhuang Mainland would dare to have anything to do with this lad?”

“Should we ask Enigma Palace to step in?”

Elder Gu said in a low voice, “Enigma Palace has always been fair and impartial. Su Zimo is not at fault for this matter, they might be able to protect him!”

“Furthermore, Enigma Palace does have the capability to do so!”

If there was any faction in Tianhuang Mainland that could defend against the attacks of six super sects, it was probably the most mysterious Enigma Palace.

“It’s useless.”

Shangguan Zi shook her head. “If the six super sects make things difficult for us, they don’t even have to use the excuse of taking revenge for their t.i.tular disciples. They can just say that they’re exterminating evil and fiends!”

“No matter how strong Enigma Palace is, they wouldn’t dare to take on such a huge pressure and protect a cultivator who might be a fiend demon. That’s not in line with what Enigma Palace does.”

Elder Gu and the others knew that Shangguan Zi was right.

Everyone exchanged glances and sighed deeply.

This was a dead end that could not be broken!

Extreme Fire had a dark expression and no one knew what he was thinking about.

“Extreme Fire, let me say something. Don’t be angry.”

Elder Gu was silent for a long time before saying, “Right now, the only chance of survival is for Su Zimo to leave Hundred Refinement Sect and survive on his own.”

“I believe that given the child’s temperament, he can understand us.”

Elder Ge added as well, “That’s right. Tianhuang Mainland is boundless and might not be hopeless. At the very least, he can head to the eight demon regions.”

In truth, that statement could only be used to deceive oneself.

If the Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of six super sects of the human race were to make a move, none of the demon regions would engage in a b.l.o.o.d.y battle with the six super sects just for Su Zimo!

Right then, Extreme Fire suddenly said, “When he returns, I’ll take him away from Hundred Refinement Sect. From now on, we’ll have nothing to do with Hundred Refinement Sect anymore!”


Everyone exclaimed and looked at Extreme Fire in disbelief.

Everyone understood that the reason why Extreme Fire said that he had nothing to do with Hundred Refinement Sect was because he did not want to implicate it.

With that, the six super sects would no longer have any reason to vent their anger on Hundred Refinement Sect because of Su Zimo and him.

However, no one expected that Extreme Fire would make such a huge sacrifice for Su Zimo, abandoning everything to escape to the end of the world with Su Zimo!

“Extreme Fire, you’ve just been reborn. There’s no need…”

Shangguan Zi was agitated and choked with emotions. She could not continue.

Extreme Fire patted Shangguan Zi’s palm gently with a hint of guilt in his eyes as he said gently, “Shangguan, I’m going to have to let you down again.”

Shangguan Zi shook her head without saying anything. She merely grabbed Extreme Fire’s arm and refused to let go.

“You guys might have misunderstood me.”

Extreme Fire said, “The reason why I’m protecting Zimo so much and am even willing to risk my life to escape with him is not because he saved me in the past. It’s because he is Desolate Martial and he wishes to establish a Dao! He wishes to establish a Dao for all living beings!”

“Just this reason alone is enough for me to do everything I can to ensure his safety, even if I die!”

Everyone was shocked.

Elder Gu and the others shook their heads and sighed.

Back then, the three of them courted Shangguan Zi at the same time but she chose Extreme Fire.

Throughout all these years, the two of them still felt a trace of indignance.

However, just then, they realized the difference between them and Extreme Fire.

Right then, a Hundred Refinement Sect cultivator ran in hurriedly and panted, “Sect Master, seniors, a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord outside requests an audience. He says that he’s the Asura!”


Everyone’s expressions changed slightly.

“Dao Lord Asura? What is he doing here?”

Elder Gu frowned.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire pondered for a moment before waving his hand. “Let him in.”

Although Dao Lord Asura had a terrible reputation in the cultivation world and was cold-blooded and bloodthirsty, he seemed to have some ties with Su Zimo.

Furthermore, Hundred Refinement Sect had no feud with the Asura.

At that moment, there was no need for the Asura to come to Hundred Refinement Sect to kill anyone either.

Before long, Yan Beichen strode in with a long black robe. He looked unusually pale and was expressionless.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire and Shangguan Zi scanned with their spirit consciousnesses and could not help but frown.

Elder Ge of Elixir Yang Sect sniffed and sensed something as well.

Yan Beichen was injured!

Furthermore, it was an injury on the Essence Spirit and was extremely difficult to repair!

Extreme Fire asked indifferently, “Asura, why have you come to Hundred Refinement Sect?”

The Asura did not bow either. With a cold expression, he went straight to the point. “If Su Zimo returns and Hundred Refinement Sect wishes to abandon him, I’ll take him away!”

At that point, the entire hall fell silent.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s gaze on Yan Beichen turned gentler as well.

Shangguan Zi asked, “Where are you taking him? Asura Sect can’t protect him either. Don’t forget, Malevolent Earth Sect is among the six major sects.”

“The world is vast and we can settle anywhere,”

Yan Beichen was still expressionless as he said indifferently.

All the cultivators in the hall fell silent.

The legendary cold-blooded and bloodthirsty Asura actually made the same decision as Extreme Fire after hearing the news of the six major sects!

Abandoning the status and reputation of the cultivation world, they were willing to protect Su Zimo and escape together!

Who said that such a person was cold-blooded and heartless?

Dao Lord Extreme Fire looked at Yan Beichen and said softly, “If I’m not wrong, your Essence Spirit’s injuries are not light. Were you injured when you killed Dao Lord Immortal Sword and the others?”

Yan Beichen remained silent as a form of acknowledgement.

“It’s very difficult to recover from an injury like yours. Instead of resting and recuperating properly, you want to escape to the end of the world with someone else? Do you want to die?” Dao Lord Extreme Fire asked again.

“I’ll do my best.”

Yan Beichen lowered his head slightly and replied.

Even if he was severely injured, he had to protect Su Zimo and escape!

Elder Gu’s heart skipped a beat as he lamented, “Rumors are harmful and the speak louder than the truth. Now that I’ve seen it for myself, I finally understand the Asura’s nature!”

For some reason, Elder Ge felt his nose sting and his eyes were moist. He walked forward quickly and took out a small medicine bottle from his storage bag, handing it to Yan Beichen.

“Here’s a Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir. I only have one with me and it’s good for your Essence Spirit’s injuries. Hurry and accept it.”

Everyone present was shocked!

The Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir was a spirit elixir from the ancient era and its refinement method had long been lost. Every time it was used, there would be one less.

Most importantly, the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir could be considered as the best elixir to repair one’s Essence Spirit!

That elixir was definitely a priceless treasure.

In the cultivation world, even Conjoint Body Mighty Figures would fight to the death for it!

However, despite Elder Ge offering such a precious item, Yan Beichen was completely unappreciative. He harrumphed and turned his head with a disdainful expression.

He was the Asura and had never wanted anything from anyone – how could he accept such charity!

However, he seemed to have thought of something in the blink of an eye and a hint of struggle flashed through his eyes. After hesitating for a long time, he turned around and took the bottle. “Thank you.”

The Asura had never thanked anyone in his life.

But today, he had broken his vow.

“Take it here and recover as soon as possible.”

Extreme Fire said, “As for Zimo’s matter, let’s wait and see. There might be other ways.”

The Asura did not reply and merely kept the bottle carefully without consuming the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir.

While Extreme Fire and the others were puzzled, they did not ask further.

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